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16-Shani's Other Stories-2

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Shani's Other Stories-2

Shani And Shiv
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Shani Dev further said to Vikram - "Now you listen to what I did to Shiv. Once I told Shiv that I want to come and stay with you. Shiv asked - "What is the use of your staying with me? But still, when you plan to live with me, let me first know about it, and then only you enter me." I said "All right." and two days after I came to him at his home in Banaaras and said - "Now I want to enter your body." Hearing this Shiv jumped into the River Gangaa and remained there in Samaadhi for 7 and 1/2 years.

When that period had passed he came out of the river and smilingly asked me - "What could you do to me?" I said - "Although you rule Tri-Lok (the Three Worlds), but from my fear you had to run and remain in Samaadhi in Gangaa River for 7 and 1/2 years. Is that not enough to you? And you call it "doing nothing" to you?" Shiv saluted me and thanked me saying - "Your power is indeed great, you are really the most terrible planet in the world and an average man cannot survive your punishment."

Shani And Raam

When I began passing over Raam's Moon, He was forced to leave His kingdom and go to exile for 14 years. He was incarnation of Vishnu Himself. There, even His wife was stolen by Raavan and He had to wander in search of Her.

Shani and Chandramaa

When this period came on Chandramaa (Moon), he stole Jupiter's wife Taaraa and a black spot was laid against his name (read Chandramaa's Vansh).

Shani and Indra

When my gaze fell on Indra, the Lord of Devtaas, he seduced Gautam Muni's wife Ahalyaa, and when Muni discovered this rape, he cursed Indra to cover with the marks of 1,000 vaginas.

And even Vashishth Jee, I did not leave him too. His 100 sons were killed during my period also.

And the great sage Paraashar - he got attracted to a fisherman's daughter Matsyagandhaa (with fish odor).

Shani And Raavan

Now you listen to about Raavan who had 10 heads and who had won Tri-Lok. He had gained control on all 9 Planets. He installed them face down on the 9 steps which were going to his throne. Each morning when he went to his throne to sit there, he would firmly step on the back of each of us. This was a great insult to all of us, but we were helpless.

One day Naarad Jee came to Raavan's court and found all of us lying facing down on the steps going to Raavan's throne. He got very sorry for all of us. He knew my power, so he said to me - "O Shani Dev, You are the mightiest planet among all the planets, still you are tolerating Raavan's insult each day and you cannot do anything about it, what is this?" I said - "What can I do, Rishivar? He has put us facing down, I can't even look at him, once I get the chance to look at him, then you see my power what I can do to him. Ask him to turn me over then leave the rest on me."

Naarad Jee understood. He praised Raavan sky high and said - "O Mighty Raavan, But there is one thing that I don't like." "What?" Naarad Jee said - "You have 9 planets lying face down here, why not you turn them over so that instead of stepping on their back you step on their chests and see the discomfort on their faces?" Raavan liked this suggestion. As soon as he turned those planets over onto our backs and arranged us neatly on his steps, my gaze fell on him and his mind became perverted. Within a few months, he kidnapped Seetaa, Raam invaded Lankaa, and his all brothers and friends, army and people were all slaughtered in that war - all as a result of my effect on him during his 7 and 1/2 years.

Shani And the King Harishchandra, Nal, Yudhishthir

This period came on the King Harishchandra also. During this period, he had to leave his kingdom, live in Banaaras where first his wife and son were separated from him; then he had to work under a Dom, who is the in-charge of Shamashaan (cremation land); then his son died. All this was the effect of my Period.

When this period came on Nal, he lost his kingdom in dice game, so he had to leave his kingdom and wander in exile. Later he even had to leave his wife Damayantee in the forest alone, he had to work as a Saarathee (charioteer) in his friend's kingdom. (Read his whole story here)

And Yudhishthir and his brothers - they were also exiled for 13 years. And 100 Kaurav who were all slain at Paandav's hands. All this was the consequence of their Karm - their 7 and 1/2 year periods."



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