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Maharshi Vashishth and His Sons

Vashishth Jee was one of the 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa Jee. [6]  But Brahmaa Jee's son died when Raajaa Nimi gave him Shaap. Then he again took birth as Varun and Urvashee's son. He had two wives - Arundhatee and Oorjswatee. They had 7 Rishi as their sons and 100 more sons.

There had been a King named Gaadhi who had a son named Vishwarath. Once so happened that Vishwarath went for hunting and came about the Aashram of Vashishth Jee. So he paid a courtesy visit to him. Vashishth Jee thought that the King has come to his Aashram, so he extended him the invitation to stay at the Aashram and offered his hospitality. Although Vishwarath hesitated to stay in the Aashram thinking how Muni will arrange everything for such a large army, but at Muni's repeated invitation, he stayed there.

Vashishth Jee had a cow named Nandinee (daughter of Kaam Dhenu). He arranged everything for the King and his army through her. Vishwarath got very surprised to see all this and asked for that cow, but Vashishth Jee said that "this cow fulfills my Braahman's Yagya needs, so I cannot give it to you." Vishwarath got very angry at this but he could not do anything because of Vashishth Jee's Tap. He understood that Tap's power is greater than a king's power. So he left his kingdom and started doing Tap to obtain Brahmarshi's status.

One day, during his Tap period, he met a king named Satyavrat who wanted to go to Swarg with his mortal body. First he approached his Guru Vashishth Jee but he refused saying that "there is no such Yagya which can take you to Swarg with your mortal body." At this he went to his sons, but when they knew that their father had refused his request, they also refused to do so.

Now he met Vishwarath, who by now had become Vishwaamitra. He accepted the challenge just to insult Vashishth Jee. He organized a great Yagya in which he invited all great Rishi saying that "if somebody did not come to witness the Yagya I will kill him." All Rishi came there to participate in his Yagya, but Vashishth's sons did not come, so he gave them Shaap to be burnt and they were burnt by his Shaap.

But he performed the Yagya and sent the king to Swarg with his mortal body. But Indra opposed his entrance to Swarg with his mortal body, so he pushed him downward, but Vishwaamitra's Tap would not allow him to come down, so he hung in between the Swarg and Prithvi. He is still hanging there and is known as Trishanku.

Later Vishwaamitra Jee attained the status of Brahmarshi.
[There are many stories of both the Rishi.]



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