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15-Shani's Other Stories-1

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Shani's Other Stories-1 - Shani And His Guru

Shani Dev said to Vikram - "I have not troubled you in the least. If you are considering that I have troubled you very much, then you should see my Guru, that how I made him suffer. He had suffered a lot. If you will listen to me careful, you will know my powers and capabilities."

One morning, I went to my Guru and bowed him. Guru Jee asked - "Yes, My child, What is it? What can I do for you?" I said - "I am thinking of passing over your Moon." My Guru was shocked to hear this and said - "My Son, Pity me and don't pass over my Moon." I said - "I am sorry, Guru Jee, I cannot skip that constellation, that is my duty. If I will have compassion for you, then everybody will ask this compassion from me and maybe insult me. So it is not possible, I am going to gaze you within a very short time. That is the way the things have to go on. Although I am your disciple, but for now you have ask my grace."

My Guru asked me - "For how long you will be gazing me?" "7 and 1/2 years." "Impossible." I said to him politely - "OK, Let me reside with you only for 5 years; or at least for 2 and 1/2 years." But he was not ready even for 2 and 1/2 years, nor even to 7 and 1/2 months, or even 7 and 1/2 days. Then I thought it was too much for me as his disciple to be so cruel with him, because a Guru is like a mother - always compassionate always worthy for worship, so I bowed down to his feet and spoke in an humble voice - "I am very pleased with you, O Guru Jee, so ask for any boon you wish for." My Guru said to me - "O Shani, If you are pleased with me, please bestow me this boon that you will not be entering my body at all."

I said - "If I will spare you, no one in the world will respect me, still I will bestow you this boon. I will stay in your Moon Sign for only 7 and 1/2 Prahar (22 and 1/2 hours)." He said - "Good, You may stay in my Moon Sign for 1 and a 1/4 Prahar (3 hours and 45 minutes)." He in fact commanded me in this way thinking that I could not have troubled him in such a short period. He will pass this period in bathing and meditating. But I didn't like his thinking, so I decided my course of action to show him what could I do to him within 3 hours and 45 minutes. He might be unaware of my prowess and capabilities.

So when the time came, my Guru went to Gangaa River to take bath thinking that by the time he would be finishing his bath, his this period would also be over. I assumed the form a melon merchant and met him on his way and as my shadow fell on him, his body and mind changed. I showed him two watermelons - one small one big, and showed him also how good they were by cutting a little part of them. My Guru got very happy to see those red juicy melons and bought them from me. He put them in a bag proceeded towards the river. I went away. After taking bath, my Guru filled his water pot with Gangaa water, picked the watermelon bag and proceeded towards the town.

Now the previous day, that city's both King's and the Prime Minister's son went for hunting. I made them to lose their way in the forest. When they did  not come till nightfall, the King began to worry and asked his soldiers to search for them. So one of the search parties came to my Guru and asked him what was in his bag? My Guru said innocently - "There are watermelons in this bag." "Then why this blood is dripping from your bag? Are you a butcher or a Braahman killer?" My Guru was surprised to hear this and looked at the bag, he found that really blood was dripping from his bag. In the meantime those soldiers took off the bag from my Guru's shoulder and opened it. They found the two severed heads in it - and those heads were of those of Prince's and the prime Minister's son's. I had changed those melons into the heads of those two boys.

The soldiers bound him with ropes and took him to the King. The King got very sad at seeing the heads of those boys as well as angry. He said - "Oh, He is no Braahman, he is a poison, take him and put him on a stake." So they took him to the stake beating him all the way and set a stake firmly in the ground. Meanwhile, in another part of the palace, the Prince's wife decided to immolate herself after hearing the Prince's death. The whole town came to see the killer of the Prince and started throwing stones on my Guru. My Guru was extremely depressed at all this. He started trembling with the idea of putting himself on the stake. So when the soldiers wanted to put him on the stake, he said - "Just wait for a few minutes, and if I am saved, I will give you 10,000 silver coins." He knew that my time was coming to an end and as my gaze left him, he would be all right, that is why he requested for this postponement. The servants agreed. Being a Saadhu my Guru had no money, but he just promised it to give to them as a means to save himself.

By this time the period of my gaze was expired, so the Prince and the Prime Minister's son entered the palace. Seeing them alive everybody got very happy. Immediately the King sent a messenger not to put my Guru on stake as their children were back safe and alive. As a consequence, he was taken to the palace but still as a prisoner. He blessed the King and told him the whole story. The King asked his forgiveness for his ignorance. He said - "Had you died on stake, an evil Karm would have attached to me and destroyed my kingdom and myself. Please forgive me."

My Guru said - "O King, You are at no fault, you are innocent. This was all Shani's illusion. It is he who caused all this to both of us." Then the King wanted to see my Guru's bag, and he found two watermelons. He arranged for the fragrant bath for my Guru and seated on an Aasan and worshipped him and fed him delicious food. He gave him new clothes, ornament and filled his bag with 10,000 silver coins. My Guru left the palace, while on the way he met the executioner, he gave those coins to him. Further down I met him. I saluted him by prostrating on the ground and asked - "Guru Jee, Tell me about yourself?"

Guru said - "That 3 hour 45 minutes gaze shattered my bones, what would have happened if you had stayed with me for 7 and 1/2 years? You are most terrible planet and you deal with people mercilessly. I have been able to tolerate all this, but you promise me that you will not trouble anyone else like this in future." I said - "Who is free from arrogance within, has nothing to fear from me. You tried to be too smart, so I had to show my prowess to you. Now please pardon this child of yours, and I shall never offend you in this way again." After saying this and bowing down to him I came back to my own world."

Hearing this story of Shani's Guru, Vikramaaditya got very surprised. Shani further said - "O King, I have not spared anyone, even Shiv Jee, Raam, Krishn, Indra like Devtaa; and Nal, Yudhishthir, and Harishchandra like kings to name a few. They all know my prowess."



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