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14-Vikram is Clear

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Vikram is Clear

Vikram's Saadhe Saatee (7 and 1/2 years period) was coming to an end. Meanwhile the Princess had made up her mind to marry King Vikramaaditya, so much so that if she was not married to him she would go on hunger strike. Her maids informed about this to her mother and the Queen came to her to enquire about this. She told that she would marry him only who has been singing in her place for her for some time and she does not intend to marry any other. Her mother got very angry at this she said - "Do you know what you are saying? You should be married to a prince not to this crippled thief. Stop all this nonsense." But the Princess Padmsenaa was firm in her mind.

Queen went to tell this to her husband. At that time King Chandrasen was asking his courtiers - "Who is this who is singing in my daughter's palace all day and all night and why the Princess is listening to him?" The courtiers said to the King fearfully bowing their heads - "We do not know anything. You may inquire yourself and do whatever seems appropriate to you." At the same time his wife arrived there and told him everything what went between her and their daughter. The King rose at once and went directly to his daughter's palace.

He warned her that she was not taking actions appropriate to a Princess. She should forget him and he was going to send people all around to find a suitable boy for her. At this the Princess told him the same old thing and told that if he ever talked to her in this regard any more, she would commit suicide. The King outrageously said to her - "If this is in your Destiny, nobody can do anything about it." And he agreed to her decision. He came back to his palace. He could not sleep that night for long. But when he slept, he dreamt King Vikramaaditya whole again.

Vikram's Saadhe Saatee is Over

Vikramaaditya was unaware of all this, he was just thinking - "What is now left to try, when will I go to my home? Shani Dev is still not happy with me?" The then Shani Dev appeared before him and spoke - "O King Vikram, Did you recognize me now? I am Shani Bhagavaan. Tell me how much suffering you have endured by insulting me in your court?" Hearing this Vikram wanted to rise on his feet, but since he did not have feet, he could not stand, so he just crawled and rolled over to Shani's feet and prayed him. Shani said - "I admire your patience, you have survived such great miseries, now ask for anything."

Vikramaaditya got very emotional, he said - "O Shani Mahaaraaj, You have given me so much distress, if you want to fulfill my any wish, then my wish is that you never trouble anyone like you have troubled me. I just wish that no one should ever suffer like his as I have suffered." Shani Dev got very pleased hearing this, he said - "O King, I am very happy to hear your wish, You have not asked anything for yourself. You could have asked your hand or feet or both but since you feel pain for others, you have asked comforts for others. I am very happy with your attitude, so I grant you this boon. I grant you your hands and feet also, and may you regain your previous luster." As he finished his words, Vikramaaditya's hands and feet wee new again and he became handsome again.

Vikramaaditya again prayed Shani Dev to spare others from such terrible miseries.



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