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4-Saints and Non-saints

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4-Saints and Non-saints

Once Shree Raam, along with His brothers and Hanumaan, went to see gardens. Finding this a good opportunity Sanakaadi Muni came to see Him. Although they have a boyish look but they are the oldest among all. They were coming from Agastya Muni's Aashram. Muni had told them many Raam Kathaa. All bowed to them. They just stood looking at Raam without blinking their eyes and Raam was standing bowing His head to them. Raam then asked them to sit and said - "Today I am blessed having your Darshan which naturally frees from Karm bondage." Sankaadi Muni got very pleased hearing this and started praying Him. After the prayer they went to Brahm Lok.

Then all brothers bowed their heads to Raam. All want to ask something but hesitate to ask, that is why all are looking at Hanumaan Jee. Hanumaan Jee said to Raam - "Hey Naath, Bharat Jee wants to ask you something, but is hesitant to ask." Raam said - "You know my nature. There is no difference between Bharat and me." Then Bharat asked - "Ved Puraan have sung the importance of saints in various ways. I want to listen to their characteristics. Please tell me the difference between a saint and a non-saint.

Raam spoke - "My brother, Ved Puraan describe many characteristics of saints. Saints' and non-saints' behavior are like the behavior of sandalwood and axe. Axe cuts the sandalwood, but sandalwood, by its nature, gives its sweet smell to axe. That is why sandalwood sits on Devtaa's foreheads, while axe is burned in fire and is beaten with large hammer.

Saints are not attached to worldly pleasures and are full of good qualities. They are happy seeing other people happy, and are sad seeing other people sad. They have neither any friend nor any enemy. They are not proud, angry, fearful, and greedy. They are very soft hearted, kind to other people, and are my Bhakt by Man, Vachan and Karm (heart, speech and actions). They have no desires and they respect Braahman. (read a story about this)

Now you listen to the characteristics of non-saints. One should not sit with them even by mistake, because their company is always painful. They themselves are always sad and are jealous seeing other people happy. When they hear anything bad about others, they feel happy. They are lusty, angry, greedy, unkind, and full of sins. They quarrel without any reason. They always take the help of lies and boast to make others jealous with them. They are like peacocks which speak sweet but their heart is very hard. They can eat very poisonous snakes.

They are always attracted to others' women, to others wealth and busy in telling bad words about others. When they see somebody happy, they become very sad, and when they see somebody sad, they get very happy. They don't regard even mother, father, Guru and Braahman. They don't like saints' company. This type of people are not found in Sat Yug and Tretaa Yug, there will be some in Dwaapar Yug, but Kali Yug will be full of them.

There is no greater Dharm than to do good to others and there is no greater sin than to harm others. Whoever human beings harm others they have to tolerate numerous birth and death cycles in this world.

The reality is this that, since both qualities and faults are created by Maayaa, that is why they don't exist in reality, therefore it is the best not to consider anyone.

Hearing this all brothers got very happy, especially Hanumaan. All went to their respective palaces. Thus Shree Raam does some activity everyday.

Naarad Muni also came to Ayodhyaa repeatedly and on his return sang His Leelaa in Brahm Lok. Sanakaadik Muni admire Muni. Although they are worshipper of Nir-Gun, but when hey hear Raam's Leelaa they forget their Nir-Gun worship. Whosoever doesn't love Raam even after knowing that Sankaadik Muni also listen to Raam's Leela leaving their Nir-Gun nature aside, their heart is indeed like stone.



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