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3-Life in Raam's Kingdom

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam, Raam, Raam, Shri Raam, Raam, Raam


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3-Life in Raam's Kingdom

Now there was Raam's rule. Everybody was happy, everybody was contented, no grievances to anybody. People followed the Ved path according to their Dharm. Dharm lived there with its four legs - Satya (truth), Shauch (piousness), Dayaa (kindness) and Daan (alms). Nobody died at a young age, nobody fell ill. Neither anybody was poor, nor was fool, nor had any bad qualities. All followed Dharm, did good actions, were Gyaanee, and were faithful to everybody.

Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, In His kingdom nobody was affected with any kind of grief due to Kaal, Karm (actions), nature, and Gun (Sat, Raj, Tam). Shree Raam was the King of the Earth with seven seas. Who is the Swaamee of the whole universe, this kingdom is nothing for Him, but this secret is known to only those who love Shree Raam's feet. 

In Shree Raam's kingdom "win" word was used only to win or control Man (heart or mind), because there was no enemy there to who to win. Since nobody committed crime so nobody got Dand (punishment). "Dand" (scepter) word was used only for Sanyaasee. Because everything was favorable so there was no need of Bhed (division) policy. This word was used only to make difference between Swar (notes) and Taal (beat) in music.

Trees always blossomed, elephant and lion were friends and drank water from one stream. All kinds of gems were found everywhere. Sea threw gems on their shores themselves. Sun threw its rays according to the need, and clouds rained as much water as it was needed and wherever it was needed.

Although there were many servants and maidservants in the palace and all of them are very efficient in serving, still Seetaa Jee did all household jobs Herself to please Shree Raam. She used o do the same which pleased Shree Raam. All brothers served Shree Raam, and Shree  Raam had lot of affection to them. Seetaa Jee had two sons, Lav and Kush, thus is described by Ved and Puraan. All brothers had two sons each.

Everyday in the morning, after taking bath Shree Raam sat in His court. Vashishth Jee told stories from Ved and Puraan. Raam took His food with His brothers. In His kingdom, everybody had lots of wealth which cannot be described even by Shesh Jee. Naarad and Sanak etc Muni came to Ayodhyaa daily and forgot their nature of detachment from the world.

Ayodhyaa was looking beautiful. Lamps in its houses were studded with gems. They had a painting room also where Raam's pictures were hung. When Muni saw all those decorations, they also got lost in them. Everybody had a small garden too in which many kinds of flowers bloomed. Many kinds of birds came there and when they saw their shadow in gem studded floors, they danced and sang thinking them other birds. Its markets were beautiful. Cloth merchants, jewelers and other traders looked like Kuber.

In North there was Sarayoo river where water was very clean and clear. Among the Ghaats (bathing places) on Sarayoo River, Raajghaat was most beautiful because people of all Varn took bath there. At some places, near the bank, Muni lived and they had planted Tulasee there.



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