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5-Importance of Bhakti

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5-Importance of Bhakti

Once Shree Raam called Vashishth Jee, Braahman and other public and said to them - "I do not say this with pride or any greatness and it is not even unjust, therefore you all listen to me attentively. Then if you like it you may follow it. Whoever obeys me the same is dear to me and the same is my servant too. If I say anything unjust then just stop me.

This human body is very difficult to get. All scriptures say that this body is difficult to get even to Devtaa. This is the means of meditation and the door of Moksh. If somebody doesn't improve his Par-Lok (the other world), he gets sorrows in Par-Lok and blames his destiny and Bhagavaan for his actions.

Purpose of getting this body is not to enjoy pleasures on Prithvi. Even pleasures of Swarg are very less in comparison to getting real pleasures. Therefore those are fools who exchange Amrit (Ambrosia) with poison. Who exchanges Paaras Mani with a piece of glass, nobody calls him intelligent.

This immortal soul wanders around in four types of creation - Andaj, Swedaj, Jaraayuj, Udbhij - under 8,400,000 Yoni (84 Lakh species). With the inspiration of Maayaa it always wanders surrounded by Kaal (time), Karm (actions), nature, and Gun (Sat, Raj, Tam). Affectionate Eeshwar sometimes gives this body only pitifully. This human body is like a ship to cross the world ocean. My favor is favorable winds for it, and Guru is its sailor. If still he doesn't cross the world ocean then he is said to be a fool. If you want pleasures here and in Par-Lok then listen to my advice attentively and follow it. This is the Bhakti Maarg (devotional path) and is very easy.

Gyaan is very difficult and there are many obstacles in following it. Its "doing" is difficult and it has no help for Man (heart). Even if somebody gets it then because of being without Bhakti, he is not dear to me. Bhakti is independent, but without Satsang beings can't follow it. And saints are not available without Punya (good actions). And Punya is only one in the world, that is to worship Braahman with Man, Vachan and Karm. Only Satsang (company of saints) frees from the cycle of life and death.

There is one more secret advice, that without Shankar Jee's Bhakti one cannot get my Bhakti. Bhakti Maarg (Devotional path) is very easy. It doesn't need Yog, Yagya, Jap, Tap or fasting. One can get it only with simple nature, clean heart and contentment. If somebody believes in Me, claims to be my servant, and expects from human beings, then how can he be trusted.

Who neither quarrels, nor expects, nor fear anybody, every place is joyful to him. Who doesn't act with the desire of its result, who doesn't have any home, who doesn't care for respect, is sinless and is not angry with anybody, who loves Satsang, who favors Bhakti but does not argue with others to disfavor their belief, who chants my name, who doesn't have any kind of attachment and pride, he gets all kinds of pleasures. 

Hearing these words of Raam everybody held His feet and said - "Hey Prabhu, You are our everything - mother, father, Guru, brother and are dearer than our life. Nobody else can teach us things like this. Parents do teach their children but only selfishly. Only two people can give such selfless education - You and your servants. All others are selfish."

Raghunaath Jee got very pleased hearing this and all went to their home.



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