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Mahaabhaarat has several such stories which are either not related to MBH story at all or even if they are related to it they give us a lesson.  There are some stories which are not in KMG translation of Vyaas' Mahaabhaarat version.

Many of the stories are given in  the main story stream of MBH text,
Some of them are given separately  in MBH-Stories section.
Here are some such stories which are taken from Vyaas' MBH (KMG version) and give different meaning,
   and some other stories are given in other versions of Mahaabhaarat.
read them and check if you felt the same way when you read them while reading MBH.
Wherever the reference is known, it is given there

1. Story of a Braahman
2. What You Should Ask From God?
3. Krishn Bhakt Sulabhaa
4. Sudhanvaa
5. Satyabhaamaa
6. Kach and Devayaanee
7. Bheeshm and Draupadee
8. Shibi
9. Uloopee
10. Karm Phal
11. Short Stories
12. Bhangaaswan


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