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5-How to Win God : Story of Satyabhaamaa

There is a very short story in the Mahaabhaarat. With a view to get Krishn on her side, Satyabhaamaa, one of his eight consorts, went to Naarad Jee and requested him to tell her some way, a short-cut, by which she can achieve her objective. Naarad Jee knew that Satyabhaamaa was very selfish and that selfishness will never work in matters relating to God.

Naarad Jee thought to teach her a lesson so he told her that he knew of a method which would get her Krishn's favor on her side. She would have to perform a ritual in which she would give away her husband as a gift to someone and then buys Him back by paying money, equivalent in weight to the weight of the Lord. Naarad Jee further told Satyabhaamaa that by this method Krishn will belong solely to Satyabhaamaa under all circumstances.

Satyabhaamaa was so much engrossed in her thoughts to  get favor of Krishn that she did not think any thing else except Krishn, so she was lured into the plan, but who is going to take this gift from her? And if somebody had taken Him from me, and later he did not give Him back to me, then? I will lose my husband also. No, no, I am not going to do this ritual." At this Naarad Jee said, "I will take Him from you and then you can buy Him from me." Satyabhaamaa hesitated, but Naarad Jee said - "You don't have trust in me?" So Satyabhaamaa agreed hesitatingly.

So she did the ritual of gifting Krishn to Naarad. Now according to the ritual to complete, she had to take Krishn back from Naarad, so she asked Naarad to give Krishn back to him, but Naarad was not ready to give Krishn back to Satyabhaamaa. He said - "I am not a fool who will give you Krishn-like man to you. I am not going to sell Him." Satyabhaamaa reminded Naarad his promise but Naarad was not ready to sell Krishn back to Satyabhaamaa. Somehow Satyabhaamaa made him ready to sell Krishn back to her.

A balance was brought, Krishn was called and Satyabhaamaa told Him everything. Hearing all that Krishn got very angry and He refused to sit on the balance. Somehow she made sit on one pan of the balance. In another pan she put all her gold, jewelry, jewels etc. But it was no match to the weight of Krishn. As she put more and more gold etc Krishn became heavier and heavier.

She had finished her all wealth, but Krishn could not be bought. so she had to ask others to give her their own jewelry so that she can get her husband back. Many other women kept their own jewelry on the pan but Krishn could not be bought back with all those riches. Naarad saw an excellent opportunity so he said to Satyabhaamaa that if Satyabhaamaa could not buy her husband back, he was taking away Krishn and that from that day, Krishn would not belong to her; He would belong to him, and he could take whatever work he wanted to take from Him.

Hearing this Satyabhaamaa helplessly stated crying and she held Naarad's feet. Naarad got pity on her but still he intended to teach her a lesson. He said - "Why don't you ask Rukminee to help you?" In fact because of the jealousy of Rukminee, she did all this, and now Naarad was asking her to go to Rukminee? Seeing no other alternative, she hesitatingly and unwillingly went to Rukminee. She found her performing Tulasee Poojaa. She hesitatingly told her that she did this on Naarad's advice only to make Krishn wholly of her own. And now she is not able to give gold needed to equal Krishn's weight, and thus getting Him back.

Rukminee smiled, plucked a leaf of Tulasee plant and followed Satyabhaamaa where the balance was set and Krishn was sitting on one of the pans of that balance. She said to Satyabhaamaa that gold will never outweigh God. And saying this she placed that Tulasee leaf she brought with her in the other pan of the balance, uttering the name of Krishn. [in another version it is said that Rukminee kept just a petal of a flower adorned in her hair] The other pan immediately went down and Krishn got lighter in comparison to the Tulasee leaf [or petal of a flower]. Satyabhaamaa got very ashamed of herself.

In fact it is only with affection, love and pure heart that one can win God. Rukminee again won.


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