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2-Asking from God

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2-Asking From God
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This is the incident when both Arjun and Duryodhan go to ask help from Krishn

What should you ask from God? Suppose you meet God somewhere and He asks you to ask for anything, what would you ask? Money? Car? A 5-storey house? Or to be the President of United States of America?

Human existence is said to be the highest existence. Humans should ensure that they do not waste life in flippant pursuits, so that they do not have to regret any thought or action of their later.

What is the correct way to lead such life? A life devoted to realization of God is the only way that can be said to have been used correctly, and with no question of regrets later. We all seek God, and those who seek Him, do so for divergent reasons. We are all praying to achieve so many aims. Which is the right one? What should a devotee really ask from God? The following story from Mahaabhaarat answers this question beautifully and categorically.

The Great War between the Paandav and Kaurav was to begin. Shakuni advised Duryodhan to ask help from Krishn as He was related to him too as He was related to Paandav. So he went to Dwaarakaa and when he arrived in His palace, he found Him asleep. There was a high stool standing at Krishn's head so he sat arrogantly on that stool and waited for Krishn to wake up.

On the other side Arjun too, having pondered, decided to go to Lord Krishn and asked Him for His help. He also arrived in Dwaarakaa, went to the Lord's abode and found him asleep. He greeted Him joining his palms, stood respectfully at his lotus feet, with folded hands and head bowed in reverence - waiting for Him to wake up.

In due course, the Lord woke up. Arjun, being at his feet, was the first person He, naturally saw. As He turned to get up, the Lord's eyes fell upon Duryodhan. The purpose of their visit was known to Him. However, He asked them what He could do for them. Both answered that they had come to request for His assistance in the ensuing war. The Lord said that they had placed Him in a difficult predicament by asking for the same thing, but He could not deny either of them. So He offered them two options - one, He Himself would be on one side, alone, without arms and armies; and to the other side He would offer all His armed forces.

He told that Arjun had the first right to choose between His two offers. Why? Because, first, since He saw Arjun first that is why he should be the first to choose; secondly Arjun was younger to Duryodhan, that also places him on the first place to choose for.

Arjun promptly prayed to Krishn and asked Himself to be on the side of the Paandav. Duryodhan heaved a sigh of relief and took Shree Krishn's all forces. The Lord agreed to their requests. Duryodhan was very happy that Arjun did not ask for Krishn's armies, otherwise what he would do of armless Krishn.

We know who emerged victorious. The moral is "We should ask for HIM, not ask for the things He can give us." If the Lord gives us everything in the Universe but withholds Himself from us, we gain nothing. But if we seek HIM for Himself alone, we get not merely Him but all that is His, too!

abhyaas yog yukten chetasaa naanya gaaminaa,
paramam purusham divyam yaati paarthaanu chintayan.
"Hey Arjun, he who with his mind disciplined through Yog in the form of practice of meditation and thinking of nothing else (except me), is constantly engaged in contemplation of God attains the supremely effulgent Divine Purush (God)."


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