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This is the incident when Krishn went to Hastinaapur as a Peace Messenger from Paandav's side.

Sulabhaa, the wife of Vidur, was also a chaste woman of supreme order. Vidur is the son born to Ved Vyaas from a servant maid and as such was the brother of Paandu and Dhritaraashtra. She too had a high degree of devotion and abdication towards Krishn.

When Lord Krishn visited Hastinaapur as a Peace Messenger of Paandav, He had not accepted Duryodhan's request to stay in his palace but instead He chose to stay at Vidur's house and accepted a simple meal there. So when Krishn reached Vidur's home, Sulabhaa was taking her bath. Staying out of door, Krishn called Vidur. Vidur was not at home then. Because of having a paucity of clothes, she was bathing with small cloths.

Suddenly she heard the Lord call out: "Open the door. I am Krishn here. I am hungry." Hearing this call, Sulabhaa forgot her condition and like a mad woman ran and opened the door. She remembered only one thing: "I am Krishn; I am hungry". Bringing Krishn in, she made him sit on an inverted wooden seat (Peeth), and fetched some bananas to feed him. She herself peeled the bananas but instead of offering Him the pulp, she gave Him the skin and threw away the pulp. Krishn ate that skin with love. Krishn starves for love only! It is His promise.

Patram Pushpam Phalam Toyam Yo Me Bhaktyaa Prayachchhati |
Tadaham Bhaktyupahritamashnaami Prataatmanah || --------- (Geetaa: (9/26)

Thus Krishn began to eat the banana skin relishing it. Both of them were sunk in affection - Sulabhaa sank in giving, while Krishn sank in imbibing that love. They both were in a trance like condition. Meanwhile, Vidur too arrived. For sometime he stood amazed, then seeing his wife behaving in an absurd way, he scoffed at her. Sulabhaa thus came around and began to feel sorry. Krishn said to Vidur : "Vidur Jee, you have come at the wrong moment. I was having extreme joy. I have always been pining for such food that is filled with love." Thereafter Vidur himself began to feed Krishn with banana pulp.

Bhagavaan is hungry of love, not of your things or money. The true Bhakt is the same who sinks in His love so much that he forgets every worldly behavior. Vidur's wife Sulabhaa was such a Bhakt


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