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Upanishad Gangaa 1-5

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Upanishad Gangaa 1-5

Upanishad Gangaa Serial started on March 11, 2012, as a weekly presentation on National TV by

Episode 1 - Journey
Story of an Aachaarya and His Son

One foreigner comes to Banaaras to learn Sanskrit, so a man brings him to an Aachaarya and tries to bribe the Aachaarya with foreign money but the Aachaarya seems not interested. The foreigner is interested in learning, so he asks him to come next day. He then shows him how he will be living in that house environment - no meat, no job, no other food except Aachaarya's own food, no shortcuts etc. Aachaarya's son Narendra does not do anything, just runs a theater, love dramas (Romeo Juliet) etc. His father had taught him Sanskrit which he does not like at all. But his father was proud of his knowledge. He said that there was no relevance of Sanskrit today. But do you know your own relevance, do you know it? If you can know it, then at least tell me too.

Upanishad is the journey to recognize oneself because it does not talk what is seen, but it talks about what is inside; it does not talk about outside, it talks about inside. One cannot know without knowing his inside a man's fear sorrow cannot be finished, that is Upanishad is the answer of all types of questions because those questions are related to yourself.

Aachaarya's son Narendra is still busy in his theater. But suddenly after meeting his father he comes to his theater and orders to change the costumes of his present drama actors. He asks to bring "Abhigyaan Shaakuntalam" (Kaali Daas' drama) drama costumes. The actors object it that by changing the costumes the drama will not the same, its soul will change.
Narendra asks - "Is the soul changed by just changing the clothes of the body?"
"Yes, the costume changes everything of the drama. The language, the feelings, everything will be changed."
"Can't the Kaali Daas' drama be played in Shakespeare's time?"
Actors said - "Yes it can be."
Narendra said - "By just changing clothes the soul does not change."
Actors said - "But why do you want to do that?"
Narendra said - "Because by wearing these costumes, you seem to be too far from myself."
Some actors do not like to wear those old costumes.

One day a man came to Shaastree Jee and admired his son Narendra like anything. Shaastree Jee could not believe his ears, so he asked him - "What did he do today?" The man said - "Your son has brought Kaali Daas live today on stage. Words of Shakespeare and the soul of Kaali Daas, your son is very bright, Shaastree Jee." So Shaastre Jee went to buy a copy of newspaper. People asked Narendra as why he was still not happy when the newspapers have written so good about him. Narendra said - "Thos people are not my father."

Some people came to Shaastree Jee to lecture to public on Upanishad. Shaastree Jee got agreed to tell to a small group of 5o-60 people on the condition that the organizers will regularly inform them and they will listen to him attentively.

Narendra said - "No more Qissaye Lailaa Majanoo." "Then whr will we do?" "Hindu Theater, which was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow also." "What do you want to do now?"
"We will do "Qissaye Upanishad."
"What? Those old stories?" "This is not old stories. This is about taking a person to his inside so that they can know themselves."

Episode 2 - Think and Question
Story of Mahaabhaarat War: Who is responsible?

Aachaarya Gaureeshankar teaches Upanishad and his son Narendra runs a theater and both have separate paths of life. Both are on their paths with the same spirit. Narendra becomes a Sootrdhaar. Today I will tell you a story which is mine and yours too. Upanishad is the process of knowing ourselves. Why sometimes a son or daughter opposes his parents or society. Why does he do that? What makes him to do that? Because he wants to be happy. But has he become happy? Why does he want win Death, does he know that he is immortal? Narendra is presenting his first drama - "Andhaa Yug" (Blind Age). Gives Dhritraashtra and Sanjaya dialog - Dhritraashtra asks Sanjaya - "tell me standing in Kuru Kshetra land what my sons and Paandu's sons did?" Arjun keeps his bow and arrow on the chariot and refuses to fight."
Krishn says - "Why do you sorrow for the people who have died or who will die. This souls never dies, it wears new body as a man wears the new clothes after taking off the old body. What is this Brahm. This Brahm is omniscient. I am present in all. I am Satya, and I am A-Satya too." Sanjaya said - "Krishn has showed His Viraat Roop to Arjun. Arjun is trembling with fear seeing His Viraat Roop."

People who came to listen Shaastree Jee requested Shaastree jee to change his time as there was a Drama Company which was getting more popular in the town, so the number of people gathering in his lecture were decreasing. Shaastree Jee understood, he said - "I am not surprised, because wherever is the Ras (Aanand or interest) there is the audience. If you feel that audience feels convenient at some other time you may change the time."

Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree were crying for their dying son Duryodhan in Narendra's drama. Then she started abusing Krishn and blaming that if He could wish, the war could be stopped but you did not do and she cursed Him that His Vansh also will be destroyed like this. Ved Vyaas Jee also came there. He consoles her that during those 18 days, the killer and killed ones were the same - and that was Krishn, only Krishn. Who could not see, they could not see, but who could see, they had tied the strip of A-Gyaan on their eyes. So who is the creator of his own battle? Who is responsible for his happiness and sorrow? Question? You will get answers.

Episode 3 -
Story of Ratnaakar (Vaalmeeki)

Only you are your friend and only you are your enemy. Youy are the creator ofThere was  Ratnaakar robber who used to rob people in the forest. Ratnaakar's wife Ratnaavalee was not happy with a robber's wife's life, but Ratnaakar said - "Where he could go as a robber?" One day he met Naarad Jee in that forest, he tried to rob him too. Naarad Jee asked him why did he live in that forest in hiding? Did he fear anything?
"No I don't fear anything. I don't fear from anybody. I have seen lots of sins - extension of trade and kingdoms. They were sinners, not me."
Naarad Jee said - "Others sin cannot make responsible one's own sin justified."
"But I am not the sinner."
"Who is going to decide this that you are not the sinner? He who is with you in this journey, or he who is not with you in this journey. Will your wife or children will support you in this sin? Are they shareholder in your sin? Go and ask them." So Ratnaakar went to his house instructing his people to keep him tied safely. When he asked his family nobody got ready to share his sins as it was his duty to care for them, so they are not responsible for his sins. Ratnaakar came back to Naarad Jee and told him everything.

Naarad Jee consoled Ratnaakar - "You created your old world yourself, and you will create your new world yourself too. Later the same Ratnaakar wrote Raam's story - Raamaayan and became the Aadi Kavi (the first poet).

Episode 4 - Universal Welfare
Story of Ashtaavakra

[Ashtaavakra knew Uddaalak as his father, so he sat in his father's lap.] Once Ashtaavakra was sitting in Uddaalak's laps that Shwetaketu  came and pushed him from his father's lap and asked him to sit in his own father's lap as it was his own father's lap. This baffled Ashtaavakra, so he went to his mother Sujaataa (Uddaalak's daughter) and he asked her "Who is my father?" First the mother got silent, she could not tell him. But Ashtaavakra insisted, so Sujaataa said - "Your father Kaahod was a poor Braahman, that is why with the expectation of some money. There was a Braahman named Bandee who challenged him for Shaastra discussion. Your father thought that after defeating him he might earn some money. He put a condition that whoever he will be immersed in river. He defeated him and he immersed in water. At that time you were with me. I cam back to my father's house and since then I am here. Ashtaavakra asked - "Where is Bandee? I am going to defeat him. I will bring my father back. If I will win I will spread his glory. So please permit me to go there." He is in King Janak's court.

So Ashtaavakra and Shwetaketu set off to Janak's court. Janak had organized Baajpeya Yagya so everywhere Mantra's sound was echoing. On the gate the gatekeepers stopped Both Ashtaavakra and Shwetaketu. Ashtaavakra told them that just by grey hair and being old one does not become the Gyaanee. So it is better if you let us go inside to meet Raajaa Janak and Aachaarya Bandee. Hearing all this discussion going on, Raajaa Janak called them inside. Seeing Ashtaavakra's body all laughed. Ashtaavakra also laughed. Janak Jee asked him as why did he laugh? Ashtaavakra said - "I thought that King Janak's court is of Gyaanee's court and I will defeat Aachaary Bandee in Shaastra discussion  there but it seems that is the court of fools. Now you tell me why did your court people laugh? On me? Or on that Creator who has created me? Tell me on whom you laughed?"

Janak Jee said - "Please pardon to my courtiers for their foolishness, but you are not yet mature to discuss Shaastra with Aachaarya Bandee, because whoever is defeated by him, he has to die in drowning in waters." Ashtaavakra said - "To discuss Shaastra I have my Guru's blessings and that is enough for me. Who is immortal is not afraid of death. You present Aachaarya Bandee to us."
"I am the Aachaarya Bandee and I am ready to to discuss Shaastra with you. And if you want you both together can discuss Shaastra with me." "I alone will discuss Shaastra with you."

And the discussion started - "What is Prapanch?"
Ashtaavakra - "Whatever is seen is Prapanch. Where has this Srishti come from?"
Bandee - "This Srishti came from Him only, who is Brahm. And what is Brahm?"

Ashtaavakra - "How does Brahm create and destroy the world?"
Bandee - "As a spider creates its web itself and roams in it and destroys it, in the same way Brahm creates this world, roams around in it and then destroys it.
Ashtaavakra - "What is A-Vidyaa?"
Bandee - "To consider An-Aatmaa to Aatmaa, to consider this world as the Truth, is A-Vidyaa. Then What is Vidyaa?"
Ashtaavakra - "The knowledge of the soul is Vidyaa, which frees us with the difference of Dwait Bhaav (means it takes u\e towards A-Dwait), that is Vidyaa. Vidyaa gives us sight by which we can know Brahm."

Ashtaavakra - "How to know Brahm?"
Bandee - "What are the characteristics of Brahm Gyaanee?
Ashtaavakra - "If somebody claims that he has known Brahm, it means he has not known the Brahm, because after knowing the Brahm, the pride of Brahm Gyaan goes away."
Bandee - "Can we know Brahm by logic?"
Ashtaavakra - "No, but logic can help. Can we know Him by prayers and Bhakti?"
Bandee - "No, But prayers and Bhakti can be helpful to know Him. Can we know Him by Yog and Manan (thinking over Him)?"
Ashtaavakra - "No, But Yog and Manan can e helpful to know Him."

The discussion was not coming to end, that suddenly Bandee could not answer the question of Ashtaavakra and thus Ashtaavakra won the discussion. Bandee accepted his defeat, and he got ready to drown in the water, but Ashtaavakra said - "Aachaarya Bandee, I have not come here to give you Jal-Samaadhi. You must be remembering that because of this Bandee and this tradition, several learned people have lost their lives. One of them was Aachaarya Kaahod. I am the son of the same Kaahod. Today I am winner and you are a loser. My revenge is only to pardon you. I pardon you Aachaarya Bandee."

Bandee said - "You have punished me in a greater way than by defeating me, O young Brahm Gyaanee."
Ashtaavakra said - "There is no greater fire than repentance. Don't make Shaastra a weapon. Shaastra develop the life, and Shastra (weapons) destroy the life. Nobody has ever won anybody by Hinsaa."

After that Janak stopped this tradition of taking life.

Episode 5 - Ved
Story of Daaraa Shikoh

Aachaarya was teaching that Ved Mantra were so powerful that if that Ved Gyaan is given to a dry tree, it also becomes green. This Gyaan is in Ved. And that is why we study Ved before taking this Gyaan. That is why before reading Upanishad, we should understand 4 Purushaarth, 4 Aashram, 4 Varn and as we will understand them the curtain on our eyes will move. Daaraa was taken imprisoned by Aurangzeb. But Daaraa was so much composed. When Daaraa was taken around Chaandanee Chowk, people around threw dirt on the soldiers. Aurangzeb said - "This is agitation. Order to kill him. And tell me his all expressions after hearing this news."

Daaraa was imprisoned. Daaraa was preaching his son - Who thinks himself a killer of yourself, and thinks you as the killed one both do not understand that neither anybody kills anybody nor anybody is killed by anybody. neither he is born anytime , nor he dies. As one puts on new clothes taking off his old clothes in the same way this Jeev also takes off this old body and takes up a new body. If you get time you must read Ved. My son, This life is like two drops - This drop of my life could shine for sometime, or could mix with sea forever. Now whichever drop is getting so great opportunity to mix with sea why she should desire to shine for a short while.

My grandfather used to call Ved the laws of Soofee world. But I was introduced to Ved and Upanishad by my Peer Meer. Once he went to Peer Meer and asked him - "You are a Muslim still you have faith in other religions? What is this?" Meer said - "It is no wonder. He is only One. Everything is shining from His light." "I am writing a book on Hindu and Muslim ideas. I always feel that these Ved are also the same as Quraan." "I have heard that you have written the biographies of some Soofee?" "Yes, I did have make some efforts." "But it will be of great benefit if you will translate Upanishad in Phaarasee (Persian)."

Daaraa met a Pandit and said to him - "I am very happy today with my translation work, besides I have got the title also of this book - "Sirre Akbar" (means a Great Secret). I feel great because it includes Akbar word also, because my great grandfather Akbar always said that Truth has no single person's ownership."
Pandit - "He was indeed Akbar. He went even to Kaashee to meet Tulasee Daas Jee. I also want to go to Kaashe. There is so much in Ved whis out of my understanding." And Daaraa went to Kaashee. He wanted to see Baabaa Laal Daas. Laal Daas Jee told him that Ved had all kinds of knowledge so he could get that knowledge from Ved. Ved is when somebody wants to obtain the knowledge of all kinds. Ved is a book of life and is A-Paurusheya - means that Ved have not been written by any human being. Ved are called Shruti too, because our Rishi heard those Mantra and then they told them to their disciples. Since that Gyaan was very huge, it was divided in four sections - Rig, Yajur, Saam and Atharv."

Daaraa asked - "Baabaa, Ved are four, then what is the meaning of Ved Trayee." "Yes, you are right. Ved Trayee is based on Gadya (prose), Padya (Poetry) and Gaan (singing one - which can be sung). Padya is Rik, Gadya is Yajus, and singing Ved is named as Saam. This Padya, Gadya and Gaan all jointly are called Ved Trayee."

"Even big kings, merchants cannot tantalize a Hindustaanee's heart."
"Then who can tantalize his heart?" "He is attracted towards sacredness, Rishi who are continuously worshipping Brahm."
"But how did this country remain untouched even after so many years of slavery?"
"Because these people are tied with spiritual thread. Adhyaatm Gyaan is its power. It is not like that every person here is spiritual, or every person does not want material comfort. But this is in its air and water (climate) that one day every man questions himself "Who am I."

Episode 6 - Ved
Story of Daaraa Shikoh

Aurangzeb is trying to kill Daaraa, Laal Daas and Daaraa are discussing Ved, that Daaraa hears aboy=ut the sickness of his father (Shaah Jahaan). He gets ready to go to Aagaraa.



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