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Chapter 7

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7-Bhagavaan's Avataar

Brahmaa Jee said to Naarad Jee - "Hey Naarad, To bring this Prithvi out of the water, He appeared as Vaaraah (Boar), brought the Prithvi out of the water and killed Hiranyaaksh Daitya. Then He appeared as Yagya Purush (Suyagya) as the son of Ruchi Prajaapati and his wife Aakooti. In that Avataar He produced Suyam Devtaa from His wife Dakshinaa and relieved Tri-Lok, that is how Swaayambhuv Manu called Him Hari. Then He appeared as Kapil Muni in the house of Rishi Kardam Jee and Devahooti and delivered Saankhya Shaastra to His mother. She attained Brahm Roop in the same life only because of that. Maharshi Atri once expressed his desire to have Him as his son. He said - "I give myself to you" so He was called as Datt (Dattaatreya). Because of Him, Raajaa Yadu and Sahastraarjun attained both Bhog and Moksh. In the beginning when I did Tap with the desire of creating the world then He got pleased and He appeared as four Braahman children whose names started with San (means Tap) - Sanak, Sanandan, Sanaatan and Sanat Kumaar. They delivered the spiritual knowledge which was forgotten because of the Pralaya (deluge).

Then He appeared as Nar-Naaraayan in the house of Dharm and Daksh's daughter Moorti. They did very hard Tapasyaa and when Indra sent an Apsaraa to disturb their Tap they (Apsaraa) themselves forgot the art of attracting, so they could not harm Nar-Naaraayan. Shankar etc can burn Kaam Dev with their angry sight, but they cannot burn their own anger. Then Bhagavaan gave His Parampad to a 5-year old child Dhruv. Even today Maharshi pray to him revolving around him. Vane's everything was destroyed by Braahman. He was falling in Narak (Hell), then on the request of Rishi He was born as Prithu out of churning his body and saved him. He churned out all kinds of medicines also from Prithvi.

He appeared as Rishabh Dev as the son of Raajaa Naabhi and Sudevee. In this Avataar He behaved like a non-living by controlling His Indriyaan. Then he appeared as Hayagreev Avataar in my Yagya. Ved appeared from His nostrils in the form of breath. In the end of Chaakshush Manvantar, the would-be Manu Satyavrat saw Him in Matsya (Fish) Roop. When Devtaa and Daanav were churning the Ksheer Saagar for Amrit, then He balanced Mandaraachal Parvat on His back assuming the form of a Kashchap (Tortoise).

To protect Devtaa from Hiranyakashyap Daitya, He appeared as Nrasinh Avataar and killed him. When the Graah caught the foot of Gajendra elephant, he called Him by offering Him a lotus flower. He appeared there immediately riding on His Garud and killed Graah. He appeared as Vaaman Avataar in Aditi's house as her youngest son. He took Tri-Lok back from Raajaa Bali by asking only three feet land in alms, but He proved that who follow the path of justice, cannot be won except by begging. The king of Daitya Bali also touched the Charanaamrit with his forehead and got the status of Raajaa Indra. It was not because he did some hard work for that, he just followed his vow, in spite of his Guru Shukraachaarya's warning. He offered his own head to fulfill his vow to give Him the third foot land.

Hey Naarad, He also delivered the knowledge of Bhaagvat to you in the form of Swan. The same Prabhu appears in the form of Manu and rule Prithvi for the whole Manvantar. He appeared as Dhanvantari and started Aayur Ved. He appeared as Parashuraam to kill Kshatriya 21 times on Prithvi. He appeared as Raam with His Ansh as Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn in Ikshwaaku Vansh to kill Raavan. He will appear as Krishn and Balaraam to kill Daitya. In this Avataar He will perform many wonderful Leelaa that the people will never be able to understand them. Pootanaa Vadh in infant age, turning away a heavy Chhakadaa at the age of three months, uprooting two large trees while crawling are such acts which cannot be done by anyone except Bhagavaan.

When he sees that because of the Kaal human beings are unable to understand Ved, then in every Kalp He will appear as Vyaas Jee as the son of Satyavatee and will divide Ved in several shorter books. When Daitya will kill people with the help of Ved then he will appear as Buddha and deliver sub-religion. In the end of the Kali Yug  when good people will not be able to do Yagya and religious duties, He will appear as Kalki Avataar and kill demons in the form of kings.

When it is the time of the Creation, then in the form of Tapasyaa, nine Prajaapati - Mareechi etc Rishi and me; at the time of maintenance in the form of Dharm, Vishnu, Manu, Devtaa and kings; and in the end in the form of A-Dharm, Rudra and Krodh (anger), snake and Daitya, only His Maayaa appears. Creation and the destruction of the world are only His one power. There are other countless powers like same which neither your elder brothers Sankaadi Muni know nor I know, then how an ordinary person can know them. Aadidev Bhagavaan Shesh has been singing His praise from his thousand mouths, still he cannot find the end of His praise.

I know the Yog Maayaa of that Purush, you also know it, and Bhagavaan Shankar, Prahlaad, Shataroopaa, Manu, Manu's sons Priyavrat etc Praacheenbarhi, Ribhu and Dhruv also know it. Besides, Ikshwaaku, Pururavaa, Muchukund, Janak, Gaadhi, Raghu, Ambreesh, Sagar, Gaya, Yayaati, Maandhaata, Alark, Shatdhanvaa, Anu, Rantidev, Bheeshm, Bali, Amoortaraya, Dileep, Saubhari, Uttank, Shibi, Deval, Pipplaad, Saaraswat, Uddhav, Paraashar, Vibheeshan, Hanumaan, Shuk Dev, Arjun, Vidur etc also know it. Paramaatmaa is only calm, fearless and knowledge form. He is beyond the truth and untruth. Hey Naarad,  I have described you the Creator from only intentions. Now you go and spread this word. This is the discourse Bhagavaan delivered to me, this is Bhaagvat.



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