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Chapters 8-9

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8-Pareekshit's Many Questions

Soot Jee said - "Pareekshit asked Shuk Dev Jee - " Hey Shuk Dev Jee, I want to know that when Brahmaa Jee instructed Naarad Jee to spread the attributes of Nir-Gun Bhagavaan, to whom he told them and in which form he told them? Tell me about that. Although Jeev (soul) is not related to the five elements, still its body is made up of five elements. Is it natural or there is any reason behind it? You said that Lok and Lokpaal were created from the parts of the body of the Viraat Purush, then you told that in the form of Lok and Lok-Paal we imagine His body only. What is the meaning of this? How many are Mahaa Kalp and their Avaantar Kalp? How do you measure past, resent and future? Is the age of this physical body limited? How do you know the minute and large (Varsh = year) measurement of time? How does this Jeev get another Yoni (species) with different kinds of actions? Devtaa and human being etc Yoni are attained through the three Gun - Sat, Raj and Tam. Then which actions are advisable for which species to attain which species? How they and the beings living on Prithvi, Paataal, planets, constellations, mountains rivers, seas etc are created?

Tell me the measurement of Brahmaand, from inside as well as from outside. I want to know about Yug and its measurement, Dharm and Avataar's Leelaa. What are the normal and specific Dharm of all types of human beings? How many elements are there? What are their forms and characteristics? What is the method of worship of Bhagavaan and what is Adhyaatm Yog? How these living beings are created, sustained and destructed?" Upon hearing this Shuk Dev Jee got very happy and told the same Bhaagvat which Bhagavaan told Brahmaa Jee in the beginning of the Creation.

9-Brahmaa's Bhagavaan's Lok Darshan and 4-Shlok Bhaagvat

Shukdev Jee said - "As a human being has no relationship with the things he has seen in his dream, in the same way the souls also do not have any relationship with these worldly things. Because of Maayaa only, it seems to us that this is me and this is mine. But when beyond this Kaal, it reaches in its real form, then its "me and mine" feeling is not there. Brahmaa Jee thought of creating the world sitting on the lotus flower appeared from the navel of Bhagavaan. But he did  not have the knowledge how to create the world. One day he was thinking in this direction, that he heard two consonants, 16th and 21st letters of the alphabet - T and P - twice. Hearing them Brahmaa Jee looked here and there but he did not find any other person. He sat on his lotus flower and thought that maybe I have been ordered to do Tap. So He started doing Tap and he did it for 1,000 Divine years. Then only he succeeded in creating the world.

Pleased with his Tap, Bhagavaan showed him His own Lok beyond which there is no other Lok. In His Lok, there is no sorrow, love, fear, Gun, Kaal. Maayaa etc. There live Bhagavaan's Paarshad who are worshipped by Devtaa and Daitya alike. Lakshmee Jee serves Bhagavaan in various ways. Sunand, Nand, Prabal and Arhan etc Paarshad also were serving Him. Purush, Prakriti, Mahat-Tattwa, Ahankaar, Man, 10 Indriyaan, Shabd (sound) etc five Tanmaatraa and five elements - these 25 powers were also standing there looking at Bhagavaan. Brahmaa Jee got very happy to see all this.

Bhagavaan held Brahmaa Jee's hand in His hand and said - "Brahmaa Jee, You have pleased me with your Tapasyaa, you may ask for anything you wish. Because you obeyed my voice only without seeing me that is why you were able to see my Lok. Tapasyaa is my heart and I myself am the soul of Tapasyaa. I create this world with the help of Tapasyaa only, sustain it and destroy it with the help of Tapasyaa only. Tapasyaa is my utmost power."

Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Prabhu, You know that what I want to do. Kindly fulfill my desire of knowing your Sa-Gun (with Gun = attributes) and Nir-Gun (without Gun) Roop. As a spider weaves its web itself and then swallows it itself, in the same way you also create, sustain and destroy this Universe by assuming several forms. How do you do that? You are the master of Maayaa. You play with this world by creating it, sustaining it and destructing it with the help of your Maayaa. I want to know this. Besides I should bey you without any pride of feeling of "being doer" too."

Bhagavaan said - "I tell you the secret of this. I was the only One before this Creation. There was neither any minute thing nor any large thing at that time, nor was the cause of these - A-Gyaan. Where there is no Creation, I am the only One there. And where there is Creation, there also I am the only One. As the five elements are everywhere, even inside the body and outside the body, in the same way I am outside the body and inside the body too in the form of soul. It is only Bhagavaan who is there, who was there in the beginning and who will be there in the end too when there will not be anything else. If you have understood this then you will be able to create various types of Universe and still you will not be lost in them." After saying this Bhagavaan hid His form. Brahmaa Jee got very pleased to see Him and hear His words and then Naarad Jee asked him the same question which you are asking me now. Then he told him Bhaagvat Puraan which was told to him by Bhagavaan. Hey Pareekshit, When my father Vyaas Jee was meditating on the bank of Saraswatee River, at that time Naarad Jee told him the same Bhaagvat. Now you listen to the 10 characteristics of Bhaagvat."



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