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Chapters 3-6

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3-Worshipping Different Devtaa According to Desires and Importance of Bhakti

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, What a dying man should do, I have already told you that. He who desires Brahm Tej, should worship Brahaspati; he who desires power of some Indriya (sense) should worship Indra; he who desires children should worship Prajaapati; he who desires Lakshmee should worship Maayaa Devee; he who desires Tej (grace) should worship Agni; he who desires wealth should worship Vasu and he who desires bravery should worship sons of Aditi ie Devtaa; to get kingdom worship Vishwedev; to make your people (public) favorable to you worship Saadhya Devtaa. For getting long life worship Ashwinee Kumaar; for good health worship Prithvi; for getting respect worship Prithvi and Dyau (sky). For beauty worship Gandharv; to get a good wife worship Urvashee Apsaraa; for being Lord of all worship Brahmaa Jee; for getting praise everywhere worship Yagya Purush; for getting treasure and wealth (Khazaanaa) worship Varun Devtaa; for getting higher education (Vidyaa) worship Shankar Bhagavaan; for strengthening love between husband and wife worship Paarvatee Jee.

For being Dhaarmik (religious) worship Vishnu Jee; to protect your Vansh (lineage) worship Pitar; to remove hurdles worship Yaksh and to become powerful worship Marud Gan. For getting Kingdom worship the Lord of Manvantar; for pleasures worship Chandramaa (Moon); for attaining desireless nature worship Naaraayan. And an intelligent person should always worship Purushottam Bhagavaan in all situations. First people should develop a strong love towards Bhagavaan through Satsang (good company). Who doesn't have Bhakti in Krishn his whole body is just useless."

4-Questions About Creation and Bhaagvat Kathaa Starts

Soot Jee said - "Pareekshit knew the time of his death, so he took Sanyaas from all kinds of Karm (actions) and sat on the bank of Gangaa River. He asked Shuk Dev Jee - "Hey Munivar, How Bhagavaan creates this world with His Maayaa, because its structure is so complex that even Brahmaa etc cannot understand it fully. How does He create the Brahmaand - like a child creates sand houses and He destroys them in a moment like a child destroys those sand houses." Shuk Dev Jee said - "I bow to the lotus feet of Purushottam who with the three powers of Sat, Raj and Tam Gun takes the form of Vishnu, Brahmaa and Rudra. The same Bhagavaan creates these bodies with five Mahaa Bhoot (elements) and sleeps in them in the form of Jeev (soul). And five Gyaan Indriyaan, five Karm Indriyaan, five Praan and one Man, with these 16 Kalaa He enjoys 16 kinds of pleasures. Brahmaa Himself said this to Naarad when he asked about this. I am going to tell the same to you now."

5-Description of Creation

Naarad Jee asked Brahmaa Jee - "Hey Pitaa, You are not only my father but you are the father of all. Kindly deliver me that knowledge which can teach me Spiritual knowledge. What are the characteristics of this world? What is the base of it? Who has created it? How does it get destroyed? In fact what is this thing? Tell me its root. From where did you obtain this knowledge? Who is your Lord? You alone can create all these living beings through your Maayaa, it is so wonderful?" 

Brahmaa Jee said - "You have asked very good questions, Naarad. Whatever you have said about me, it is not untrue also, because until the Parey Tattwa is not known, people know my nature as you have described. I pray to Vaasudev because only He is  everybody's Swaamee. Because of His Maayaa everybody calls me Jagadguru (teacher of the whole world). That Maayaa doesn't stay in front of Him but because of that Maayaa the whole world say "It is mine, it is thine". In fact there is nothing different from Bhagavaan - wealth, matter, Karm, Kaal, nature, Jeev. All Yog, all efforts, all Tapasyaa, all Gyaan - everything takes one to Him only. Only He has created me and I create everything with His desire only.

Bhagavaan is without attributes and endless. To maintain, create and destroy this world three Gun (Sat, Raj and Tam) are required which come from His Maayaa. These three Gun, when present in Maayaa, taking the help of material, Gyaan and action bind a person to action, cause and doer. People cannot know Bhagavaan because he who has no Indriyaan, covers Himself with these three Gun. Only He is the Lord of the whole Universe and myself too.

When Bhagavaan desired to become many from one, He got Kaal, Karm and Swabhaav (nature) in Himself. With His power Kaal created Kshobh in the three Gun; Swabhaav transformed them and Karm created Mahat Tattwa and then He created this world. Then Tamo Gun and Rajo Gun got increased and they created Taamasik Vikaar - Gyaan, action and Material, in Mahat Tattwa. And this was called Ahankaar. When this Ahankaar got Vikaar, it divided itself in three divisions - Vaikaarik, Taijas, and Taamas. Hey Naarad Jee, They are Gyaan power, action power and material power main.

(1) When Taamas Ahankaar got Vikaar in it, it created Aakaash (sky), Aakaash's Tanmaatraa and attribute is Shabd (sound). Through this Shabd only one can know the seer and the sight. 
(2) When Aakaash got Vikaar in it, it created Vaayu (air). Air's Tanmaatraa and attribute is touch. Since it includes its cause Aakaash, it has Shabd attribute also. All kinds of power in Indriyaan and body are because of this Aakaash only.
(3) Because of Kaal, Karm and Swabhaav, Vaayu also got Vikaar in it and that created Tej (fire) whose principal Tanmaatraa and attribute is Roop (form). It has the attributes of Aakaash (Shabd) and Vaayu (touch) also.
(4) When Vikaar came in Tej, it created water whose Tanmaatraa and attribute is Ras (taste). It includes its causes' attributes also - Shabd (Aakaash), touch (Vaayu), and Roop (Tej or fire) .
(5) When Vikaar came in water, it created Prithvi whose attribute is smell. Since the attributes of the cause is included in the results, so Shabd (Aakaash), touch (Vaayu), Roop (Fire), and taste (Water) are also in Prithvi along with its own attribute smell.

Vaikaarik Ahankaar created Man (mind) and the ten Devtaa of ten Indriyaan. Their names are Dishaa, Vaayu, Soorya, Varun, Ashwinee Kumaar, Agni, Indra, Vishnu, Mitra, and Prajaapati.

When Taijas Ahankaar got Vikaar in it, it created ten Indriyaan, five Gyaan Indriyaan (ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose) and five Karm Indriyaan (tongue, hands, feet, anus and procreative organs) along with Gyaan power Buddhi and Karm power Praan.

When these five Bhoot (Prithvi, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky), ten Indriyaan, one Man (mind) and three Gun were not organized, they could not create any means (body) to enjoy the pleasures. Then with the power of Bhagavaan, they got together and created a Pind (mass, individual form) and Brahmaand (Universe form). This Brahmaand was in the water in the form of a lifeless egg for one thousand years. Then Bhagavaan gave life to it and the same Viraat Purush who has thousands of hands, feet, mouths etc, came out of that egg. Learned people imagine the whole Universe in His body Parts. Below His waistline are seven lower Lok and above it are Swarg etc seven upper Lok."

6-Vibhooti of Viraat Roop

Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Naarad,  Speaking about power and its Lord Devtaa Agni are produced only from the mouth of the same Viraat Purush. Ras (taste) and its Lord Varun is born from His tongue. Five Vaayu (Praan, Udaan, Apaan, Samaan, and Vyaan) and nose's Lord Devtaa Ashwinee Kumaar and all herbs have appeared from His nostrils. Roop and Tej, and Soorya and Chandra have appeared from His eyes. All directions and Teerth (holy places) have appeared from His ears. Aakaash (sky) and Shabd (sound) have also appeared from His ears. All Yagya, touch and Vaayu (air) have appeared from His skin.

His walking around is the resting place of three Lok. Whatever is seen around, and whatever is not seen around; whatever this Universe was, is and will be, is surrounded by Him and this whole Universe is inside Him in 10-finger measurement. (It is believed in Vedaant, that there are seven covers of this Brahmaand - they are like this: 

Ten times of Prithvi is water
Ten times of water is fire
Ten times of fire is air
Ten times of air is Aakaash (sky or Antariksh)
Ten times of Aakaash is Ahankaar
Ten times of Ahankaar is Mahat-Tattwa
Ten times of Mahat-Tattwa is Mool Prakriti

And all this is in Bhagvaan's one foot. It is all in His 10-finger place. This shows the hugeness of Bhagavaan. (This is called 10-finger Nyaaya.)

Whatever a human being does or can imagine, He is beyond all that; that is why nobody can know Him properly. Brahmchaaree, Vaanprasthee and Sanyaasee live in Jan Lok, Tap Lok, and Satya Lok. Who have not followed Brahmcharya for long periods, those Grihasth live in Bhoo Lok, Bhuvar Lok and Swar Lok. Shaastra prescribes two paths to Brahm, one is Karm Maarg (Action path) which is an A-Vidyaa form, and the second is Vidyaa Maarg which is Upaasanaa (worship path) form. A human being travels takes up any path to attain Brahm. The southern path is pleasure path, and the northern path is Moksh path, but both paths take you to Purushottam.

When I was born from the navel lotus of this Viraat Purush, I could not get any other thing than the body parts of this Viraat Purush for Yagya. Then I imagined all necessary things needed for Yagya - cattle, pillars, Kush, Yagya Bhoomi etc in this Purush's body parts. So I collected all necessary things for Yagya from this Viraat Purush's body parts and I did Yagya. Then your elder brothers, nine Prajaapati (Mareechi, Atri, Angiraa, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Bhrigu, Vashishth, Daksh and the tenth one was Naarad) worshipped Him. He is the same Purush who Himself is without attributes but takes up many attributes with the help of His Maayaa just before creation.

Because I am always meditating on Him that is why whatever I say does not prove lie. When you, my sons, Shankar Jee, even I, do not know His Swaroop. then how other people can know it. He is great. We can only sing His praise, or tell His Avataar's description, we can not know Him by His Tattwa (element). Brahmaa, Vishnu, Shankar, all Devtaa, Gandharv etc are His Swaroop only.

I create everything with His help only, Vishnu maintains it and Rudra destroys it with His help only - because only He has three powers - Sat, Raj and Tam. Paramaatmaa's first Avataar is Viraat Purush. Besides, Kaal, nature, Kaarya (action), Kaaran (cause), Panch-bhoot (five elements), three Gun etc everything is His Roop only. But still there are some main Avataar of Paramaatmaa. I tell you about those Avataar, you listen to them."



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