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Chapters 2-3

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2-Bhagavaan Enters Devakee's Womb and Prayer by Devtaa

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Kans himself was very mighty, besides Magadh King Jaraasandh was also his friend, thirdly he had lots of other people to help him, such as Pralambaasur, Bakaasur, Chaanoor, Trinaavart, Aghaasur, Mushtik, Arishtaasur, Dwivid, Pootanaa, Keshee, Dhenuk, Baanaasur, Bhaumaasur (Narakaasur), etc Raakshas. He started killing Yadu Vanshee with the help of these people. They got frightened and ran away to Kuru, Panchaal, Kaikaya, Shaalv, Vidarbh. Nishadh, Videh and Koshal etc areas. Some still continued to serve Yadu Vansh.

When Kans had killed six children of Devakee, one by one, Bhagavaan Anant came into Devakee's womb. Bhagavaan instructed His Yog Maayaa - "You go to Brij. There lives Rohinee, Vasudev Jee's other wife. His other wives are also living secretly because of the fear of Kans. You transfer Devakee's child to Rohinee's womb. Now I will be Devakee's son with all my Ansh, then you take birth from Yashodaa. You will be able to give Var and people will worship you. People will make several places for you on Prithvi and you will be known by several names, such as Durgaa, Bhadrakaalee, Vijayaa, Vaishnavee, Kumudaa, Chandikaa, Krishnaa, Maadhavee, Kanyaa, Maayaa, Naaraayanee, Eeshaanee, Shaaradaa, Ambikaa etc. Because of pulling out from Devakee's womb, people will call Shesh Jee as "Sankarshan" and since he will make people feel happy he will be called Raam and since he will be very mighty, he will be called Balabhadra also."

Yog Maayaa did as Bhagavaan told her to do. When she transferred Devakee's child to Rohinee's womb, people got very sorry for Devakee that she lost her one child. Bhagavaan appeared in Vasudev Jee's heart with all His Kalaa. Now Vasudev Jee started reflecting Divine shine. People could not look at him even for a moment. Then He entered into Devakee's body. When Kans saw her, he got certain that this time Bhagavaan is going to take birth, because Devakee was never so shiny before. Once he thought he should kill her while she was pregnant with her 8th child, but then he thought - "I should not kill her now, because first she is a woman, second she is my sister, third she is pregnant." So he just waited, but he was all the time frightened.

Bhagavaan Shankar and Brahmaa Jee came to prison with Naarad Jee and other Devtaa and prayed Him and then went to their Lok."

3-Appearance of Shree Krishn

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Now the time came for Bhagavaan to appear. It was Rohinee Nakshatra; all constellations, planets and stars were in their auspicious places. Kaal, directions (Dishaa), Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vaayu (Air), Aakaash (Space), Man (mind) and Atmaa (soul) all became happy. It was Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad Maas and the eighth day. All around was very dark. Vasudev Jee saw a very strange child appearing from Devakee's womb.

His eyes were large. He had four arms carrying Shankh (conch shell), Chakra (Disc), Gadaa (mace) and Padm (lotus flower). He was wearing yellow cloth on His body. When Vasudev Jee saw Bhagavaan in this form of his son, he became very happy. He vowed to give 10,000 cows to Braahman on this occasion. Then he prayed to Bhagavaan and said - "Kans is a very bad man. When he will know that you have come to our house, he will come with his weapons to kill you." Devakee also prayed Him. 

Bhagavaan said - "Devee, When you were first time born in Swaayambhuv Manvantar, your name was Prishni and Vasudev Jee was Sutapaa Prajaapati. When Brahmaa Jee ordered you to produce children then you controlled your Indriyaan and did very austere Tap for 12,000 divine years. When I appeared pleased with your Tap and asked you to ask for any Var, you expressed your desire to have a son like me. By that time you were not involved in worldly pleasures and you did not have any child, and because of my Maayaa you did not ask for Moksh. Later I was born in your house as Prishnigarbh. Then in second life you were born as Aditi and Vasudev was born as Kashyap Jee. At that time also I was born to you, and my name was Upendra (Vaaman Avataar). Because I was very short, so people used to call me Vaaman also. Devakee,  In this life also I am born as your son. You asked the Var to have a son like me, and there was nobody like me. So when somebody cannot give the said thing to somebody, then he should give three times more of that. [So Bhagavaan decided to come on Earth in their house three times] I always speak truth that is why I have shown you my this Roop."

After saying this Bhagavaan changed His form into a child form. Then Vasudev Jee expressed his desire to come out of the prison room. At the same time Yog Maayaa took birth in Nand and Yashodaa's house. She made all the gatekeepers and people sleep. As prison's all doors were locked before, they all got opened as Vasudev Jee went near them. At that time it was raining so Shesh Jee put his head over Him to protect Him from rain. Yamunaa had lots of water in her stream but seeing Him coming she gave way to Vasudev Jee.

Vasudev Jee reached Gokul safely and saw that all Gop were sleeping. He put his son on Yashodaa's bed, took her daughter and came back to prison. There he laid the daughter on Devakee's bed. Nand's wife Yashodaa knew only that she had given birth to a child, but could not know whether it was a boy or a girl, because Yog Maayaa made her unconscious.


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