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Chapter 1

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1-Assurance to Prithvi, Marriage of Vasudev Devakee and Killing of Six Sons of Devakee

Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavan, You told about Chandra Vansh and Soorya Vansh in detail. You told about Yadu Vansh also. Now you tell us about Bhagavaan Shree Krishn who took Avataar with His own Ansh Avataar Shree Balaraam Jee. He is my Kul Devtaa (Devtaa of my family). When the Mahaabhaarat war was going on between Kaurav and Paandav and my grandfather was fighting with Pitaamaha Bheeshm, Kaurav army was too large for them, but my grandfather fought with them courageously with the help of Shree Krishn's feet. My body was already burned by Ashwatthaamaa's Brahmaastra, then only Shree Krishn gave me this life. And not only to me but to all the living beings, He gives Amrit in the form of soul from inside and Mrityu (death) in the form of Kaal (time) from outside.

You told us that Balaraam Jee was the son of Rohinee and later you counted Him among the sons of Devakee too, so tell me how it is possible to be the son of two mothers without having two bodies? Why Shree Krishn left His father's house and went to Brij? Why did He kill His own Maamaa (maternal uncle or mother's brother) with His own hands? For how many years He lived in Dwaarakaa Puree, and how many wives He had? Whatever I have asked and whatever I have not asked, kindly tell me about all Leelaa of Prabhu to me."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Your intentions are very good. All the three, the questioner, the teller and the listener, become pious when the conversation goes on about Shree Krishn. At that time hundreds of thousands of Daitya were troubling Prithvi in the form of kings. So she went to Brahmaa Jee in the form of a cow and told her story. After hearing her story, Brahmaa Jee came to Shankar Jee with her and other Devtaa of Swarg. Then they all went to the shore of Ksheer Saagar and prayed Param Purush Paramaatmaa through "Purush Sookt". While praying he sat in Samaadhi. He heard Bhagavaan's voice and woke up and said to Devtaa - "I have heard Bhagavaan's instructions, so do accordingly as He has said to me. He already knows about Prithvi's trouble. So till He lives on Prithvi you also go with your Ansh in Yadu Vansh and cooperate with Him. He Himself will appear in Vasudev Jee's house. To serve Him and His beloved, Devtaa women should also go there. Bhagavaan Shesh Jee will go even before Him. Yog Maayaa will also take Ansh Avataar to complete His work there." Brahmaa Jee explained this to all Devtaa and Prithvi and went to his Lok.;

At that time Shoorsen was the king in Yadu Vansh. He lived in Mathuraa Puree and managed Maathur Mandal and Shoorsen Mandal from there. From the same time Mathuraa became the capital of Yadu Vansh. Once, in Mathuraa, Shoorsen's son Vasudev Jee married Devakee and rode on the chariot to go home. Kans was the son of Raajaa Ugrasen of Bhoj Vansh. He became the Saarathee to please his cousin sister. Devakee's father was Devak - Ugrasen's brother. He loved his daughter very much. While giving her farewell, he gave her 400 elephants with gold necklaces, 15,000 horses, 1,800 chariots and 200 beautiful maid-servants clad in beautiful clothes and jewelry.

When Kans was driving the chariot, he heard the Aakaashvaanee - "O Fool, Whoever you are taking in the chariot, her eighth child will be the cause of your death." Kans was a great sinner. He was a black spot on Bhoj Vansh. Hearing this he took out his sword immediately and got ready to kill his sister.

Seeing this Vasudev Jee calmed him down - "Prince, You are very brave. She is only a woman, then she is your sister, on top of that she is newly married. How you can kill her in this situation? Who takes birth, he dies too, whether it is today or after 100 years. As a person, one first keeps his one foot on the ground, then only lifts his another foot to walk on; in the same way Jeev also first gets some other body to live, then only it leaves the previous body. Therefore who wants his own welfare, he should not envy with others because Jeev depends up on Karm and whatever Karm one does here, he has to bear their results. She is like your daughter, she is still wearing marriage attire, it is not good to kill her at this time."

Hey Pareekshit, Vasudev Jee tried his best to calm him down but he was adamant about his decision. Vasudev Jee thought that if somehow this moment is passed then he would see this matter later. So he said - "Kans, You don't have any fear from Devakee? Isn't it? If you have fear, then you have it only from her sons, so I promise you to hand over all her sons to you as they will be born." Kans knew that Vasudev Jee never lied, so he dropped the idea to kill Devakee. Vasudev Jee got very happy at this and he came to his home. Devakee was a very pious woman. All Devtaa lived in her body parts. 

When time came, she gave birth to eight sons and one daughter, one by one each year. First son's name was Keertimaan and he was given to Kans. Vasudev was very sad doing this but he would have become more sad if he did not fulfill his promise. Kans got very pleased to see Vasudev Jee bringing his first child to him fulfilling his promise. When he saw him, he said - "Vasudev Jee, Take this little beautiful child, I have no fear from him, because the Bhavishyavaanee (Divine Voice) said that only her eighth child will kill me." So Vaasudev Jee came back with that child but he knew that Kans could never be trusted.

Naarad Jee came to Kans and said - "O Kans, All people living in Brij - Nand etc Gop, their wives, Vasudev etc Vrishni Vanshee Yaadav, Devakee etc Yadu Vanshee women and their relatives - are Devtaa. And whosoever are serving you they are also Devtaa. Now Devtaa are preparing for killing Asur on Prithvi." When Naarad Jee told this, Kans got convinced that Yadu Vanshee are Devtaa and Vishnu is going to born from Devakee to kill me, therefore he put Devakee and Vasudev Jee in jail. And he started killing all their children as they were born, because he all the time doubted that this child might be Vishnu. Kans knew that in his previous life he was Kaalnemi Asur and Vishnu killed him, that is why he became the strong opponent of Yadu Vansh. He was very mighty. He imprisoned the kings of Yadu, Bhoj, and Andhak Vansh (even his own father Ugrasen) and took control of Shoorsen Desh.



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