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Durvaasaa Muni   see also    ChandramaaDattatreya

He is the son of Atri Rishi and Anasooyaa (one of the nine daughters of Kardam Rishi). Once Atri Rishi and Anasooya did very hard Tapasyaa for Shree Hari. But all three, Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh gave Darshan to them. Atri Jee asked - "How come that I did Tapasyaa for Shree Hari and you three appeared before me?" They said - "Whoever you did Tapasyaa for, we are those three. Now ask what do you want to ask?" Atri Jee asked them to be their sons. So they were born to her. They are three brothers - Durvaasaa, Dattaatreya, and Chandramaa. They are the Avataar of Shankar, Vishnu and Brahmaa respectively. That is why Durvaasaa Muni gets angry as well as happy very soon like Shankar Jee. Dattaatreya is Avadhoot - he doesn't have anything. Whatever he gets he is happy in it. Chandramaa is a Devtaa of peaceful nature. There are many stories about Duravaasaa Muni. He is more famous for his anger than happiness.

Durvaasaa Muni and Kuntee
This is the only story of his happiness. Once Durvaasaa Muni arrived in Kuntibhoj's palace. There Kuntibhoj appointed his only adopted daughter Kuntee (Prithaa) in his service. Kuntee served him very well. He became very pleased  with her services, so he gave her a Mantra which could bring any Devtaa to her. Kuntee used it several times. She had six sons from that Mantra - four for herself and two for Maadree.

Durvaasaa Muni and Indra
Once Durvaasaa Muni was coming back from Vishnu's place. He had a flower garland in his hand as Vishnu's Prasaad. On the way he met Indra coming from opposite side. Considering him the Swaamee of Tri-Lok he threw that Maalaa on Indra. But Indra did not respect it and threw it on the head of his Airaavat elephant. Airaavat bounced it down and crushed it under his feet. Seeing the insult of Prasaad, Durvaasaa got very angry and gave Shaap to Indra, "You have insulted Bhagavaan's Prasaad, you will lose all your wealth and kingdom soon." After that there was a great fight between Devtaa and Asur and Devtaa lost everything in it. So Indra went to Brahmaa Jee and told his plight. Brahmaa Jee took Devtaa to Vishnu and He advised them to do Saagar Manthan.

Durvaasaa Muni and Shakuntala
When Dushyant did Gandharv Vivaah to Kanv Muni's daughter Shakuntalaa, and he left her in her Aashram to take her back at a later time, she used to be lost only in his thoughts. Once she was thus sitting thinking about Dushyant, that Durvaasaa Muni came and she couldn't know that somebody was there, so she could not attend him. Then he gave Shaap to her, "In whoever's thoughts you are lost, he will not remember you when you will see him." At this Shakuntalaa requested for his kindness. Then he said, "OK, later he will recognize you." 

The same thing happened to her. Even though Shakuntalaa had Dushyant's ring as his identification, but when she arrived in the royal court, Dushyant refused to recognize her and asked her for some identification. When she tried to find his ring, she couldn't find it, so she had to go back to her Aashram. Later Dushyant got the ring back from a fisherman, because it fell down in the river from Shakuntalaa's finger when she stopped in between to drink water while coming to Dushyant's court. Then he recollected his marriage and got her back.

Durvaasaa Muni and Paandav
Once Durvaasaa Rishi went to Duryodhan's place with other Rishi. Duryodhan greeted them, respected them and acted like a good host. At that time Paandav were in forest to pass their 12 years of exile, so to trouble them, Duryodhan sent them there by instigating Durvaasaa Muni to visit Paandav. Durvaasaa told that he would definitely see them. So he went with his 10,000 disciples. Paandav also welcomed them. Durvaasaa Muni said - "We are going to river to take bath and will have food after we come back." Now Paandav got in a great difficulty. Everybody knew about his anger and Shaap. Now how to arrange their food? Draupadee had a Divine pot which used to give food until she ate from it. On that day she had eaten the food and cleaned the pot, so no food from it. 

Draupadee was thinking as what to do, that Shree Krishn came to rescue and said, "Krishney, First give me something to eat then I will talk to you." Draupadee sadly said, "I have eaten from the pot so I don't have anything to eat now." Krishn said, "Let me see that pot, I think there is something in that pot." Draupadee said, "I am speaking the truth, I have already cleaned the pot. There is nothing in it." But still Krishn insisted on seeing the pot, so she had to bring that cleaned pot and gave it to Krishn. Krishn found a leaf of greens stuck to the side of the pot. He scratched it and ate it. Then He said, "Let all living beings be satisfied with this food." and said to Draupadee, "Now let us talk." Draupadee said, "Durvaasaa Muni should be coming soon for food and we don't have anything to offer them, and you are saying "let us talk"." Krishn said, "Now he will not come. You don't worry." And really they did not come because as Krishn ate that leaf the whole world ate the food and got satisfied with it. So they felt as if they just had their food. They went back from the river itself.

Durvaasaa Muni and King Ambareesh
Once Naabhaag's son Ambareesh.  was doing an Ekaadashee Vrat. He just finished it and was about to do its Paaraayan by eating something that Durvaasaa Muni came. The King worshipped him and asked to eat food. Muni said that he would take it after he has taken bath and he went away. There was only a little time left to do Paaran of the Vrat and Muni was still not there, so the King drank some water at the advice of learned Braahman. When Durvaasaa Jee came and came to know that Raajaa had taken water he got very angry. He took a flock of his hair and produced a Krityaa to kill Ambareesh. As Krityaa headed toward Ambareesh, Bhagavaan's Chakra which always used to guard Ambareesh, killed Krityaa and rushed toward Durvaasaa Muni. Muni ran away in all directions but nobody could help him and Chakra was continuously following him. So in the end he had to come to Ambareesh for his help. Ambareesh prayed Chakra to spare his life.  It had passed one year by that time and Ambareesh was still standing there waiting for Durvaasaa Muni. He did not eat anything  except water. Durvaasaa Muni came and had his food. Ambareesh also had his food, gave his kingdom to his able sons and went away to forest.


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