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Chandramaa (Moon)

Brahmaa Jee's one of the ten Maanas sons [Atri, Mareechi, Angiraa, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Bhrigu, Vashishth, Daksh, and Naarad] was Atri Rishi. Once Atri and his wife Anasooyaa did a very hard Tapasyaa with the intention of having a son like Shree Hari. Pleased with their Tapasyaa, all the three, Brahmaa Vishnu and Mahaadev appeared in front of them and asked them to ask for any Var. Atri Rishi said - "I was worshipping only one Prabhu, now how come that you all three appeared before me." They said, "Whosoever you were worshipping for, they are only we all three. So now you will have three sons like us." When the time came, Vishnu took Avataar as Dattatreya, Mahaadev took Avataar as Durvaasaa Muni and Brahmaa appeared as Chandramaa from Atri's eyes in Atri's house.

Chandramaa and Brihaspati
Brahmaa Jee appointed Chandramaa as the King of Braahman, medicines and Nakshatra (constellations). He won the three Lok and did Raajsooya Yagya. Because of this he got proud and he kidnapped the wife of Brihaspati Jee - Taaraa. Dev Guru Brahaspati requested him several times to return his wife but Chandramaa was mad about her and so he did not return his wife.

In this situation a kind of war broke out between Devtaa and Daanav. Some were favoring Chandramaa and some were favoring Guru Brihaspati Jee. Shukraachaarya Jee favored Chandramaa because of his enmity to Brahaspati Jee; and Mahaadev Jee favored Brihaspati Jee because of the love of his Guru Angiraa's son (Brihaspati was Angiraa's son). Dev Raaj Indra also favored his Guru Brihaspati Jee with all his Devtaa.

After some time Angiraa Rishi went to Brahmaa Jee to stop this war. At this Brahmaa Jee scolded Chandramaa and handed over Taaraa to Brihaspati Jee. When Brihaspati Jee came to know that Taaraa was pregnant, then he asked Taaraa - "This is not my child, so destroy it. Don't be afraid, I will not burn you by my Shaap, because first you are a woman, second I also want a child. And since you are a Devee, you are faultless." Taaraa got ashamed and she separated her gold like shining baby from her womb. Seeing that child, both Brihaspati Jee and Chandramaa got attracted to it and wanted to take it. Now they started fighting for the child, that "this child is mine", "this child is mine".

Now Rishi and Devtaa acted as their mediator and asked Taaraa whose child it was? But Taaraa wouldn't reply because of being embarrassed. Then the child got angry at the fake embarrassment of his mother and said - "Why don't you speak the truth."  Then Brahmaa Jee called Taaraa in a lonely place and asked her about it, then Taaraa said slowly - "This is Chandramaa's child."  So Chandramaa took that child. Brahmaa Jee named that child Budh because his wisdom was very good. Chandramaa got very happy to get this kind of child.

Chandramaa and MBH
MBH says that Abhimanyu was the son of Som. He did not want to send his son to Prithvi, but he had to send him. He got ready on one condition that he would not leave him there for long time - only for 16 years. So when he was 16 years of age, he was killed in MBH war by seven great warriors.


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