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Naadee Method

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In astrological reference Naadee has three meanings. Here we will discuss the Number 3 meaning of Naadee - Prediction by Naadee System.

(1) Naadee
Naadee is the 150th part of the Ascendant in a birth chart based on the sidereal zodiac. Such a birth chart is called Raashi Chart. It is impossible to cast accurate charts without knowing which Naadee is ruling a person or time. Each Naadee has an aspect of the Devee ruling it and a solar and lunar part, that is why there are 3,600 Naadee in the zodiac.

(2) Naadee
Naadee is a very important factor in match making process for the marriage.

(3) Naadee Jyotish System
See also    Bhrigu Sanhitaa;

What is a Naadee? Once many sages requested God that whoever searches for them, surrenders to them, however cruel or crooks they have been in this life or in their previous lives, should be saved in this life. God accepted their request. So they wrote many problems and their solutions on palm leaves - they are called Naadee. If one has any problem, one must surrender to these Siddh.

Naadee also means which solves the mystery or that which guides. Naadee Jyotish is a different branch of Jyotish than Vaidik Jyotish etc. There are many real practitioners of Naadee Jyotish here. They are mostly found in Tamil Naadu, near Thanjaavur, like Vatheeswaran Koil etc. But beware, there are many frauds also in these area. Talk with locals or connection with local people before spending your money. There usually charge around Rs 300/- to Rs 500/- per Bhaav (out 12 Houses).

It would be better if it says "go to this temple", or "do this Parihaar" etc, and then he or she will be happy. There are several Rishi who have Naadee in their names, such as
--Jeeva Naadee - Sage Agastya has it in his name.
--Gand Naadee

Naadee System is another system of prediction, or better to be named as Reading, as the Naadee reader has nothing to do with prediction using his own brain or feeling your pulse. Naadee word is used for pulse in Tamil and Hindi, but Naadee Jyotish has nothing to do with feeling your pulse but predicting only your future. Its practitioners predict one's future events from some ancient manuscripts, on the basis of the information supplied by the respondent, thus they read only the manuscripts already written. The truth depends on how genuine manuscripts they own. Naadee Jyotish is a different branch of Jyotish than Vaidik Jyotish etc. Naadee is a collective name given to a palm leaf manuscripts dictated by ancient sages, predicting the characteristics, family history, and the careers of innumerable individuals. These Rishi were gifted to know the future of such a large mankind, and so accurately. There are several Naadee Astrology manuscripts - Agastya Naadee, Paraashar Naadee, Agattiyaar Naadee,  Shukra Naadee, Bhrigu Sanhitaa, Soorya Sanhitaa, Raavan Sanhitaa and Arun Sanhitaa etc.

There are many real practitioners of Naadee Jyotish here. Several kinds of Naadee manuscripts are there, for example Vashishth Naadee, Bhrigu Naadee, Dhruv Naadee, Shiv Naadee, Agastya Naadee etc. They are mostly found in Tamil Naadu, near Thanjaavur, like Vatheeswaran Koil etc. But beware, there are many frauds also in these area. Talk with locals or connection with local people before spending your money. There usually charge around Rs 300/- to Rs 500/- per Bhaav (out of 12 Houses).

There are astrologers who possess fragments of these texts which help in astonishingly correct predictions, but such astrologers themselves cannot tell anything if relevant pages of Naadee / Sanhitaa texts are absent in their manuscripts. If the fundamental principles on whose basis these Naadee / Sanhitaa texts were constructed are made public, astrologers will be able to reconstruct those portions of Naaee / Sanhitaa texts which have been lost or were never written. Those astrologers who possess these texts do not publish them, for various reasons. Some astrologers tell that such Granth should never be made public in order to keep them away from the unworthy. But such astrologers have lost the key to unlock the fundamental principles on whose basis Naadee / Sanhitaa texts were constructed and cannot predict more than what is already written in their texts.

These texts normally give predictions in the time-frame of years, eg, such and such event happening in 32nd or 36th year of a native's life. If the underlying principles are explained, astrologers will be able to make predictions of those years which are not given in the text, and will be able to make predictions on monthly or fines bases, and will also be able to use Divisionals with higher resolution and greater scope. In its simplest form, this technique does not need Vinshottaree and other Dashaa, Varshaphal, Transits, etc, but the results are very accurate, which can be further refined with the help of Vinshottaree and other Dashaa, Varshaphal, Transits, etc.

Origin of Naadee System
It seems that in the ancient times, there must have been Gurukul under the supervision of sage Agastya and other Naadee recorders. As many subjects were taught to the disciples, so disciples must have been very expert in those subjects. Guru must have telling them the stories of human development of past, present and future, that is how they must have become adept to those divine predictions. Some disciple must have noted down this information. This work might have gone slowly as the trance would have not lasted for long time. This information was recorded on palm leaves. later on they would have classified them, chemically processed them and prepared them like a ream of paper, trimmed to a standard size, made hole on one side and tying them in neat bundle. Those bundles must have been sent to temples for safe keeping. The same palm leaves (Naadee Pattee) are available even today. Some of this massive materials might have gone lost and damaged too over the course of time. Besides these disciples carried these palm leaves to the places wherever they went.

Later Rishi Soorya approved 9 compilations by different Rishi. Later each of these compilations were also divided into three groups. However over millenniums, only Soorya and Bhrigu compilations survived till today. It is indeed surprising that how could these Rishi forecast such an accurate account of every individual, to be born in future, date and place of birth, names of his parents and family.

Dr R Nagraj Sharma has Saptarishi Naadee with him. He sometimes writes articles about it, but his articles are somewhat complex to understand. He says that it seems that this dialog was started between Paarvatee and Rishi Paraashar. In Mahaa Shiv Vaakya, when Shiv discusses the intricacies of life with Paarvatee and advises her on the omnipotence of knowledge, other Rishi are benefited from that discourse, because at some place as many as 5 Rishi are participating in discussion. We now that Vashishth and Vishwaamitra were at cross, the same thing is reflected here too through their difference of opinion.

Sharma further states that from the style it seems that, Parvatee must have called a meeting of several Rishi who wanted to meet Shiv. She must have chaired the meeting. As all people enjoy and suffer because of their previous Karm, they might have thought to lessen the effect of evil deeds and encourage intellectual pursuits. This seems the main objective of he Naadee forecasts. Who have compiled these palm leaves did not have to have any divine vision. The charts were cast based on the positions of stars and planets and the forecast must have been made. The Saptarishhi Naadee leaves with Sharma do not have the names and other details about the individual are available.

Similar type of hazy predictions are made through Bhrigu Sanhitaa available in Hindi and Maraathee languages in North. They are available at many places and all claim to be authentic. In those volumes, first few pages contain a number of charts of different persons born in different years. All charts are numbered. One has to identify the matching chart with his own, and read its prediction in some place against the same number. neither birth details are given there, nor any information about his relatives is given. A standardized text is given and after reading it, it becomes clear that very incidents match one's present or past life.

Some Naadee Readers
--Mohan Sharma.  New Bungalow St.  Chennai. (very difficult to locate) reads Agastiyaar Naadee.  His advertisement can be found in Hindu newspaper every Sunday
--Sugar Naadee Center.  Tyagraj Nagar.  Reads Shukra Naadee
--Ramani Guru Ji.  He used Kaak Bhujandar Naadee. Cast 9 dice to answer the question of the person. He did not read from the leaves
--Yogee Ramsurat Kumar Aashram.  6 Kms from Taambaram Railway Station.  Opposite Bharat Engineering College, in Selayur area.

Temples of Nava Graha
These are temples of Nava Graha where Poojaa is needed for some people. Here are done Shani Parihaar and many problems are solved with this even.

Sun  ------------  Sooryanar Koil  ------------  Near Kumbaakonam, 1 km from Aaduthurai
Moon -----------  Tingaloor  -----------------   Near Tiruvayyar City
Mars  ----------   Vaidheeshwaran Koil ------   On the Bus Route fro Mailaduturai to Sirakandi
Mercury  ------   Tiruvenkadu  -------------    16 Kms from Sirakandi to Pum Puhar
Jupiter  -------    Alangudi -----------------    15 Kms from Kumbakonam to Needmangalam
Venus  ---------    Kanjanoor  ---------------    Near Aaduturai
Saturn  --------   Tirunallar  ----------------   On the way to Perumal, Near Karaikal
Raahu  ---------    Thirunageshwaram  -------   7 Kms from Koil Kumbakonam
Ketu  ----------    perumal / kalahastee ------   Near Tiruvenkadu  /  Near Tirupati




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