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About Rains

Sapt Naadee Chakra-Division of Nakshatra According to Naadee
28 Nakshatra (including Abhijeet) are grouped into 7 Naadee (Naadee is 7 types of star which is called Naadee of the star) in following manner :

Start from the furthest planet Saturn,
Saturn is the  Lord of the 2nd and 3rd Nakshatra, Bharanee and Krittikaa;
Jupiter is the Lord of the 4th Nakshatra,
Mars is the Lord of the 5th Nakshatra, and
Sun-Venus-Mercury-Moon following likewise.

Thus at two ends are Saturn and Moon which are the Lords of two consecutive Nakshatra : Saturn the Lord of the 2nd and 3rd Nakshatra, and the 16th and 17th Nakshatra, while Moon will be the Lord of the 9th and 10th Nakshatra and the 23rd and 24th Nakshatra. These seven planets are associated with seven attributes in following manner :

7 Naadee
Saturn - Chandaa Naadee
Jupiter - Vaayu Naadee
Mars - Dahanaa Naadee
Sun - Saumya Naadee
Venus - Neer Naadee
Mercury - Jal Naadee
Moon - Amrit Naadee

Narapatijayacharyaa ascribes Sun to Vaayu and Jupiter to Saumya, but a comparison of sequence of planetary distance with Naadee shows that the above list is correct. Vinay Jha Ji used Sapt Naadee Chakra in his rain forecasts, but Sapt Naadee Chakra is only a small tool in his method which is mainly based on Bhaav-Chaalit charts made at junctures of solar transits into Nakshatra and half-degrees of the Sun at the meridians of either Meru (Prithvi / Padm chakra) or Vidishaa (Desh Chakra). These Chakra are originally from ancient Yaamal Tantra texts.

1. To know the Nakshatra of your own village take its first letter.
2. Now to guess about the rains in your village, take the Panchaang and find out its Star by its ABKDH Chakra.
3. To find out about the rains, take the Naadee of the Star, and the Lord of that Naadee - it is compulsory to know.
Naadee are of 7 types.

   7 Naadee       7 Lord                                   7 Phal 
1   Chandaa      Shani 2 or 3 Graha             -  Prachand Havaa Chale
2  Sameer       Soorya 2 or 3 Graha           - Prachand Vaayu Chale
3  Dahan         Mangal 2 or 3 Graha           - Prachand Garamee Karate hai
4  Saumya       Guru                                  - Sabhee mein Samataa hotee hai
5  Neer          Shukra                                - Meghon kaa Sanchaya Karate hain
6  Jal             Budh                                   - Megh Varshaa Karate hain 
7 Amrit          Chandramaa 2 or 3 Graha     - Ati Vrishti Karate hain 
                       and with Chandra

1. Now check the Naadee of your village and if Shubh Chandramaa is there,
and the Lord of the Naadee is with the same Naadee , then there is rain in that Nakshatra.
And if there is any Kroor Graha in that Naadee or aspects it, then either the rain is less or  even may not be there
Keep in mind one more thing - that whatever is the Avasthaa of the Lord Graha of that Naadee, the rain will be of same kind
---Sholaapur city Nakshtra is P-Bhaadrapad, its Naadee is Neer, Neer Naadee's Lord is Shukra
Whenever Shubh Chandramaa will come in P-Bhaadrapad Nakshatra, and that Naadee's Lord Shukra is also in the same Naadee
OR  aspects Chandramaa, then for as many Charan Shukra will be there, rain will be only for that period.

But if there is not any Ashubh Graha or Ashubh Graha's aspect, but the Lord of that Naadee, means Shukra, is Vakree or ASR then the rain may be less or even may not be there.
By the same method one can know about the rains after knowing the Nakshatra of one's own village.
Mangal is in whichever Naadee, it gives the Phal according the same Naadee.

28 Nakshatra Naadee Chakra

     Nakshatra      Naadee       Lord
1     Ashwinee         Sameer     Guru
2    Bharanee         Chandaa     Shani
3     Krittikaa        Chandaa     Shani
4    Rohinee          Sameer       Guru / Sun
5    Migshiraa       Dahan         Mangal
6   Ardraa            Saumya       Sun
7   Punarvasu        Neer          Shukra
8    Pushya            Jal              Budh
9    Aashleshaa      Amrit         Moon
10    Maghaa           Amrit          Moon
11    P-Phaalgunee    Jal              Budh
12   U-Phaalgunee   Neer          Shukra
13    Hast              Saumya        Sun
14   Chitraa          Dahan          Mangal
15    Swaati           Sameer        Guru
16    Vishaakhaa     Chandaa       Shani
17    Anuraadhaa    Chandaa       Shani
18     Jyeshthaa      Sameer       Guru
19    Mool              Dahan         Mangal
20    P-Ashaadhaa   Saumya       Sun
21   U-Ashaadhaa   Neer          Shukra
22   Abhijeet          Jal             Budh
23   Shravan          Amrit          Moon
24   Dhanishthaa    Amrit         Moon
25  Shatabhishaa   Jal            Budh
26  P-Bhaadrapad  Neer        Shukra
27  U-Bhaadrapad Saumya     Soorya
28  Revatee           Dahan       Mangal

There are many Yog of Varshaa. So to know about them, one has to know about every month.

1. If 2 male planets join, there will be no rain, there will be only smoke.
2. If two female planets join there will be only Chhaayaa - mirror aspects
3. But if there is one male planet and one female planet join together and the Moon is in the same Naadee and aspecting at them there will be rain but we must look at the position and condition of the planets and the Moon

1 Chandaa        Saturn    If 2/3 Brutal planets are on this Naadee there will be more wind
2 Sameer         Sun        If 2/3 Brutal planets stay on this Naadee there will be too much windy
3 Dahan           Mangal   If 2/3 Brutal planets stay in this Naadee it will be very hot 
4 Saumya         Jupiter  If this Naadee will is there it will create a balance
5 Neer            Venus      If good planets stay in this Naadee they will gather clouds
6 Jal               Budh       This Naadee will create rain
7 Amrit           Moon       This Naadee will create plenty of good rain

First 3 Naadee are called Southern and ruthless Naadee
4 Naadee falling in the center are called Sam Naadee, and
Last 3 Naadee are called Northern and good Naadee.

1. In Rainy season, if good Moon stays in the last 3 Naadee and the Lord of Naadede looks or is on the same Naadee, and brutal planets do not aspect them there will be good rain. We must look at the position of the Lord of that Naadee who aspects the Moon and the condition of the Lord of the Naadee.

Kalash: An Easy Way of Guessing the Rainfall
First of all clean the roon in which you are going to make the guess
Take 4 Kalash, clean them, fill them with clean water up to the full. When the Sun enters the Rohinee star, at the same time, you put the first Kalash in the North of the Room, then East, then West and then South respectively. Leave them there until the Sun has passed  through the star Rohinee, then count the water in the Kalash from North side
    Kalash           Side        Month
1.  1st               North      Shraavan
2. 2nd              East         Bhaadrapad
3. 3rd              South       Aashwin
4. 4th             West        Kaarttik

1. If you find the Kalash full of water then at that side and that month there will be plenty of rain the whole month
2. If there will be half water in the Kalash then there will be raining only for half  month. 
3. Whatever water remains in the Kalash,  guess the rain after the amount of water divided by days in that month
4. If the Kalash is dry then there will be no rain in that month.

Do you think it is practical now a days? Most people might be living in apartments. One might be in the ground floor while another might be in 12th floor. Yet another might be on the East side and another in the North side. Heat in the rooms will naturally be different in these homes (on the same place and building) and so the evaporation rate. All these people will get different reading and shall predict differently? Perhaps the house should be individual, without much of large buildings in the vicinity to obstruct / divert wind, sunlight etc. This method might work there only.

Another Method to Guess the Rain
If in rainy season, brutal planets and auspicious planets join together Moon goes from that Star or that Naadee, there will be rain
But we should always check the position and condition of the Planets and the Moon. If they are beneficiary there will be plenty of rain.

Sun Stars and Moon Stars
Among 27 Stars some stars are called Sun Stars while other Stars are Moon Stars.
When the Sun transits from one Star to another Star, and Sun in Sun's Star and Moon is also in Sun's Star there will be very windy.
If the Sun and the Moon are in Moon's Star there will be no rain, but if while transitiing the Sun, the Sun is Moon's Star and tghe Moon's Star there will be heavy rainfall.

Male Stars and Female Stars
There are some male Stars and some female Stars and also some Neuter gender Stars
While transit of the Sun from one Star to another Star
--If the Sun enters in a Male Star and if the Moon is also in Male Star, there will be hot
--If the Sun enters in a Male Star RS in a Female Star and the Moon is also in a Female Star there will be heavy wind
--If the Sun enters in a Male Stars RS in a Neuter gender Star, and if Moon is also in a Neuter gender Star there will be very very hot
--If the Sun enters the Male Star, RS in Female Star, and Moon is also in a Male Star, there will be heavy rain

 STAR                                 SUN OR MOON          Male/female/Neuter
Krittikaa                                              Moon              Male
Rohinee                                                 Sun                Male
Mrigshiraa                                              Sun                   Male
Aardraa                                                Moon                Female
Punarvasu                                             Moon                Female
Pushya                                                  Moon                  Female
Aashleshaa                                            Moon                 Female
Maghaa                                                 Moon                Female
P-Phaalgunee                                          Sun                Female
U-Phaalgunee                                         Moon             Female
Hast                                                       Sun                  Female
Chitraa                                                   Sun                Female
Swaati                                                   Sun                  Female
Vishaakhaa                                            Sun                  Neuter
Anuraadhaa                                           Sun                    Neuter
Jyeshthaa                                             Sun                   Neuter
Mool                                                      Sun                  Male
P-Aashaadhaa                                        Moon                 Male
U-Aashaadhaa                                       Moon                Male
Shravan                                                Moon               Male
Dhanishthaa                                           Moon              Male
Shatbhishaa                                             Sun                Male
P-Bhadraa                                               Sun                 Male
U-Bhadraa                                             Moon            Male
Revatee                                                 Moon             Male
Ashwinee                                                Moon             Male
Bharanee                                               Moon             Male

Look at Venus - he is retrograde, so here there will be no rain and if the Sun is between Mercury and Venus and if Venus, is invisible or visible in 1st Mandal [4 Star from Bharanee], there will be medium rain and also if Mars and Saturn are together or in one Raashi there will be no rain.

Sun Enters Aardraa Star, Many Concepts to Guess Rain

Tithi                    Phal
1. Pratipadaa     Auspicious
2. Dwiteeyaa      Increased wealth
3. Triteeyaa      Cereal Disease
4. Chaturthee     Not good
5. Panchamee      Better
6. Shashthee      Increase wealth
7. Saptamee       Prosperity
8. Ashtamee       Short rain
9. Navamee         Cereal disease
10. Dashamee       Auspicious
11. Ekaadashee     Auspicious
12. Dwaadashee    Increases wealth
13. Trayodashee   Heavy rain
14. Chaturdashee  Wealth destruction
15. Poornimaa       Radical
16. Amaavasyaa    Destroy of state

Vaar                                     Phal
1. Sunday  (Ravi Vaar)        Destruction of animals
2. Monday  (Som Vaar)       Prosperity
3. Tuesday  (Mangal Vaar)  Death
4. Wednesday  (Budh Vaar)  Prosperity
5. Thursday  (Guru Vaar)     Wealth accomplishments
6. Friday  (Shukra Vaar)     Imperturbability
7. Saturday (Shini Vaar)    Dim result

Nakshatra           Phal
1. Ashwinee        Prosperity
2. Bharanee        Not good
3. Krittikaa        Destruction of rain
4. Rohinee          Auspicious
5. Mrigshiraa      Auspicious
6. Aardraa          Very danger
7. Punarvasu        Auspicious
8. Pushya             Heavy rainfall
9. Aashleshaa       Chronic pain
10. Maghaa           Low rain
11. P-Phaalgunee     Fame
12. U-Phaalgunee   Auspicious
13. Hast               Auspicious
14. Chitraa            Prosperity
15. Swaati             increased grains
16. Vishaakhaa        Sanative
17. Anuraadhaa      Animals happy
18. Jyeshthaa         All fear
19. Mool                 Dread
20. P-Aashaadhaa    War
21. U-Aaashaadhaa  Auspicious
22. Sharv               Prosperity
23. Dhanishthaa      Very Auspicious
24. Shatbhishaa       Plant of water
25. P-Bhaadrapad     Auspicious
26. U-Bhaadrapad    Prosperity
27. Revatee             Auspicious

Yog                   Phal
1. Vishkumbh    Auspicious
2. Preeti         Auspicious
3. Aaushmaan  Auspicious
4. Saubhaagya Auspicious
5. Shobhanaa   Auspicious
6. Atigand       As per name
7. Sukarmaa    Auspicious
8. Dhriti        Auspicious
9. Shool         As per name
10. Gand         As per name
11. Vriddhi      Auspicious
12. Dhruv        As per name
13. Vayghat      Auspicious
14. Harshan      Auspicious
15. Vajra         As per name
16. Siddhi         Auspicious
17. Vaytisha      As per name
18. Vareeyaan   As per name
19. Prigh          As per name
20. Shiv          Auspicious
21. Siddh         Auspicious
22. Vyatipaat   Auspicious
23. Shubh       As per name
24. Shukla       Auspicious
25. Brahm       As per name
26. Indra        Auspicious
27. Vaidhritti  As per name

Time Results of Sun in Libra
1 Sunrise   Sorrow
2 Mid-day  Little good
3 Sunset     Bumper crop
4 Mid-pnight Very auspicious
Moon Star result when the Sun enters in Aardraa

1. If Moon in Kendra or Trikon, and if she is in Jal Raashi, and auspicious planets are with her or are aspecting in full, the world will have bumper crop, heavy rainfall and healthy people.

Divagna Vinod has contributed for detailed study on the patterns of rainfall in his "Varsha Probhodh" .In that he has mentioned Nandan named Samvatsar to give good rainfall during Shraavan and Bhaadrapad months of the year. The least rains was attributed to Pramod named Samvatsar of the 60 names given to years. There seems to be solar ingress also known as Sankraman (Sun entering the Sign) influencing rainfall in a year. If watery signs like Cancer, Capricorn and Meen becomes the Ascendant, there will be good rainfall. Something like Varshaa Sanhitaa has an exhaustive understanding made by our sage. Some of Panchaang, mainly from Banaaras and some of Sanskrit Vidyaa Peeth (Delhi) provide information to understand rain fall.

The four Mandal constituting 28 Nakshtra in a cyclic pattern are : Agni Mandal, Vaayu Mandal, Varun Mandal and Mahendra Mandal. If Moon happens to be in Mahendra Mandal at the time of Sankraman there will be sumptuous rainfall.



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