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5-Jupiter (Brihaspati or Guru)-2

Results of Jupiter
Jaatak Paarijaat Ch 11 and Laghu Jaatak (of Varaah Mihir) clearly says that a Houses if associated or aspected by Jupiter, Mercury and its own Lord, and not associated or aspected by any other planet, gives full benefic effects. Jaatak classics say if Jupiter is in favorable transit, there will be dawn of fortune and growth of property. BPHS indicates the effects of Jupiter / Jupiter Dashaa as written below. In such a situation the result of Jupiter is given on account of placement and strength as this result is not based on a particular ascending sign :

Jupiter in the 5th House gives mostly daughters eg
Jupiter in watery signs gives mostly daughters,
Jupiter in fiery signs, male births and
Jupiter gives very bad results for Capricorn Ascendant.
Jupiter retrograde is strong as he is close to the Sun.
Jupiter in Lagna  is certainly a blessings to enjoy the best.

Jupiter for Libra Lagna
Bhavarth Ratnakar is a short treatise but very meaningful - by Ramanuja. This treatise says that Jupiter for Libra Lagna gives material benefits, as Lord of two Upachaya Houses cannot take away Jupiter's inherent benefic properties. 'Jeev haani karo' is not the dictum but a caution to be careful in judging the effects of Jupiter when placed in a Bhaav.

Dashaa of Jupiter/Jupiter
If Jupiter be in his own sign, or in his sign of exaltation, or in Kendra or Trikon House from the Ascendant, effects like sovereignty over many kings, very well endowed with riches, revered by the king, gains of cattle, clothes, ornaments, conveyances, construction of a new house, and a decent mansion, opulence and glory, dawn of fortune, success in ventures, meetings with Braahman and the king, extraordinary profits from the employer and happiness to wife and children, will be experienced in the Antar-Dashaa of Jupiter in his own Dashaa.

If Jupiter be in his sign of debilitation, in his debilitated Navaansh, or in the 6th, the 8th or the 12th from the Ascendant, association with the menials, great distress, slander by co-partners, wrath of the employer danger of premature death, separation from wife and children and loss of wealth and grains, will be the results,

If Jupiter be the Lord of the 7th, there will be pains in the body. In such a situation Jupiter will suffer Kendraadhipatya Dosh, and will be Maarak and Baadhak.

The remedial measure to obtain relief from the above evil effects and to get fulfillment of ambitions, is recitation of Rudra Jap and Shiv Sahastra Naam. As such, the saying that "Jupiter destroys the house in which it is placed" cannot be applied universally. There is another saying that "House Kaarak if placed in such House do harm" - this is the saying which should be applied with caution. If Jupiter is placed in 2H, 5H, 9H, 10H and 11H, it will only harm if it is in bad Avasthaa.

There is another saying that 3rd House is Maran Kaarak place for Jupiter. When Jupiter is placed in the 3rd House he will aspect the 7th, 9th and 11th Houses by his full aspect, and these houses will benefit of aspects. But if Jupiter is in debility or malefic association,  may result in lot of problem.

Similarly, there is a saying that 'Kaarak Bhaav Naashau' - this dictum should not be applied literarily. The word 'Naashau' is a Sanskrit word which means that the positive effects may come, but the native may not fully benefit them. Jupiter is the Kaarak of 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th Houses, and if you study classics, there are a lot of good effects when placed in these houses - if Jupiter is placed in the 5th House, the eldest son should be the most wise person among his children.

There is another saying: "Jeev Kshetre Yadaa Shani, Shani Kshetre yadaa Jeev".
"Sthaan Haani karo jeev, Sthaan Vriddhi karo Shani." - This is a most tricky dictum. It is mostly applicable as Jupiter get afflicted on account of Saturn and Saturn benefits on account of Jupiter. But according to Ascendant there are four alternatives. And each alternative has to accessed on merits. These are the some combinations:
(1) Aries and Gemini Lagna - Paraashar says that mere association of Jupiter and Saturn does not generate Raaj Yog.
--Laghu Paraasharee says that if angular and trine Lords are in association, and one of those planets owns 8th or 11th House, Raaj Yog does not sustain.
--In case of Aries, Saturn is the 11th House Lord as well as Baadhak. BPHS also says if Jupiter is in inauspicious association, he will surely give adverse results. In this case, Jupiter is the Lord of the 9th house. As such, the evil influence on Jupiter will certainly weaken the 9th House and thus give bad results. In Aries Ascendant, Saturn is functional Malefic and as such his association with Jupiter will spoil it.

BPHS says that mere association will not give Yog results. Let us examine what are the other factor which can help to sustain Yog. The following may be some factors:
(1) If Lords of 9th and 10th Houses be in conjunction with the Lord of the 5th House, this means that the Sun be in conjunction with Jupiter.
(2) If either Saturn or Jupiter are in conjunction with Moon being the 4H Lord, the Jupiter should be in 10H and Moon with Saturn in 9H.
In such a situation, the Moon and Saturn, being the Lord of angular houses will be conjunct in trine and this combination will also generate Neech Bhang Raaj Yog for Jupiter.
(3) Jupiter should be in strong in Shad Bal, Vinshopak Bal, Ashtak Varg Bal and Vargottam etc. All this will prop up Jupiter, and help him to give Yog results. It may be mentioned that if Jupiter and Saturn are not associated in the nativity, they will not yield auspicious results in
their mutual Dashaaa and Antar-Dashaa. As per dictum, the mutual Dashaa of angular and trine when not associated do not yield to good results. In this manner we may argue in the case of other Ascendants also.

With regard to the natal position of Jupiter, Jupiter is a Benefic planet and represents wisdom and Vidyaa (spiritual knowledge). Jupiter is Jeevaatmaa (combination Aatmaa (Sun) + Manah (Moon). BPHS in Kaal Chakra Dashaa designates Jupiter and the son of Jupiter (Mercury) as a Jeev. Deh (body) Planets are Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn. When Deh Planets are in exaltation and aspected by friendly planets, they produce Raaj Yog (refer to Laghu Jaatak of Varaah Mihir). Jupiter being Jeevaatmaa does not have much affinity with material world. This is the reason, native feels that he is a looser. If we understand the basic nature of the Planet, Jupiter does his assigned job.

Venus even give material prosperity when placed in 3rd, 6th or 11th House. Jupiter takes care of real self about which we seldom bother. This is the reason that real auspicious planets are the Sun (Aatmaa), Jupiter (Jeevaatmaa) and Ketu (significator of salvation). When Jupiter is under the influence of Ketu, Jupiter disintegrates and discovers own true nature. Even combination of Venus or Saturn with Ketu helps the Native to lead an honest life. This is the reason, that when Ketu is placed in 7H, and if Native tries to cheat its life or business partner, Ketu destroys the native. This is the meaning that 'Jeev Karo Sthaan Haani'.
Jupiter in the 6th House
Jupiter is a pretty good planet, but depends on his placement. You cannot interpret Jupiter in Sagittarius in Bhaav 6 if you do not know
(a) what is Jupiter and his meaning,
(b) what is Sagittarius and
(c) what is Bhaav 6

6th House is only related to enemies, when the 6th House is occupied by a Malefic planet or when a planet is Benefic in the 6th House. Treat 6 House as Lagna of enemy and then see in applying Vaidik astrology principles to know more about it and imagine what will happen when your enemy is having Benefics in Lagna or Malefics in Lagna.

Jupiter in the 6th house shows the sufferings to be due to the Praarabdh Karm (being 10th House from the 9th House). Was the Jupiter in the 6th House of Krishn? His Praarabdh Karm of killing Baali from hiding caught up and the Vyaadh shot him at the sole of His feet and He passed away. Ved Vyaas says that if Krishn wanted He could have prevented that from happening but He willingly let that happen. Probably He wanted to show that nobody, and not even God Himself can escape from the laws framed by Him.

--Jupiter is the best natural benefic and the worst functional malefic.
--Leo (Sinh) is Jupiter's friendly Sign.
--In general, only the Bhaav(s) where Jupiter is Lord, suffers because Jupiter destroys the Raashi which is in even Dusthaan.

Jupiter in the 6th house for a Libra Ascendant which makes Jupiter be in its own House in the 6th. currently running Raahu Dashaa and transition into the Jupiter Mahaa-dashaa next year. How does the Jupiter Mahaa-dashaa bode for me, especially my career.

Jupiter even in Dusthaan is also good. In 6th House it reduces the power of enemies. It is difficult to say if there is any Poorv Karm effects but some most popular chart in India, Amitabh Bachchan, have Jupiter in 6th House. Does he have any rivals in reality or any one is angry with him who wants his blood? Guru in 6th House takes away enmity from the Native, so normally its good Dashaa. If Guru is the Lord of 6th house and is exalted, (in Lagna for Cancer and in 10H for Libra) then even the mighty elephants of the enemy shall flee the battlefield
crying for their lives. Just one Guru in Kendra ...say "Om Namah Shivaaya" and forget all your woes.

--Jupiter in Lagna (seat of fame), the native gets reputation and fame.
--Jupiter in the 2nd House - an innate problem prevails between the couple. (Kaarak Bhaav Naash). May not be visible to outsiders. Native gets wealth and position; If more Malefics aspect, like Mars Saturn etc, then he becomes even richer.
--Jupiter in the 5th house - in most cases, the first child is female, not male. Hindu Dharm prefers male child first, to perform the father's last rites, cremation). Technically Jupiter in the 5th House gives Kaarako Bhaav Naash too.
--.Even if Jupiter is retrograde in 5th and 9th always give good results after some initial frustrations.
--Jupiter in the 7th House - Natural flavor of the 7th house is Venusian. Venus like ... Venus Asur Guru .... Here Dev Guru Jupiter feels uncomfortable ..
--Jupiter in any house is a blessing for that Bhaav Now come to Dusthaan ownership of Jupiter. If Jupiter is the Lord of the 6th House and is exalted, (in Lagna for Cancer and 10H for Libra) then even the mighty elephants of the enemy shall flee the battlefield crying for their lives, for example Raam - Dictum Chandra Kaal Naadee.

How Jupiter can be Treated as Benefic if it Happens to be 6H Lord?
1. BPHS-Ch 49 - Results of Dashaa - Shlok 2 and 3 means:
"Dashaa emanates two types of results, one of the general nature based on the Swabhaav of the planes (Planet's Swabhaav is decided by the Lordship of houses as per rules given in chapter 34 -Yog Kaarak of BPHS and Laghu Paraasari) and the second one of special category based on the placement of planets (many rules for this are given in BPHS, Phaldeepika chapter 6, Jaatak Paarijaat chapter 11, Madhya Paraasari etc) .The results of the planet will also depend on the strength of the planets.

Now come to the Lordship of Jupiter of 6H, which is possible in two cases:
1. For Cancer Lagna :
Jupiter is prime Benefic.
Lord of Trisadaya are Paapee, which means they generate lot of desire, anger, ego and greed , otherwise they are good for material prosperity being Lord of Upachaya houses also.
For Cancer Lagna, Jupiter is the Lord of the 6H as well as the 9H. The Lord of the 9H becomes powerful benefic that too when Jupiter is the Lord.
In Shlok 7 of ch 34 of BPHS , Paraashar teaches us: When a planet is the Lord of two Houses, its ownership of more predominant House will stall the effects due to another owning comparatively less prominent House and will give its results accordingly.
Jupiter is also friendly to Lagna Lord Moon.
Thus BPHS has termed Jupiter as benefic for Cancer Lagna. This does not mean that the effects of 6H Lordship will extinguish. It will and generate Astra or Harsh Yog as per Phal Deepikaa Ch 6.

2. For Libra Lagna
Jupiter becomes the Lord of 3rd and 6th Houses A prime benefic, when becomes the Lord of two Upachaya places gives lot of material benefits. Bhaavaarth Ratnaakar says that Jupiter gives Yog results for Libra Lagna.
Jupiter in the 5th House gives mostly daughters eg
Jupiter in watery signs gives mostly daughters,
Jupiter in fiery signs, male births and
Jupiter gives very bad results for Capricorn Ascendant.

Jupiter and Mars are very good friends but
Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn where Mars is exalted.
Mars is debilitated in Cancer where Jupiter is exalted.

Jupiter is enemy of Venus but Venus is exalted in the sign of Jupiter - Pisces.
If Jupiter is in exaltation in 11th one may have hearing problem with the left ear or has no elder brother.
Jupiter works very well in 3rd House, if we talk about materialistic gains.

Is the 2nd House Jupiter's? If it is, and if he is there, does a man turn into a pauper? CHECK THIS?
While Bad Shani placed in 2nd House makes a man rich?
So does Jupiter destroy the house in which he is in, and Shani improves the house he is in?
When Brihaspati has the first transit through the Janm Raashi (Ascendant) and thereafter at the end of every 12 years, one may get some serious jolt and it may even result in exile and even separation from wife and family. Now let us take the case of Raam, who was was born with Brihaspati in the Kark Raashi. In His 13th year He had to go on Vanavaas and in his 25th year Raavan kidnapped his wife. IS IT SO?

If Brihaspati is in a House in Kendra, no planet can harm the Jaatak.



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