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6-Venus (Shukra)
[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]
Jupiter is Known as "Dev Guru" or "Brihaspati". He is considered to be the Teacher of Devtaa. Another Guru is of Asur - known as "Shukra", well known as "Shukraachaaraya". This is based on Hindu mythology. Ved, Shaastra, Puraan also say that Vishnu created the solar system including Nava Graha - Soorya, Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani and two Chhaayaa Graha- Raahu and Ketu. Hence, note that to get good teacher in life placement and position of "Guru" and "Shukra" should be strong.

Venus is a natural benefic Planet.
It is not true that Venus + Raahu will make one a flirt. On the contrary they keep one's libido in check.

Venus makes men attracted towards opposite sex, and enjoy their company but if he is aspcted by 3rd or 5th or 11th Lord, it may be at constraint by Jupiter's association.

From KVS :
Venus in Taurus -
material wealth and prosperity, acquiring accumulating luxury and comforts, possessive; sensuality, sexuality; beauty, harmony, music; cars, vehicles, conveyances; young women

Venus in Cancer -
at the time of one's birth, he will be wise, virtuous, learned, strong, soft, chief among men, will have desired happiness and wealth, be good-looking, just, very much troubled on account of women and wine and will be miserable with family troubles. If Venus is aspected by Jupiter, one will be endowed with many servants, sons, happiness, relatives and friends and be dear to king.

Venus in Libra -
relationships generally, contacts in society, marriage; communication of feelings, seeking for balance, harmony and justice; activities related to wish fulfillment in outer world and society, charisma; strong sense for forms, poetry, soft-spoken; liking for taste, refinement and grace, devotional to their beloved; 'cruel or insensitive to those outside of their circle of association' (DF); holy deeds, celebrations.

Venus in Pisces -
will not give a happy marital life and the native's physical compatibility with spouse will always be on negative side.

Venus in Conjunction With
(Aquarius) limitations, restrictions, separation; sorrows, problems, obstacles, inner and outer enemies; high social engagement, serving other people and the society; longevity; self-negation, self-sacrifice, selflessness (opposite Raashi of Leo) (Capricorn) energetic materialistic drive, very actively engaged in projects; desire to achieve greed accomplishments, putting concepts into manifestation; strive for power, status, authority, very ambitious; great organizational skills, liking for order and formalities; hard working, great perseverance, disciplined

Venus and Saturn in Lagna - (1st Bhaav)
All Themes; Self, Core Personality, Character, Power of Self/Personality; Body, Health, Physical Constitution, Strength, Vitality; beginnings (e.g. of own life) (Brighu Sutras) Physical stature, color, form and shape, constitution, health, vitality and vigor, natural dispositions and tendencies, personality and struggle for life, honor, dignity, prosperity, general well being, head, upper part of the face, virtues, longevity, start in life and an idea about the general structure of life.

If Venus and Saturn be together, the native will be short sighted. Such a person earns wealth and becomes prosperous through a young woman. He will be well versed in painting and writing.

If Venus is in the 1st House (ascendant) the native will be proficient in mathematics and long-lived. He will be loved by his wife, fond of ornaments, good dresses and beauty. He will be liked by women, will be wealthy and learned. If Venus is in conjunction with a benefic, the native will have a lustrous body shining like gold and will own many ornaments.
If Venus is associated with or aspected by a Malefic or is in his sign of debilitation (Virgo), the native will be a thief and a cheat and will suffer from rheumatic and phlegmatic diseases.
If the lord of the 1st House is associated with Raahu, the native will suffer from hydrocele.
If Venus is in the Asc and the 4th House is occupied by a benefic, the native will own elephants (conveyances) and enjoy high prosperity.
If Venus is in his own sign (Taurus or Libra) the native will enjoy Mahaaraajaa Yog (great name, fame and wealth).
If Venus is lord of the 8th, 6th or 12th House or is weak, the native will have two wives, his fortune will be fluctuating and he will be hard heart.

(Bhrigu Sutras)

If Venus and Saturn join together in the Ascendant, one will be seeking union with all women (i.e. he will enjoy many women), will possess a splendorous body, be endowed with happiness, pleasures and wealth, will have many servants and be highly bereaved.
(Kalyana Varmas Saravali)

Should Venus and Saturn be in Lagna, Putra, Dharma, Bandhu, or Karm Bhaav, the native will be commanded by his wife, be a chief in royal service and wealthy.
(Horasara of Phrituyasas)

The ancient masters have interpreted this conjunction in a good way. Venus and Saturn are planetary friends!

Venus in 1st House
If Venus is present in the 1st House or Lagna -
--the native would be interested in make-up, cosmetics, new and wonderful cloths, ornaments, women etc. Will be interested in mathematics (accountancy?).
--Will have long life and will have many good qualities like good education and wealth.
--The native would be fair in color; or may even have golden color like the wheat.
--If Venus is in lagna and a benefic in 4th House, the native will have a four wheeler, even heavy vehicles.
--If Venus in Lagna and is aspected by malefic planets or is combust he would lie, could be a thief, and will cheat others. He may have diseases caused by the imbalance of Vaat and Kapha.

Venus in 7th House
Venus in 7th House
जायस्थो भार्गवः कुर्याद् बहुरत्नसुताबलानरं स‌दा सुशीलञ्च सुन्दरं कुलभूषणं।। (Garga Hora, Rf.HR)
[Venus in the 7th House makes the wife endowed with gems and sons. It makes the man cultured, handsome and an ornament of the family.]
सप्तमे भृगु संजाते विदेशे गमनं भवेत्।भार्यातिसुन्दरं शीलं विपाके सुतगर्भिणी।। (Bhargavi Samhita)
[If Venus is in the 7th House, the native travels to foreign lands. His wife is very beautiful and cultured. She bears a male child during the Dashaa of Venus.]
अतिकामुकः मुखचुंबकः। अर्त्थवान् परदाररतः वाहनवान् स‌कलकार्यनिपुणः|
स्त्रीद्वेषी स‌त्प्रधान जनबन्धु कलत्रः। पापयुते शत्रुक्षेत्रे अरिनीचगे कलत्रनाशः।
विवाहद्वयं। बहुपापयुते अनेककलत्रान्तरप्राप्तिः। पुत्रहीनः।
शुभयुते उच्चस्वक्षेत्रे तुले कलत्रदेशे बहुवित्तवान्।
कलत्रमूलेन बहुप्रागत्भ्ययोगः स्त्रीगोष्ठिः।।
(Bhrigu Sutra, Rf. BSu)
[If Venus is in 7th House the native would be very lustful, kisses faces (of women a lot; i.e. would be interested in sex and foreplay much), would be wealthy, interested in wives of others (i.e. interested in extra marital relations), possesses vehicles, skilled in all activities, do not value women (and therefore deceives them), will become leader of good people (and would be good at heart), will have wife and lots of relatives. If Venus in 7th house is conjunct with Malefics, or inimical sign or in debilitation (Virgo) then his wife would be destroyed (she may die early or the marriage may break) and he might have two marriages. If Venus in 7th House is conjunct with many Malefics (this result should be emphasized and he) may have many wives but (still would be) deprived of children (sons). If Venus in 7th House is conjunct with Benefics, exalted (Pisces) or in own sign (Libra) then he will have a lot of wealth in the native place of his wife (wife’s property), he acquire a lot of wealth (and reputation) due to his wife and would be surrounded (reputed) by women]
An old Tamil classic says:  Shukra in the 7th House :The native may have Dusht Gun -, lethargic, lazy; cannot keep secrets; Prabalya (known to many); lustful; during Shukra MD and Shani AD  subjected to Vipachaar Dosh.
Remember, malefic Shukra
affects the fertility if he is in 5th, and 5th to 10th, means in 10th House;
affects the siblings if he is in 3rd House and 3rd to 3rd House (means in 6th House),
other places related to wealth like 4th related to mother' property...and so on.....
Basically Shukra is devotee of Lakshmee... so during Venus period... surrender to Lakshmee the way you like, listen to your heart ....nothing special ...Lakshmee needs cleanliness. ...wake up before sunrise ....adore Moon (Chandra Sahodaree)... ...blow Shankh... wear as much as possible white cloths...... listen to Vishnu Sahastra Naam daily.....Venus' harm will be away from you
[by Ramakrishna G, in JR Group, 23 Dec 2011]



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