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6-Venus (Shukra)-Pisces
[By Rajat Kapoor in Jyotish_Remedies Group, Sep 1, 2012]
Jupiter is Known as "Dev Guru" or "Brihaspati". He is considered to be the Teacher of Devtaa. Another Guru is of Asur - known as "Shukra", well known as "Shukraachaaraya". This is based on Hindu mythology. Ved, Shaastra, Puraan also say that Vishnu created the solar system including Nava Graha - Soorya, Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani and two Chhaayaa Graha- Raahu and Ketu. Hence, note that to get good teacher in life placement and position of "Guru" and "Shukra" should be strong.

Why Venus in Pisces is not good for marriage.
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are referred to as Dual signs. These signs are double bodied signs, as in two of these signs are related to twins or look-a-likes: Gemini (the twins) and Pisces (2 fishes). The other two figures are a human being and an animal: Virgo (maiden and
bird) and Sagittarius (man and horse). As a result there are subtle differences in the effect of these double bodied signs. Dualism (Virgo and Sagittarius) or 'two of a kind' (Gemini and Pisces), is the difference in these signs.

What difference could there be between having Venus in Gemini or Pisces or a Venus in Virgo or Sagittarius. And how can these double bodied signs are related to marrying more than once? So, as detailed in the discussion above, just the placement of Venus in one sign does not tell it all. Although, it remains possible, for example, to get married and divorced several times even when Venus is not in a double bodied zodiac.

Venus is the Kaarak for Sukh or comfort in life. It is the indicator of luxuries and beautiful possessions. In addition, Venus is also the Kalatra Kaarak or significators of spouse and relations between husband and wife. According to Vaidik astrology, Venus gets exalted in Pisces or Meen Raashi at 27 degrees. In general Venus in Pisces is regarded as a good placement, so it should mean that whoever has Venus exalted in Pisces should have great conjugal life but observations shows to the contrary. Whatever may be the qualities of Venus, one factor runs common to all horoscopes having Venus in Pisces and that is their conjugal life is not normal and they do not enjoy conjugal relation in the mundane way. Venus in Pisces and troubled marriage life should only serve as a pop up to the professional astrologer who would obviously check other astrological parameters in marriage area before arriving at a conclusion.

It is often seen that an Uchchaansh Shukra (exalted Venus) in Meen Raashi (Pisces) often suffers animosity in the first marriage (Since Meen = 6th-from-Shukra's Mool Trikon Raashi Tulaa (Libra). Also our observation is that, if one lives in a culture which permits the native to avoid marriage indefinitely, Venus in Pisces will certainly prefer to avoid the legal contract, at least for the first union.

One also has to bear in mind that Venus in Pisces is not the only criterion solely based on which one arrives at a conclusion on the marital status or conjugal bliss of a native. This configuration can be considered as an exclusive postulate in addition to various other methods to ascertain how Venus delivers it potent ability to create ups and downs in ones marital life (despite being placed in this sign of exaltation).

The 3 Postulates
Postulate 1:
In the natural zodiac Venus is the 2nd and 7th Lord. 2nd is Kutumb (own family) and 7th is spouse. Venus gets her exaltation in Pisces
the 12th house from Aries. When Venus is placed in Pisces she is doubly powerful to destroy the two Bhaav ruled by her. Hence, Venus in Pisces often leads to un-cordial marriage life if other factors support.

Postulate 2:
Jupiter, the depositor of Venus, is also an important factor as 12th Lord of natural zodiac. With Venus in Pisces when Jupiter also establishes a connection with either Venus or ascendant or 2nd house, a chaotic situation is created in Marriage or it is totally denied.

Postulate 3:
Saturn's aspects to exalted Venus, adds conformity to the whole deal of discord or denial.

Now lets look the birth chart of this lady:
DOB: 14.05.1974
TOB: 2.22 AM
POB: Paradeep (86E37 - 20N19)

Postulate 1 is confirmed as Venus is in Pisces.
Postulate 2 is that Jupiter is Lagna Lord and is in connection with 2nd Lord as Jupiter aspects 2nd Lord by Graha Drishti.
Postulate 3 is also confirmed as Saturn aspects Venus by Graha Drishti.

Hence I can predict that marriage is not only delayed, but it is actually denied.



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