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6-Yuddh Kaand

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Page 6: Sarg 13-16

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Sarg 13-Mahaapaarshwa Advices Raavan and Raavan Tells His Past 

At this Mahaapaarshwa guessed that Raavan was angry, so he said - "Who does not drink honey after entering the forest full of lions, elephants etc, he is a fool. You yourself are the destroyer of enemy, then who else can be your master? You may enjoy Seetaa freely. When your desires are fulfilled, then who cares for any kind of fear. If at all it is there, we will see to it. Among Saam, Daam, Dand and Bhed, I consider Dand (punishment) policy the best to fulfill your aim."

Hearing this Raavan said - "Hey Mahaapaarshwa, I tell you something which happened in past. Once I saw Punjikaasthalee named Apsaraa going secretly to Brahmaa's house by skyway. At that time she looked to me like a burning flame. I had her forcefully. She went to Brahm Lok like a crushed Kamalinee flower.

What I guessed that Brahmaa had already known about my action. So he said to me furiously - "If you will take any other woman by force then your head will be broken into hundreds of pieces. Consider no doubt in that." That is why I cannot force Seetaa to lie with me in bed.

Raam doesn't know my sea-like force and wind-like speed that is why He is daring to face me. Who wants to wake me up who is sleeping like a lion in a mountain cave, or like a Kaal? Raam has not seen my arrows which go like snakes with two tongues that is why He is daring to fight with me. Even thousand-eyed Indra and Varun cannot win me in war and I took Kuber's city from him even before.

Sarg 14-Vibheeshan Again Advices Raavan

Hearing Raavan's words and Kumbhkarn's boasting, Vibheeshan said - "Hey Raajan, Who has thrown this elephant-bodied, worry-like poisoned, smile-like toothed, 5-finger, 5-headed Seetaa snake on You? Please, you must give Seetaa back before those Vaanar attack Lankaa. Nobody: Kumbhkarn, Indrajeet, Mahaapaarshwa, Mahodar, Kumbh, Nikumbh, Atikaay, can stand before Raam in the battlefield. You cannot escape even after protected by Marud Gan, or going to Indra, or going to Aakaash or Paataal."

At this Prahast said - "We are not afraid of anybody, whether he is Devtaa, snake, or Daanav, Yaksh, or Gandharv, huge snakes or birds; then how can we fear from prince Raam."

Vibheeshan said - "Hey Prahast, Whatever you, Raavan, Mahodar, Kumbhkarn are saying, you cannot implement them in front of Raam in the same way as a sinner cannot enter Swarg Lok. O Prahast, How can you or Raakshas or I kill Raam? You are boasting like this till Raam's sharp arrows do not pierce your body. Nobody, including Devaantak, Naraantak, Atikaaya, Akampan can kill Raam. Raavan, Atibal, Trishiraa, Kumbhkarn's son Nikumbh, Indrajeet can stand Raam in battlefield. Whatever I say, better you do that, i.e. 'return Seetaa'. This is the only way for the welfare of all of us. A good minister is that who talks to his Swaamee keeping enemy's and his own powers in mind."

Sarg 15-Indrajeet and Vibheeshan Abuse Each Other

Indrajeet got very angry to hear all this. He said - "Hey Chaachaa, Why do you say such fearful words? Even a person born in a lower family cannot say such words, nor he can act like this except only one person from this family. Even in this family, there is only one person without might, bravery, patience, grace and that is our younger Chaachaa Vibheeshan. Even the weakest Raakshas can kill them both easily. I can bring down even the Swaamee of Tri-Lok, Indra, then what are these princes for us? I threw even Airaavat elephant down on ground and frightened all Devtaa. Can't such a person kill these ordinary princes?"

Vibheeshan said - "Dear son, Your advice is not worth agreeable, because you are still a child, you are not yet matured that is why you have talked a lot about your worthless ideas. You are enemy of Raavan in the form of his son. You should be punished for talking like this. And the same one should also be punished who has brought you here for this meeting. You don't know your duties because you are a fool and you are immature because of being young. And that is why you are not even polite. You have very hot nature, less intelligence, and volatile mind that is why you don't act after considering various aspects of the issue. Return Seetaa to Raam and live in no fear here in Lankaa."

Sarg 16-Raavan Abuses Vibheeshan and Vibheeshan Leaves Him Alone

All this good counseling was no good for Raavan. He said - "Living with enemy may be good, even living with angry snake may also be good, but whoever favors enemy, living with him is never good. Elephants of Padm Van had once said some Shlok seeing people with whips - "We are not afraid of fire arms and whips, but we are afraid of people of pitiless and selfish nature. They themselves tell you the way to catch them, therefore the greatest fear is from the community people. There always exist feelings of satisfying everybody in the village, fear from the community, volatility in women and Tap in Braahman.

As the drop of water fallen on lotus leaf does not stick to the leaf, in the same way politeness does not exist in fools' hearts. As rainy clouds rain in rainy season, but do not rain in winter; as bumble bees suck honey from flowers but do not stay there for more than required time; or as elephants first take bath and then sprinkle dust over his body; in the same way friendship with low level people works. If somebody else had such words to me, he couldn't have been alive by now. You are a black spot on our family."

When Raavan said such harsh words to Vibheeshan, he flew in the sky carrying his Gadaa along with four Raakshas. And from there he said - "Hey Raajan, You are misguided, you can say whatever you like. Although being my elder brother, you are respectable to me as my father, but still I cannot tolerate such words, because you are not following the Dharm path. Sinners do not listen to the advice given to them with the intention of their good when they are under the spell of Kaal.

Hey Raajan, There are people who speak soft sweet words, always available; but it is difficult to get people who speak harshly but give good advice. I cannot ignore you as people cannot ignore a burning house. I do not want to see you being killed by Raam's sharp arrows. Please, forgive me for saying all this what I said to you considering you my elder brother. Please protect yourself, your people and Lankaa. You be happy without me."












Time or Death



















Three worlds: Swarg Lok, Prithvi and Paataal Lok

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