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5-Sundar Kaand

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Page 8:  Sarg 21-22

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Sarg 21-Seetaa Advises Raavan

Hearing Raavan's words Seetaa crying and frightened kept a straw in between Raavan and Herself and said - "You should not love me, Raavan, you should love your own queens. I cannot say it in request form because I am a Pativrataa woman. I am born in a high status family (Kul) and I am married too in a pious family. Whatever you are asking me to do, it is not for me. I cannot do such a sin." 

Then Seetaa faced Her back towards him and then again said - "How can I become your wife being a Satee. Just think and follow good people's behavior. Hey Raavan, As you protect your own women, in the same way you should protect other's women too. You should be satisfied with your own queens, because whoever's  mind is volatile, other's women insult them. Don't good people live in your city? And don't you sit with them? Whoever Raajaa is a fool, his kingdom is lost very soon.

I am the wife of the gracious king Raam and I am only for Him, that is why how can I take anybody else? This is the only right action for you that you send me to Him. You should extend friendship with Him for your own good and for your kingdom's safety. If you will not do so, then you will have to bear His sharp arrows. He will take me from here after killing all Raakshas, as Vishnu took Lakshmee Jee from Raakshas.

This is very mean what you have done to me. Raam killed all your Raakshas in Jansthaan, but you couldn't do anything there that is why you have abducted me. If both those brothers had been there, you couldn't have dared it. Wherever you will go His arrows will follow you. You cannot save yourself."

Sarg 22-Raavan Advises Seetaa

Raavan got very angry hearing Seetaa's words, he said - "I am speaking to you sweet words and you are insulting me? Whatever love I have got for you, only that love is calming my anger. And because I love you that is why I am not killing you, otherwise it had been justified to kill you for this. Whatever time I have assigned to you, only two months remain in that period, If you will not accept me as your husband by then, then my cook will cut you in pieces."

Gandharv and Devtaa women got very sad seeing the insult of Seetaa, and their eyes got red. They consoled Seetaa by signs. Seetaa again said - "O Raakshas, It seems that you don't have any well-wisher who can stop you doing all this. Hey Raavan, Whatever you have said to a Pativrataa, how will you protect yourself for your these actions from those well-wishers, because I am the wife of Raam.

You are such a wicked that you are not even ashamed to insult Raam. You can only insult Him till He does not come here. Whatever is this happening, it is all happening for your killing, otherwise you could not have abducted me. You have stolen me that is why you sent them far from that Aashram."

Raavan said angrily - "Because you love Raam that is why I will kill you today only." Then he said to Raakshasee - "You should do something so that She should be in my control. You may use Saam, Daam, Dand or Bhed policies, whatever."

At that time there was Dhanyamaalinee Raakshasee with him. She said to Raavan - "What will you do of Seetaa? You come and enjoy with me. Seetaa is sad, is a human, and whoever woman does not love to whoever man if that man loves that woman he burns his body. And whoever man loves the woman who loves him, he feels happy to love her. Brahmaa has not written Her in your destiny to enjoy Her." Thus she tried to turn Raavan's mind from Seetaa. Raavan laughed at this and went away o his palace. Gandharv women also went with him.




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