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5-Sundar Kaand

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Page 7:  Sarg 17-20

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Sarg 17-Seetaa Amongst Raakshasee 

So Hanumaan saw Seetaa surrounded by many Raakshasee. Some Raakshasee had slanting nose. Some Raakshasee had hunchback, some Raakshasee had brown eyes, some Raakshasee had head like donkey, but most had thick sticks (Mudgad) in their hands. Their stomach and breasts were very large. They were all trying to scare Seetaa.

Sarg 18-Raavan Comes to Seetaa

Hanumaan passed most of the night there on that tree. A little before sunrise, he heard Ved Mantra read by Raakshas. Raavan also woke up on hearing the sound of many instruments played only to wake him up. As soon as he woke up he thought about Seetaa, because he always thought about Seetaa, and he came to Seetaa in Ashok Vaatikaa. Hundreds of women were following him. They were carrying all kinds of things which could comfort Raavan. Somebody had liquor, somebody had gold umbrella over him and was walking beside him. All were looking sleepy. Hanumaan saw all of them, and heard the sound of their jewelry. He recognized him as Raavan. In fact he saw the same person sleeping on the bed.

Sarg 19-Raavan Comes to Seetaa

Seeing Raavan coming to Her, Seetaa covered Herself carefully. Raavan saw Seetaa who still loved Raam and who still thought that Her grievances were many, whose intelligence had been lost, or whose orders were not obeyed. Her eyes were red and white.

Sarg 20-Raavan Expresses His Love to Seetaa

Raavan came to Seetaa and said - "Seetaa, You are sitting covering your body seeing me. You want to disappear because you fear me. I love you very dearly, but you don't accept it. Fear me not. Hey Seetey, Abducting other's women is Dharm of Raakshas, there is no doubt about it. But I will not touch your body in spite of an intense desire in me for you. You should respect my love.

You are sleeping on the ground, you are worrying and you are wearing dirty clothes. You are sacrificing your life by fasting. This is not good. Because you are the best and highest among all women in the world. It is not god for you. You are young, and this youth doesn't come back once it is gone. You are created by Brahmaa, because I don't see any other woman as beautiful as you. Whichever part of your body I look at, I can't move my eyes from there. Now you leave the hope to go back to Raam and be my head queen. Whatever things I have won after wining Tri-Lok, I offer you all of them along with this kingdom. Now whichever cities are not mine, I will win them and offer them to your father Janak.

O beautiful, Nobody can win me in war. Devtaa, Gandharv, Asur all have run away from the battlefield several times. You will be adorned with many ornaments. You live with me and enjoy all kinds of  pleasures. What will you do with Raam who wears only Tapaswee clothes. He has lost His mind. It is not even certain that whether He is alive or not, and even if He is alive, He cannot take you from me. Please accept my love and enjoy."






Ashok Vaatikaa
Small garden of Ashok trees














Three worlds - Swarg Lok, Prithvi Lok, and Paataal Lok


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