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Sarg 4-Hanumaan In Lankaa-3

[With the permission of Lankaa] now Hanumaan jumped over a place where there was no gate in Lankaa with his left foot first. [all auspicious actions are done with right hand or putting right foot first, but since here Hanumaan desires the destruction of Raavan so he entered with his left foot first] There were flowers and pearls all over on either side of the roads by which those roads were shining. Windows were studded with diamonds. City was lighted very well. Sound of singing and playing instruments was echoing all around. Houses were of lotus and Swastik's shape and were auspicious.

Hanumaan roamed around Lankaa and became very happy to see the city. He heard the sound of women's ornaments tinkling, peoples' talking, sound of ritual chanting. He saw many Raakshas came to praise Raavan, many spies spread all over, many Raakshas with matted locks of hair, or with shaven heads, who were neither tall, nor short, neither fat, nor lean. 

Hanumaan saw many Raakshas who were very mighty, who carried flower garlands, wearing sandal paste. There were many guards with weapons ready to act at Raavan's orders in disguise. Then he saw Raavan's palace. It was a majestic building. It was all white. Its boundary wall was made of gold and its gates were gem-studded. Its mote was full of lotus flowers. He watched the house again and again. It looked to him like a paradise. It had many horses and elephants and its gates were protected by thousands of Raakshas. He entered the palace smelling sandal etc smells.

Sarg 5-Hanumaan In Raavan's Palace

As Hanumaan entered the palace, he saw Moon in the middle of the sky - he was the same Moon who throws light all over the world in the night and pulls sea towards himself [on a full Moon night]. Outside the palace in Lankaa, all women were enjoying with their husbands. Hanumaan saw many houses which were situated side by side and their Raakshas were abusing each other raising their arms. Hanumaan saw some women sleeping, some women laughing, some women applying sandal paste on their body, some women getting angry.

There were some intelligent Raakshas also who were of sweet nature, regarded their elders and had beautiful homes. Hanumaan saw some women who were soft-spoken and clear-hearted. Some women were sitting on roofs with their husbands to please them, because they knew their Paativrat Dharm. He saw many kinds of women but he didn't see Seetaa anywhere. Hanumaan got very sad not to see Seetaa anywhere.

Sarg 6-Hanumaan In Palaces

Thus after wandering around in Lankaa City Hanumaan entered the palace. The palace was well-guarded. His palace had surprising archways, strange entrances and beautiful doors, It had many protective shields made of lion and tiger skins decorated with silver and ivory. It had lots of diamonds and valuable seats, great warriors, great chariots and great utensils.

He saw many women there. They were all happy. Their jewelry was ringing and was creating soft sound like that of an ocean. Many gold chariots were going here and there. Hanumaan got surprised to see this huge palace. The palace's ceiling was studded with great diamonds.

He climbed on the roofs of houses and started looking around. He got down in Prahast's palace and climbed up on Mahaapaarshwa Raakshas' house. From there he went to Kumbhkarn's house and Vibheeshan's house. several other Raakshas' houses - Mahodar's, Viroopaaksh's and Vidyujivhaa's; Shuk's, Saaran's and Indrajeet's houses. Then he went to brave Jamboomaalee's, Sumaalee's, Rashmiketu's, Sooryaketu's and Vajrakaaya's houses. And he went to many other houses too. While he was roaming around he saw the wealth and riches of those Raakshas.

And then he came to Raavan's house. There he saw many women Raakshasee with abnormal eyes, horses of red and white colors, high bred elephants like Airaavat (see side bar). He saw there some army also decorated in gold. He saw many Paalakee of various shapes and sizes, many couches and seats made of gold. 

Sarg 7-Hanumaan In Raavan's Palace-1

Hanumaan saw various halls of that house. It looked to him like a heaven on earth. Raavan's that palace also which was built by Vishwakarmaa. There was no other house like that on earth. It had many types of gems studded in that, because of which it looked like Swarg. It seemed to be always full of flowers. The earth was made to full of mountain ranges, mountain ranges were made to be full of trees, trees were made to be full of flowers and flowers were made to be full of filaments and petals.

He saw there beautiful women and several beautiful Vimaan (see side bar) driven by swans in the sky. There were yellow houses, many ponds with bloomed lotus flowers. And he saw Pushpak Vimaan too. It had birds made of silver and coral (Moongaa) and snakes made of many kinds of gems. It had horses also made on it. Hanumaan got very surprised to see such beautiful houses and other things there but got worried also not to find Vaidehee anywhere.

Sarg 8-Hanumaan In Raavan's Palace-2

Pushpak Vimaan was admired by even Vishwakarmaa himself. When it flew in the sky it looked like Sun. It took great efforts to build it. Many valuable gems were studded in there. It had more attractive appearance than spring season.



Alakaa Puree
Alakaa Puree is the city of Kuber - Raavan's half brother
























Indra's elephant who came out from Saagar Manthan



Palanquin. A kind of chariot, often carried on men's shoulders


Air planes, or aerial cars







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