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Sarg 2-Hanumaan in Lankaa

Hanumaan saw Lankaa city which was located on Trikoot Parvat from the peak of Lamb Parvat. He was not tired at all even after flying for 100 Yojan, rather he was feeling light as flowers. He thought, "Oh, I could have crossed many hundred Yojan."

So he proceeded towards Lankaa. On the way to Lankaa he saw Neel Van full of tender grass and with several hillocks. Then he saw the gardens of Lankaa. Saral, Karnikaar, date-palm, Chiraunjee, Jambeer, Kutal, Ketak, Priyangu, Kadamb, Saptchchhad, Kovidaar, Karaveer etc trees, in full bloom, surrounded various ponds full of swans and ducks. Lankaa was looking like a city in heaven. It was a like city in the sky. He saw Lankaa like a city floating in the sky. There was a moat around it which was full of lotuses and water-lilies. Raavan's Lankaa was secured very well. It had multi-storied houses.

Thus looking at Lankaa, Hanumaan arrived at the north gate of Lankaa. He saw Lankaa as the city of Bhogvatee (capital of Paataal) full of horrible Raakshas. Seeing this Hanuman thought, "If Vaanar had to come here, they wouldn't be able to succeed in their mission. Even if Raam come here, what He can do here? Only four great Vaanar can come here - Baali's son Angad, Neel, Sugreev and myself. But let me find Seetaa first, then I will think about all this."

Then he thought that it was not possible to roam around the city in his present appearance. All these mighty Raakshas should be cheated while searching for Seetaa. He finally came to conclusion - "I have to deceive the guards, so it would be better if I take the tiny form and enter in the night." 

Hanumaan thought this several times seeing Raavan's Lankaa's security. "How could I see Seetaa alone so that Raavan cannot see me? How should I go around so that Raam's work does not go useless? How will my crossing of the ocean not go waste? It is not possible to enter Lankaa in the form of Raakshas, then in which form? There is nothing unknown to these mighty Raakshas." So he decided to take a very tiny form and enter Lankaa in the night. He just waited for the nightfall.

When the night fell, he took the form of a strange beautiful cat and entered the Nagaree. He saw gold pillars in balconies and saw many multi-storied residences, of seven and eight storied, of Raakshas which were beautifying Lankaa. Their top portions were studded with crystals and pearls in gold. He was happy to see this city as well got worried too as how he will find Seetaa there? In the meantime Moon also rose. He saw Moon looking like a swan in a pond.

Sarg 3-Hanumaan In Lankaa-2

Then Hanumaan gathered courage and entered Lankaa in the night, he heard the sound of sea. Lankaa looked like Vitapaavatee (Alakaa Puree), capital of Kuber, which was safe guarded by mighty Raakshas. Lankaa was protected by Raakshas as Bhogvatee Nagaree of Naag, served by pathways of stars like Amaraavatee of Indra, surround by gold boundary wall, decorated by flags, and small bells' ringing sound.

Seeing this Hanumaan became very surprised and happy, and he went forward towards the wall. Houses there had golden doors, gem-studded platforms and floors, wall were made of crystals free from dust, sounds of beautiful birds, as if the city of Vaswokasaaraa was flying in the sky. Seeing all this he thought that this Lankaa cannot be won by power. Only powerful people like Kumud or Angad, or the great monkey Sushen, or Mayand or Dwivid, or the son of Sun Himself Sugreev, Riksh Raaj or I can enter this Nagaree. He got happy to remember Raam and Lakshman's bravery.

As he entered Lankaa, Lankaa named Raakshasee noticed Hanumaan entering Lankaa so she stood up and asked him - "Who are you and why have you come here? And how did you enter this place, tell me everything before you enter? It is impossible to enter Lankaa which is protected by Raavan." Hanumaan said - "I will tell you who I am. but you tell me first that who are you, and why are you threatening me?"

Lankaa said - "I am the guard here appointed by Raavan. Nobody can be alive by insulting me in this city. And if I beat you, you also cannot go back alive." Hanumaan changed his form in a huge size and stood up for a moment said - "I have come here to see the houses, roads, archways etc of this city. I am very curious to see them." Lankaa said - "You cannot see them without defeating me." Hanumaan said - "O woman, I will go back after seeing this city." 

Then Lankaa hit him with her fist. In turn Hanumaan also hit her with his left fist, not with his full force, thinking her a woman. She became weak and fell on the ground. Hanumaan saw her falling and showed her kindness thinking her a woman. She said to Hanumaan - "Kindly protect me. You have won me with your bravery and strength. I am myself this city of Lankaa.  that is why I tell you this that Brahmaa Jee gave me boon long before "Listen to me, whenever a Vaanar would come to me, and win me with his strength, you should know that that time had come for the end of all Raakshas. That is why, by your appearance it is certain that now Raavan will be destroyed along with all his Raakshas, because Brahmaa's words cannot be untrue. All this has happened because of abduction of Seetaa. So Hey Hanumaan, Now you may go inside and do whatever you like to do."




Saral, Karnikar etc all are the names of trees in Hindi language.






















Indra's Swarg's capital

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