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Page 23:  Sarg 64-68

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Sarg 64-Vaanar Come Back to Raam

Dadhimukh immediately returned to Madhu Van through skyway. Dadhimukh said to Angad - "Hey brave Angad, Please pardon me for stopping you eating these fruits. It was only because of my ignorance. This Madhu Van is yours. You are coming from very far, so you must be tired. Take some rest and enjoy yourself. I told your uncle Sugreev about your coming and destruction of Madhu Van. He got very happy to hear this and asked me to send you there immediately."

Angad said to Vaanar - "Since Raam and Lakshman have known this, so we should not be late now to go there. I will not do anything without your consent in spite of being Crown Prince, nor I want to insult you by saying anything unjustified." All Vaanar said -"Who can say such polite words except you? No Vaanar is ready to go anywhere without your orders. Know it for sure." Angad said - "Then let us go to Sugreev".

Sugreev said to Raam - "Raam, Keep patience. I am sure they have found Seetaa. If this has not happened they could not have come after finishing the time period. Angad's happiness is the proof of that. And only Hanumaan must have seen Seetaa, not any other Vaanar, because only Hanumaan is so brave and mighty. and has knowledge and wisdom. And in whatever group is Angad, Jaambvaan and Hanumaan, that group cannot go out of limits, because they are successful in their mission that is why they got proud and drank honey from Madhu Van."

[Sugreev was talking thus that] All Vaanar came there. Hanumaan greeted Raam and said - "I saw Seetaa. She is fasting to leave Her body." When Raam Lakshman heard this they got very happy and they looked at Hanumaan with respect.

Sarg 65-Hanumaan Tells His Story to Raam

First Hanumaan greeted Seetaa in his heart then told the story - "I went to Lankaa, in south, after crossing a 100-Yojan wide sea and I saw Seetaa there only. She is always surrounded by horrible Raakshasee. They frighten Her, they threaten Her, they guard Her as well. She is just passing Her time remembering you, wearing only one plait. She sleeps on the ground. Because of cold Her body has become dry. Raavan doesn't listen to Her, so She has decided to kill Herself.

When I had found Her, I praised Ikshwaaku Vansh to get Her trust and then started talking to Her. I told Her everything. She told me the incident of crow, as it happened on Chitrakoot Parvat as Her mark, and said that I should remind you about that. She gave me Her Choodaamani also."

Hanumaan told all this in front of Sugreev. He said again - "Hey Bhagavan, I have brought this Mani very carefully. She has said - "I am giving you this Mani as a mark. It has come from sea, I get happy to see this Mani as I am being happy to see you in this sorrowful time. Tell Raam that I will live only for one month, after that I will die. Now you make arrangements to go across the sea."

Sarg 66-Raam Receives Seetaa's Message 

Raam took the Mani from Hanumaan and touched it with His heart. He said - "I am very touched to see this Mani. My father-in-law got it from Devtaa after pleasing them with his Tapasyaa then Indra gave this Mani to him. And he gave this Mani to Seetaa at the time of our wedding. When She wore it on Her head, it looked more beautiful. Now when I am seeing this Mani, it seems that I am seeing my father and father-in-law. It seems as if I am seeing Seetaa in person.

Hey Hanumaan, What message Seetaa has sent for me, please comfort me telling that. Lakshman, there cannot be a bigger sorrow than this that I am seeing this Mani without Seetaa. If Seetaa will live this month then She will have a long life. I cannot live without Her even for a moment. If Seetaa has said anything else for me, tell me that also, because O Hanumaan, they are like medicine for an ill person like me. Tell me this also that how She is alive in this odd situation?"

Sarg 67-Hanumaan Delivers Seetaa's Message-1

Hanumaan said - "Hey Raaghav, Seetaa told the Chitrakoot event. She said - "I was sleeping near Raam. I got up before Him that suddenly a crow came and hit my breast with his beak. When he hit repeatedly, I started bleeding. I woke up Raam. Raam asked me - "Who wants to play with snakes?" At that time the crow was facing me. He was the son of Indra and took the form of a crow on Prithvi. Raam got angry to see him. He took out a Kush straw from the Aasan and shot it at the crow after doing Abhimantrit with Brahmaastra. 

The arrow proceeded towards the crow and the crow started flying. The arrow followed him. No Devtaa protected him. Even his own father Indra could protect him.  So he came back to you for your shelter. He fell near your feet and sought your protection. Although his crime was punishable as death sentence, but He kindly pricked only his one eye as it was not possible to make Brahmaastra waste. After that the crow flew away praising Raajaa Dasharath and Shree Raam. No Naag, Gandharv or Devataa, even joined together, are able to fight with Raam. Then why doesn't He use that kind of weapons to kill Raavan? Why doesn't mighty Lakshman come to my rescue with the permission of His brother. I agree that I have committed a sin, it seems that that is why they are not helping me. This is all my ill-fate."

I told Her that Raam and Lakshman are already very sad, but this I can promise that both will come soon and take you from here. Now you give me your something to prove that I have met you. This will surly make Raam happy. They can destroy Lankaa very soon. After this Seetaa gave me this ornament from her garment, it is from Her hair. Taking this jewel I immediately came back here.

When I was coming back Seetaa said crying - "You are lucky you see Raam daily." Then She blessed me and said - "Tell Raam to come here soon to rescue me." She again asked your and Sugreev's welfare. Seetaa is completely safe."

Sarg 68-Hanumaan Delivers Seetaa's Message-2

Seetaa also said - "Hey Hanumaan, if you think proper then you take rest for a day here in some secret place because I will be very sad again after you have left." She also asked me, "How could all Vaanar will cross this huge see? Because only you, Garud and Vaayu can cross this sea. Raam should not take me from here as Raavan brought me here in the absence of Raavan, but if Raam can fill this Lankaa with His arrows and take me home, that will be better." I consoled Her that soon She would see Raam and Lakshman and they will be here soon to rescue you. Sugreev has many monkeys and there is no problem for them to go on land or sky, they just obey the command of Sugreev. They can do anything. They have been around the Earth several times. All monkeys are stronger than me. When I have come here then there is no need to talk about them. Generally only the inferior ones are sent for such jobs. You will soon see those monkeys here

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