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Page 22:  Sarg 60-63

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Sarg 60-Angad Judges His Army's Strength

Angad said - "By the Vardaan of Pitaamaha (Brahmaa Jee), Ashwinee Kumaar's sons are very proud. Both have drunk Amrit and they can kill Raavan after destroying the whole Lankaa. They can't be killed because of the Vardaan of Brahmaa. If they also join us then I can kill all Raakshas. We have already heard that Hanuman alone has burnt Lankaa, he could have brought even Seetaa. I don't see even Devtaa, Gandharv as mighty as Vaanar. If we can take Seetaa to Raam after killing Raavan along with other Raakshas, it will be very good. There might be only very few Raakshas left now in Lankaa. After killing them it remains only to bring Seetaa. When we can take Seetaa there, then why should we say anything bad to them. So we can see Raam with Seetaa after killing Raakshas."

Hearing Angad's words old intelligent Jaambvaan said - "Hey Mahaa Kapi, Whatever you have said, I don't think it is proper, because we have been ordered only to search for Seetaa. They have not ordered us to bring Seetaa. If we took Seetaa to Him after killing Raavan, then maybe Raam doesn't like it and then He may not accept Her. Raam has vowed to kill Raavan and get Seetaa Himself. In this situation our work will be a waste, and Raam will also not be happy. Therefore we should just go to Raam, Lakshman and Sugreev and tell everything and then follow their instructions further."

Sarg 61-Vaanar Enter Madhu Van 

Everybody agreed with Jaambvaan and they all started for Rishyamook Parvat. They all went through skyway and got down in Sugreev's Van which was as beautiful as Indra's Nandan Van. It was guarded by Dadhimukh named Vaanar who was Sugreev's maternal uncle (Maamaa - mother's brother). Nobody was allowed to enter that garden. But this group just entered the Van and started eating fruits and drinking honey by the permission of Angad. 

They were just mad. Later they started breaking trees also. Dadhimukh tried to stop them [but they wouldn't listen]. When they couldn't be stopped, then he beat some with hand and some with fists. To some he tried to explain and to some he threatened. But they still didn't listen to anything. They were not afraid of even punishment. They were just enjoying.

Sarg 62-Vaanar Enjoy Madhu Van 

Hanumaan said to Vaanar - "You may drink honey as much as you like it. If somebody will stop you I will see to him." Angad also said - "Yes, you can drink honey now. I have always supported Hanumaan even on wrong points then why not I will support this?" And Vaanar started eating fruits and drinking honey. Servants of Dadhimukh went to Dadhimukh and complained about this. Dadhimukh came himself to stop them but they couldn't be stopped. Rather Angad came to fight with him. So Dadhimukh went to Sugreev to tell all this. because this Van was of Sugreev's grandfather and even Devtaa could not enter it. Dadhimukh came to Sugreev very soon. Sugreev was sitting with Raam and Lakshman. He just fell down on his feet.

Sarg 63-Dadhimukh Complains Sugreev 

Seeing Dadhimukh's condition Sugreev consoled him and asked him to say something as what he wanted to say.. He asked - "Tell me whether Madhu Van is all right?" Dadhimukh said - "You got this Van from Riksh Raaj. You and Baali kept it very well. But today Vaanar group has entered that Van. I tried to stop them but they don't listen to. They continued to eat and break trees.

Hearing this Lakshman asked Sugreev - "Why this Vaanar is sad?" Sugreev said - "He is the guard of my Madhu Van and his name is Dadhimukh. He says that Angad etc Vaanar have drunk Madhu Van's honey. So it seems that they have succeeded in their mission, that is why they have dared to destroy my Madhu Van. In spite of being stopped, they beat Dadhimukh, that is why I feel that Pavan-Putra Hanumaan has found Seetaa. Because he is the one who can do this work. Others are not so much capable of doing so. Wherever Angad, Hanumaan and Jaambvaan are there, that group cannot do anything wrong. Hey Lakshman, Dadhimukh came to tell me only this."

Hearing this, Raam and Lakshman got very happy. Sugreev said to Dadhimukh - "Because they have succeeded in their mission, that is why I pardon them. You may go now and protect them and send the chief Vaanar here soon."






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