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Page 21:  Sarg 58-59

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Sarg 58-Hanumaan Tells His Story-2

[Hanumaan continued his travel description] - "Then those horrible Raakshasee tried to advise Seetaa that She should accept Raavan's offer, but there was no effect of this on Seetaa.

Seetaa said to them -" Whether you leave me alive or eat me, but I could not accept your unjust advice." Taking this statement of Seetaa as Her decision, some Raakshasee went to sleep. Then an old Raakshasee Trijataa said to other Raakshasee - "You don't say a word to Raajaa Dasharath's daughter-in-law and Raam's wife, because I have seen a horrible dream. It means that all Raakshas will soon be destroyed only because of Seetaa and Her sorrows will be over then. Therefore you should please Seetaa and She can be pleased by prayer. If She is pleased then all Raakshas can be saved." Hearing this Seetaa got very happy and said - "If your words proved true then I will protect you."

Now I started thinking, sitting on that tree, that how to meet Seetaa. So I started telling Her about Ikshwaaku Vansh. Hearing all that Seetaa asked me - "Who are you? And where did you see Raam?" Then I told Her all about Raam and Sugreev's friendship and gave Raam's ring to Her. I told Her that I came to know about Her whereabouts and then what should I tell Raam back.

Seetaa said - "Tell Him that He should kill Raavan and take me from here." I asked Her to give me some mark to show it to Raam. She gave me Her Choodaamani and said - "Tell Ram to come here soon otherwise He will not find me alive after two months. I will die like an orphan." Hearing this I got angry and planned to do something in Lankaa. I expanded my size and destroyed the whole Vaatikaa. Raakshasee went to Raavan and said to him - "Raajan, One Vaanar has destroyed the whole Ashok Vaatikaa. maybe that he doesn't know about you, therefore please order for his killing soon."

Hearing this Raavan sent Durjan and Dhikkaar named Raakshas with 80,000 Raakshas army. I killed all of them with only a Parigh. Some escaped Raakshas told this to Raavan. Then Raavan sent his son Jaambmaalee who also came with his army I killed him also with the same Parigh. Then he sent his five army chiefs. I killed them too. Then he sent Indrajeet (Mandodaree's son). We fought at length. When he could not control me then he used Brahmaasta (weapon). I did not consider proper to disrespect it, so I fell down on ground. They tied me up and took me to Raavan beating me in various ways.

I advised Raavan to return Seetaa to Raam. He got angry on this suggestion and ordered to kill me. I introduced myself to him - "I am the son of Vaayu and my name is Hanumaan. I have come here in search of Seetaa and Vaanar Raaj Sugreev has sent me as his messenger. He has asked your welfare and has said that - "Raam and Lakshman are living with me on Rishyamook Parvat. Some Raakshas has abducted Raam's wife. We have established our friendship in the witness of Agni. He killed Baali only with one arrow and helped me to get my kingdom back. Now you should return Seetaa to Him before all Raakshas are killed." 

Hearing this Raavan got furious and ordered to kill me. Hearing Raavan's order his brother Vibheeshan advised him not to do this saying - "A messenger is never to be killed even if he commits the most serious crime." Then Raavan prescribed to burn my tail by wrapping cloths on it, and set fire in it. and tied me up and gave me a round of Lankaa. When I had seen the whole city, I decreased my size and untied myself. I sat on a building and killed all of those Raakshas. I burned the whole Lankaa. Then I went to Seetaa to bid Her farewell and came back via Devtaa and Gandharv path.

Sarg 59-Hanumaan Tells His Story-3

Hanumaan further said - "I was very happy to see Seetaa's good nature. Such a woman can control all Lok or can burn all Lok. Raavan is still alive only because of his Tapasyaa, because he did not die even after touching Seetaa. Seetaa can burn all beings which even fire cannot burn. I have told you everything. Now all depends on Jaambvaan. If he wishes, he can bring Seetaa for Raam and Lakshman. I am sure, I can also bring Her destroying the whole Lankaa. I will kill Raavan's whole army, his sons and brothers. I will make Indrajeet's weapons useless got from Devtaa.

When I can kill even Devtaa then what is Raavan? In fact I didn't have your permission to kill him, otherwise I would have come here only after killing him. Sea can go out of its limits, mountains can be moved, but it is impossible to defeat Jaambvaan's army. Only Angad is enough for all Raakshas. When Neel can shatter mountains, then what is Raavan for him? I myself killed so many Raakshas and burned the whole Lankaa. After that I announce the "Victory to Raam", "Victory to Lakshman", "Victoy to Sugreev".

Sad Seetaa is tolerating so much sitting under the Shinshapaa tree. I consoled Her that Raam, Lakshman and Sugreev will come with their Vaanar army and take you soon from here. Seetaa was happy with Raam-Sugreev's friendship. She is always sad otherwise. So now whatever you want to think proper to do, do that."














A small garden


Ashok Vaatikaa
A small garden where Ashok trees are planted. Seetaa lived in such a garen in Lankaa.


A kind of weapon






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