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Sarg 58-Hanumaan Tells His Story-1

All Vaanar were sitting on Mahendra Parvat. Jaambvaan asked Hanumaan to tell his story of going to Lankaa. Because after hearing the whole story it would be decided as how to present it to Raam. 

Hanumaan said - "I went towards south from this Mahendra Parvat. On the way I met a gold mountain whom I considered as my enemy and I thought to break him with my tail, but when I did that, and the pieces started falling down from it, then that mountain said to me - "I am Mainaak Parvat. I am the friend of your father Vaayu, that is how you may consider me as your uncle. I live in sea. 

In past, mountains had wings and they used to go here and there flying. Because of this movement thousands of cities got destroyed. So Indra cut wings of all mountains by His Vajra. Your father protected me from Indra, that is why I have appeared here to help you because you are going for Raam's work." I took his permission and proceeded on my way.

Then I found Naag's mother Surasaa standing in my way. She said - "God sent you as my food, so I will eat you today." I said - "I am going for Raam's work. He was staying in Dandak Van with His brother and wife. A Raakshas has stolen His wife. Since you live in Raam's kingdom, that is why you should help Him. As soon as I will finish Raam's work, I will come back, then you may eat me." 

Surasaa said - "My words cannot go lie." I said - "Then trust me as soon as I will finish Raam's work, I will enter your mouth." [But she didn't listen to] At that time my body's size was 5 Yojan. She opened her mouth, bigger than my size. Then I became of thumb size and went inside her mouth and came out immediately. She blessed me for the success of my mission.

After I passed some distance, somebody caught my shadow, [and I could not move}. I looked around, but I couldn't see anybody. Then I looked down, and I saw a Raakshasee. She also said to me - "I will eat you." And she expanded the size of her mouth bigger than my body's size.Again I decreased my size and entered her body. I tore her heart and came out of her body and flew away. That Raakshasee died making a great noise.

Then I arrived at more southern part, I saw Lankaa Nagaree. I was about to enter that Lankaa in the night, that a Raakshasee came and stood in front of me. She also wanted to eat me. I hit her with my left fist and entered Lankaa.

I searched Seetaa in Raavan's palaces, but I couldn't see Her. Then I crossed its gold boundary wall and came to Ashok Vaatikaa. I saw one Shinshapaa tree. I climbed on that tree, then I saw a banana Van which was made of gold. And then I saw Seetaa who was wearing only one cloth, surrounded by Raakshasee. She has got very weak because of fasting. Her hair was full of dust, but She was alive only to see Her husband Raam. She was ready to leave Her body.

I continued to look at Her for some time. Then I heard the sound of jewelry. I saw Raavan coming there along with his queens. Seeing Raavan coming Seetaa covered Her body all around and trembled. She looked around for help, but there was nobody to help Her. Raavan greeted Prithvi and said to Seetaa - "You listen to me attentively and accept me as your husband. If you will not accept me as your husband then, I give you only two months to think it over, I will drink your blood."

Seetaa said to Raavan - "You desire Ikshwaaku Kul's Raajaa Dashrath's daughter-in-law and Raam's wife to make your wife? Why not the tongue, you have said these words from, doesn't fall down on the ground? O wicked, You are not even worth as a servant of Raam." 

Raavan got very furious [hearing these words from Seetaa], but his queens held him back. His queen Mandadaree said to him - "What you have to do with this Seetaa? Come and enjoy life with me. Seetaa is not more beautiful than me. There are other Dev women also to enjoy with." Thus they took him in his palace.





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