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Page 19:  Sarg 55-57

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Sarg 55-Hanumaan Comes Back to Seetaa

When all was finished, Hanumaan remembered Seetaa that while doing all this he just forgot about Her. The same Mahaatmaa is blessed who suppresses his anger patiently, otherwise angry people always commit sin. They can't see beyond their anger, and at that time they can insult even their Guru. Who kill their anger by Gyaan (knowledge) are really blessed.

Hanumaan thought, "I am the killer of my Swaamee, because I burned Seetaa also at the time of burning Lankaa. Whatever aim I came here for, I lost it myself. I am sure Jaanakee must have also been burnt in that fire because I have not spared any place of Lankaa without burning. If Seetaa had died, I must also die by burning myself, or by jumping into the sea, or by taking poison. Now when Raam and Lakshman will hear this they will also die.

When these brothers will die, then Sugreev will also die with all Vaanar, even Bharat and Shatrughn will also die, and thus Ikashwaaku Vansh will end and I will be blamed for all this - as the killer of the world."

Later he thought - "She must have protected Herself through Her grace. And fire can never burn Her, because by the grace of Raam and Seetaa, the fire did not burn me too. How can She be burnt in it then. She is the Devee of three brothers and the wife of Raam." And thinking thus Hanumaan got some relief. Everybody was surprised to see Seetaa safe in this fire while every other thing was burnt, He checked on Seetaa and got ready to return.

Sarg 56-Hanumaan Leaves Lankaa

So Hanumaan went to the same Shinshapaa tree under which Seetaa was sitting [to check on Her]. Hanumaan said - "Hey Seetey, I am very glad to see you alive," Seetaa said - "Hanumaan, if you could stay here for a day in some secret place, I will be very happy. I don't even know whether I will be alive or not till you come again. I have been tolerating so much that I will be extremely sad after you will leave. I still doubt it whether Raam and Lakshman will be able to cross this sea, and if they could not, then what other solution you have thought? You are the only capable person to make Raam's work success."

Hanumaan said - "Sugreev has already decided that he will come here with Raam and Lakshman, destroy Lankaa and will take you from here. You will see that Raavan will be killed by Raam's arrows and you will meet Raam as Rohinee meets Chandramaa (Moon). Consoling Seetaa thus, Hanumaan got ready to go.

He climbed up Arisht named beautiful mountain. When he put his foot on it, it broke under the pressure of his foot. He wished to fly towards North, and as he took a leap, the whole mountain went inside the Prithvi. All living beings abandoned it. That 10-Yojan long and 20-Yojan wide broad mountain turned into a flat ground. Hanumaan flew to North.

Sarg 57-Hanumaan Comes Back

Hanumaan was flying. He came to Mahendra Parvat, touched him and gave a loud cry. Then he came on the seashore on the other side. All Vaanar saw him coming and welcomed him. Hearing the loud cry of Hanumaan, Jaambvaan said to all Vaanar - "It seems that Hanumaan has done his job because this sound is of Hanumaan's happiness and joy."

Vaanar presented him fruits and flowers. Hanumaan greeted Jaambvaan and Angad and said - "I saw Seetaa in Lankaa." Then they asked about Seetaa and Lankaa. Hanumaan said - "I saw Her sitting in Ashok Vaatikaa surrounded by Raakshasee. Neither She makes Her plait, nor She cares for Her body. Her hair has become like Jataa. She has become weak fasting and always desires for Raam's Darshan." 

As Vaanar heard that Hanumaan saw Seetaa, they got very happy and started beating their tails on ground [with happiness and joy]. Angad said to Hanumaan - "I don't see anybody else as brave as you [who could do this work]. Now we will go to Raam happily as we have completed His work. Hey Hanumaan, You have given us a new life by doing His job." All sat looking at Hanumaan to hear his travel description.






















The dearest wife of Moon, among the 27 wives of Moon

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