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3- Daksh Yagya

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3-Daksh Yagya
There are eight legends about Shiv Jee in which Shiv Jee has destroyed evil - Andhakaasur, Daksh Yagya, Gajaasur, Jalandhar, Kaam Dev, Kiraat-Arjun, Maarkandeya Muni, Tripur.

Satee was the daughter of Daksh Jee. Daksh Prajaapati was the descendent of Brahmaa Jee. Satee married Shiv Jee with her own will. Once in a Yagya of Devtaa, Daksh Jee felt insulted by Shiv Jee and since then he was very angry with Shiv Jee. When Daksh Jee was declared Prajaapati, he decided to do a Yagya in which he invited all Devtaa, all his daughters and all others but he did not invite Shiv Jee and Satee.

This happened when Satee Jee tested Shree Raam in Seetaa's disguise and got embarrassed on recognition by Raam. She lied to Shiv Jee that she did not test Raam and just greeted Him lie him. But Shiv Jee knew everything through His Yog power, so he left Satee Jee. When Satee Jee knew about this she got extremely sad and prayed for her death. By chance then Daksh Jee made arrangements for this Yagya.

Seeing many Vimaan (airplanes) going in the skyway, Satee Jee asked Shiv Jee, "Where are these Vimaan going?" Shiv Jee told her everything. Satee Jee got very happy to hear this. She asked permission to go to her father's place. Shiv Jee explained her not to go there lest she is also insulted because of Shiv Jee as she was going there without invitation. (read this story why Daksh was angry with Shiv?) But when she insisted, Shiv Jee sent her with his Gan.

When Satee Jee arrived in her father's house, nobody welcomed her. Satee Jee remembered Shiv Jee's words. As she went to Yagyashalaa and didn't find Shiv Jee' share at Yagya. At this she got filled with rage, her body trembled and she gave Shaap to all present there and left her body with Yog. Seeing this Shiv Jee's Gan destroyed Daksh's Yagya and informed Shiv Jee about Satee Jee's immolation.

Shiv Jee produced Veerbhadra out of his Jataa (a flock of hair) and that Raakshas devoured Daksh Jee's head from his body. Later his head was replaced by a goat's head and made alive. (read the whole story at Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/2). Still in rage Shiv Jee danced his Dance of Destruction (Taandav Dance). He lifted Satee's body in his arms and started wandering around like a mad man. Seeing this Vishnu got worried, He took His Chakra (Divine disc) and cut through Satee's body in 52 pieces and scattered them all over Indian subcontinent. Wherever they fell, a Shakti Peeth got established there.



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