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Chapters 2-7

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2-Enmity Between Shiv Jee and Daksh Jee

Vidur Jee asked - "Hey Maitreya Jee,  Prajaapati Daksh loved his daughters very much then why did he have enmity with Shiv Jee? Mahaadev Jee is the Guru of all, then why anybody will have enmity with him?" Maitreya Jee said - "Once many Muni came in a Yagya of Prajaapati along with their followers. Daksh Jee also entered the Yagyashaalaa (where Yagya was to be performed). Seeing him coming in the Yagyashaalaa all people stood up in his respect. but Brahmaa Jee and Shiv Jee did not get up. Daksh Jee got very angry with Shiv Jee as neither he got up, nor he greeted, nor he took permission to sit down. He said - "All should hear this, I am not telling because of any enmity but I am talking about etiquette. Shiv is like my son because I married my daughter to him, but he did not have even the etiquette to welcome me. He roams around naked smearing ashes on his body. He wears the garland of human heads. I married my daughter on the recommendation of Brahmaa Jee, but he is not Shiv but A-Shiv."

Thus Daksh Jee abused him a lot, still Shiv Jee didn't say a word. At this Daksh Jee got angrier than before. He gave Shaap to him that "he is very mean, that is why he should not get his share in Yagya along with Indra and Upendra." People tried to calm him down but he did not listen to anybody and went away after giving Shaap to Mahaadev Jee. When Nandeeshwar heard about the Shaap, he also gave Shaap to Braahman - "Whoever believes in and is proud of this mortal body and develops enmity with Shiv, he is his enemy. He should remain without knowledge. Who always does Yagya and has forgotten the form of Aatmaa (soul), his face should be of a he-goat. This man considers A-Vidyaa as Vidyaa and who are followers of such a man should always be taking rebirths. These Braahman should always use their Dharm to sustain themselves and wander around begging considering physical pleasures as real joy." Hearing this Shaap for Braahman, Maharshi Bhrigu also gave Shaap - "All Shiv followers will follow against Shaastra. Who are less intelligent, wear Jataa, ash, and bones, only they should be trained in Shaiv community. They should all follow the same way on which their master goes."

Hey Vidur Jee, On hearing all this Shiv Jee got somewhat sad and went away with his followers from that place. Shree Hari and other Prajaapati finished that Yagya in 1,000 years and they also went away to their Lok happily.

3-Satee Goes to Daksh's Yagya

Maitreya Jee said - "A lot of time passed with this drawn relationship between Shiv Jee and Daksh Jee, Then one day Brahmaa Jee announced Daksh Jee as the Swamee (Lord) of all Prajaapati. Daksh Jee became very proud of it. Daksh Jee did the Baajpeya Yagya, and then started  Brihaspatisav Mahaa-Yagya. All Maharshi, Devtaa, Pitar etc came there along with their wives. When they were on their way they were talking about this Yagya. Satee Jee also heard all those talks. She saw other women, adorned with various ornaments going to that Yagya along with their husbands, so she said to Shiv Jee - "Hey Prabhu, Your father-in-law is doing a Mahaa-Yagya, if you wish we should also go there. I very much want to see my sisters and mother. Besides I will be able to see that Mahaa-Yagya too. You are un-born, I am not able to understand you properly that is why I desire to see my motherland. See, there are many women in this group who are not even related to Daksh Jee in any way still they are going there. We can go even uninvited to husband's, parents', Guru's and well-wishers' houses. Please fulfill my desire."

Hearing this Shiv Jee remembered those words which Daksh Jee said to him in that old Yagya; so he said to Satee - "Priye, You are right that one can go uninvited to our well wishers, but it is possible only when their heart is full of love for us. If you say that I have insulted your father, then I would say that these actions are done only as a social etiquette. Whoever are wise and knowledgeable do this in a better way, that is, they respect only Vaasudev who lives in everybody's heart, not to the person who is proud of his physical body. Therefore Daksh Jee who insulted me in the Prajaapati's Yagya, is my enemy and that is why you should not even think about seeing him in spite of being your father. If you will go ignoring my advice, you will be insulted there. And if a respectable person is insulted, it becomes the cause of his death."

4-Satee Enters Agni

Maitreya Jee said - "Vidur Jee, After saying this Shiv Jee got silent but he noticed that in both cases; if she goes there, or he stops her from going there, there was a possibility of death of Satee. But Satee was also very anxious to go and see her relations so she sometimes went outside and sometimes inside, but on the other side she was scared of Shiv Jee's anger too so she came back inside. She could not resist herself, she got up and started going towards her father's house alone. Seeing this Shiv Jee's Paarshad also followed her and offered the bullock to sit on and followed her to her father's house. They took Mainaa bird, ball, mirror, lotus flower, white umbrella, Chamar, conch, flute etc along with them.

Satee arrived in her father's house. There she heard the sound of Mantra. Nobody welcomed her because of Daksh's anger, and nobody spoke to her except her sisters and mother. But as she was insulted by her father she did not accept any gift from them. She herself was insulted in Yagyashaalaa, but she found that there was no share in that Yagya for Shankar Jee. She was filled with rage and fury and came out in the Yagyashaala and said to all sitting there - "There is nobody higher than Shankar Jee in this world. He is the soil of all living beings. You are not saints because you are seeing faults even in his qualities. No saint does that, therefore only you are inauspicious. Thus all of you have committed crime against Shankar Jee, therefore I do not want to keep this body which is born from my father's body, to keep Dharm alive. A human being should always be doing his own Dharm, and should not abuse others. both types of Karm - Pravritti and Nivritti, are all right, Ved approve both of them, but because of being of opposite nature both cannot be followed together by any human being. Shankar Jee is Par-Brahm Paramaatmaa, he doesn't need to do any kind of Karm. Our glory is hidden, only those people can know it who have attained Brahm Vidyaa. You don't have that glory. I cannot keep any relationship with such a man who has committed crime towards Shankar Jee. I will give up this body before anybody calls me Daksh's daughter."

Then she sat down facing north, did Aachaman, put on a yellow cloth and left her body with the help of Yog. Everybody saw this and got surprised at this. When Shiv Jee's Paarshad saw this, they ran to destroy the Yagya. At this Maharshi Bhrigu (Adhwaryu) offered an Aahuti in Dakshinaagni. This Aahuti forced thousands of Ribhu Devtaa to appear there. They had attained Chandra Lok because of their Tapasyaa. They attacked Shiv Senaa with Yagya's burning sticks so they got scared and fled away.

5-Destruction of Yagya and Killing of Daksh Jee

Mahaadev heard this news through Naarad Jee, He got very angry and in anger he uprooted a few strands of his hair and hit them on the ground. Immediately a huge man appeared out of those hair. He was very huge, had thousand arms, dark complexion, three eyes like Soorya and his head was touching Swarg Lok. As he appeared he asked him - "What should I do?" Shankar Jee ordered him - "Rudra, you are my Ansh (part). Go as the leader of my Paarshad and destroy Daksh and his Yagya."

Veerbhadra did as he was told to do so. Manimaan arrested Bhrigu Rishi, Veerbhadra arrested Daksh Jee, Chandeesh arrested Pooshaa and Nandeeshwar caught Bhag Devtaa. Seeing this all, all Devtaa ran away from there. Veerbhadra uprooted Daksh's moustache and beard as he made a mockery of Shankar Jee twisting his mustache in the Yagya. They took out Bhag Devtaa's eyes because when Daksh was giving Shaap to Shankar Jee, he instigated him by his eyes' sign. They broke Pooshaa's teeth, because when Daksh Jee gave Shaap to Shankar Jee he laughed showing his teeth, Then they sat on Daksh's chest and started cutting his neck but they could not cut it even after trying their best. Veerbhadra got very surprised to see this then he cut his head as the head is cut of a Bali Pashu (sacrificial animal) for Yagya and then threw his head in the Dakshinaagni of the Yagya and came back."

6-Devtaa Calm Down Shankar Jee

Maitreya Jee said - "When Veerbhadra and Rudra's servants defeated all Devtaa and cut their body parts, then the remaining Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee and reported the event to him. Brahmaa Jee and Vishnu Jee knew about this even before, so they did not go to witness that Yagya. Brahmaa Jee said - "Dear sons, you have committed a crime against Shankar Jee, but since he can be pleased soon, so you should go to him and ask for his forgiveness. He will surely forgive you. He was already not happy with Daksh's words and above that Satee Jee also died there. He is completely independent. Neither Rishi Muni, nor Devtaa, nor I, nor even Indra knows about his form. In this situation who can pacify him?"

Then Brahma Jee took all Devtaa to Shankar Jee's place. Kailaash Parvat is surrounded by Nandaa Nadee. On the way they saw Kuber's capital Alakaa Puree which has two rivers - Nandaa and Alaknandaa - towards its outside and Saugandhik Van. There were hundreds of silver and gold airplanes. Then they came to that huge Vat tree (banyan tree) under which Shankar Jee was sitting. There was no nest on that tree. That Vat tree was 100 Yojan tall and its branches were spread up to 75 Yojan. There was never a dearth of shade under that tree. They greeted Shankar Jee. He immediately stood up seeing Brahmaa Jee coming there.

Brahmaa Jee prayed him and said - "Dev, I know that you are the whole sole Lord of this Universe because only you are beyond the Yoni power of the Universe and its seed Shiv. Only you manifested Yagya by means of Daksh to protect Dharm, only you have set the limits of Varn and Aashram. Only you are the true rightful Devtaa to get Yagya share still the foolish Braahman in Daksh Yagya did not give you your share, that is why this Yagya was destroyed. Now please complete this Yagya. Do something so that Daksh lives again, Bhag Devtaa gets his eyes, Bhrigu Jee gets his mustache and beard and Pooshhaa gets his teeth. All Devtaa and Ritwij who have been wounded should be healthy and perfect. Allow this Yagya to be completed. After the Yagya is completed, whatever remains will be yours."

7-Completion of Yagya

At this Shankar Jee said - "Hey Prajaapati, Neither I remember Daksh like people nor I mention about them. I just gave him a little punishment to be careful. Fix a he-goat head to Daksh's body, Bhag Devtaa will see with Mitra Devtaa's eyes, Pooshaa eats ground grains so he should eat with the host's teeth, all Devta should get their body parts perfectly all right, who have lost their arms and hands they should use Ashwinee Kumaar's arms and Pooshaa's hands respectively, Bhrigu Jee should get a he-goat's beard and mustache." It all happened within no time. Daksh Jee prayed Shankar Jee.

Then Daksh Jee started his Yagya, Shree Hari also came to attend that Yagya. Everybody prayed to Him according to his capacity. After the completion of the Yagya everybody went home. Daksh's daughter was born then in Himvaan's house from Mainaa's Garbh as Paarvatee. She again chose Shankar Jee as her husband. Who tells or hears this story daily his all sins are destroyed.



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