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Chapters 8-12

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8-Story of Dhruv

Maitreya Jee said - "Sankaadik Muni, Naarad Jee, Ribhu, Hans, Aaruni, and Yati - Brahmaa Jee's these sons did not enter Grihasth Aashram. A-Dharm was also Brahmaa Jee's son (he was born from his back), his wife's name was Mrishaa. He had a son named Dambh (pride), and a daughter named Maayaa. Nirriti took both of them because he did not have any child. Dambh and Maayaa produced Lobh (greed) and Nikriti (Shathataa) and from them were born Krodh (anger) and Hinsaa (violence). Krodh and Hinsaa produced Kali (Kalah, or quarrel) and his sister Durukti (Gaalee, or abuse). Kali and Durukti produced Bhaya (fear) and Mrityu (death), and Bhaya and Mrityu had a twins named Yaatnaa and Niraya (Narak). This is the lineage of Adharm who is the cause of Pralaya. If somebody does not follow them, then he earns Punya, therefore if somebody listens to this story three times then the ill-will of his heart is gone and he becomes pious.

Now listen to the description of Shree Hari's Ansh Brahmaa Jee and Brahmaa Jee's Ansh Manu's sons. Manu had two sons - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad. Uttaanpaad had two wives - Suneeti and Suruchi. Uttaanpaad loved Suruchi more than Suneeti. Suneeti had one son - Dhruv and Suruchi also had one son - Uttam.

One day Uttam was playing in his father's lap. In the meantime Dhruv came there and wanted to sit in his father's lap. At this Suruchi said - "You are not the heir of the royal throne. You don't know that you are born from another woman. If you want this royal throne then go and worship Shree Naaraayan and take birth from me by His grace." Hearing this Dhruv started crying, he came to his mother and said whatever happened there. Suneeti said sadly - "Putra, The highest lap is of Param Pitaa Paramaatmaa's lap. Try for that lap only. Suruchi has told you correct. Your ancestor have got good status by worshipping Shree Hari only so you should also worship Him."

Immediately Dhruv left the palace to meet Paramaatmaa. But he was so young [only 5 years] that he didn't know how to meet Him and where to look for Him. Naarad Jee also got this news. He came to see Dhruv and advised him - "You are only a child. There is nothing like respect or insult for you at this age. Do not take Suruchi's words to your heart. When you would grow up then only make efforts to meet Paramaatmaa." But Dhruv didn't listen to him and said - "You have told this way for those who move from their path but A-Gyaanee people like me cannot see up to that point. Since I am a Kshatriya, I lack politeness. Suruchi's words have pierced my heart, so I cannot understand your advice. I want to get that Parampad which even my ancestors have not got. Tell me the way to get it only."

Naarad Jee understood that he would not listen to me, so he told him the way to meet Him. He said - "You go to Madhuban near Yamunaa's bank. There lives Shree Hari permanently. There you take bath in Yamunaa (Kaalindee) River three times a day and sit on an Aasan. Do Pranaayaam of three types - Rechak, Poorak, and Kumbhak and meditate on Hari. It will help you to control your Praan, Man and Indriyaan. And do Jap of "Om Bhagvatey Vaasudevaay Namah". If you do the Jap of this Mantra for seven nights, you will be able to see Siddh Purush roaming around in the sky." Dhruv bowed him and started for Madhuban.

After meeting Dhruv Naarad Jee went to Uttaanpaad's palace. Uttaanpaad gave appropriate respect to Naarad Jee and asked him to sit. Naarad Jee asked - "Raajan, Are you all right? You look very sad." Raajaa said - "Maharshi, I am a very cruel father. My 5-year old son wanted to sit in my lap and I sent him out of my house with his mother, that is why I am very worried about him." Naarad Jee said - "You don't worry about him, Raajan. He is protected by Bhagavaan. After returning, he will spread your fame all around." But Raajaa was always worrying about his son. On the other side Dhruv started his Tapasyaa in Madhuban. When he started his Tapasyaa standing on one leg, then the whole Prithvi trembled. Devta went to Shree Hari and said - "The Praan of all the living and non-living beings is just stopped. We have not experienced this ever before. Please help us." Bhagavaan said - "Don't worry, I will soon free this boy from this severe Tap."

9-Dhruv Returns Home

Maitreya Jee said - "Hey Vidur Jee, After praying to Bhagavaan, Devtaa went back to their Lok. Bhagavaan came to Madhuban to see His devotee. At that time he was meditating on Hari's image, it suddenly disappeared from his mind. He got worried and opened his eyes. He got that image live standing before him. He wanted to pray him but didn't know how to do so. Bhagavaan understood his desire. He touched His Shankh (conch) with his cheek. This touch gave him all kinds of knowledge and Divine language. Then he prayed Him. He got very pleased from Dhruv and He gave the highest Lok to him around which all stars and planets revolve today. That Lok was named after his name - Dhruv Lok (Polar Star). Shree Hari said - "Even on this Prithvi, your father will give you kingdom and you will reign for 36,000 years. Later Uttam will be killed on a hunting trip. His mother will be burned in a jungle-fire while looking for her son. In the end you will go to my Dhaam which is even above Saptarshi and from where nobody returns to this world." After saying this Shree Hari went to His Lok. Although Dhruv got whatever he wanted, but he was not very happy yet, still he went to his home."

Vidur Jee asked - "Why Dhruv was not happy after getting the Parampad in one life time?" Maitreya Jee said - "In fact Dhruv was very sad from his stepmother's side so at that time he asked only Parampad not the Mukti (salvation). When he got what he wanted, he repented for not to ask what he should have asked for. Dhruv thought, "Oh, How unfortunate I am that because of other desires I am still far from Hari. Devtaa have destroyed my Buddhi that is why I did not agree with Naarad Jee. I have asked Him only higher status just to boast myself." Raajaa Uttaanpaad got the news that his son was coming back. He was very happy and went outside of his city to welcome him. When he saw Dhruv, he could not resist himself, picked him up and put him in his lap. He wept with happiness. Dhruv also touched his father's and both mothers' feet. His step-mother and Uttam also met him with a great affection. They all came home. He entered his father's palace and started living there enjoying his father's love and affection. Raajaa Uttaanpaad coronated Dhruv as the King of the whole Prithvi and he himself went to forest for Tap.

10-Uttam is Killed and Dhruv Fights With Yaksh

Maitreya Jee said - "Dhruv married the daughter of Shishumaar's daughter named Bhramee. They had two sons named Kalp and Vatsar. Dhruv's second wife was the daughter of Vaayu named Ilaa. She had one son named Utkal and a daughter. Uttam was not yet married. As Shree Hari said one day he went for hunting. One Yaksh killed him there. When Dhruv heard this, he went to the region where Yaksh lived. He saw there Alakaa Puree. There he blew his conch, hearing its sound all Yaksh came out to fight but were surprised to see Dhruv's bravery. Dhruv shot three arrows to each Yaksh. When they saw three arrows pierced in their forehead, they knew that they would not be able to win Dhruv. Yaksh were 13 Ayut (13,000). Many Yaksh were killed, and whatever remained ran away for their life. Now Dhruv had a desire to see Alakaa Puree, but he did not go inside because of Asur's Maayaa. In the meantime Asur used lots of Maayaa, so Dhruv also started to kill them with his Maayaa.

11-Manu Stops the Battle

Maitreya Jee said - "Seeing Yaksh using Maayaa, Dhruv used Naaraayan Astra. Because of this Astra all Yaksh attacked Dhruv. But Dhruv sent them to the highest Lok (Satya Lok) in which Oordhwaretaa Muni go after piercing the Solar system, by his arrows. Later Manu found that he was killing even innocent people, so he came to him and advised him not to do so. He said - "This is not our family's tradition that we should kill innocent people. As dust particles fly with the wind, they don't move of their own, in the same way everybody follows the Kaal Gati according to his Karm and enjoys happiness and sorrows. Only Hari decides about increasing or decreasing the age of Jeev who is bound to his Karm, still He Himself is beyond both. Critics call this Paramaatmaa as Karm, Chaarvaak call Him nature, various communities call Him Kaal (Time), and astrologers call Him Daiv (Bhagavaan). What does He want to do, nobody knows. My son, These servants of Kuber are not the killers of your brother, because the real cause of a human being's birth and death is Eeshwar. After worshipping whichever Bhagavaan you got Dhruv status at the age of five years, search the same Paramaatmaa in your heart. Then only you will be able to open the knot of A-Vidyaa (ignorance) of I and mine. This is my teaching, think upon it and calm down your anger because anger is the biggest enemy of Kalyaan Maarg (path of welfare). You have committed a crime against Kuber Jee by killing these Yaksh so please him with your polite speech before he takes any action against you." Dhruv bowed to him and Manu went to his Lok."

12-Kuber's Boon to Dhruv

Maitreya Jee said - "Vidur Jee, Then Kuber came to Dhruv, when he knew that he had calmed down, and he had stopped killing Yaksh. Seeing him coming Dhruv stood and greeted him joining his hands. Kuber said - "Hey Kshatriya-Kumaar, You are not our enemy, I am very happy with you. In fact neither you have killed Yaksh, nor Yaksh have killed your brother. Only Kaal is responsible for the birth and death of all Jeev. "I and you" etc are because of the ignorance of the Jeev. You may go now, Bhagavaan may bless you. Ask for any Var." Dhruv said - "I should always remember Shree Hari, that is all I want." "Be it so" and Kuber went away. Dhruv also came back to his capital.

Dhruv ruled for 36,000 years. Then he handed over his kingdom to his son Utkal and went to Badrik Aashram. There he started Yog Saadhnaa. When his time came to leave this Prithvi, he saw that a very beautiful Vimaan (airplane) was coming down with two Paarshad of Shree Hari in it named Sunand and Nand . Dhruv welcomed them and paid respect to them. They said - "We are the servant of the same Vishnu Bhagavaan whom you worshipped at the age of five years, and now we have come to take you to Vishnu Dhaam which is not approachable even to Sapt Rishi. They can only see that from below. Shree Hari has sent this Vimaan (airplane) for you only."

Dhruv Jee took bath, did Sandhyaa, adorned himself with auspicious ornaments, and received blessings from the Muni living in Badrik Aashram. He then circumambulated that Vimaan, greeted those Paarshad, and got ready to embark that Vimaan, that he saw Kaal (Mrityu) standing there. He put his foot on his head and climbed up in the Vimaan. After getting in the Vimaan he remembered his mother, then the Paarshad showed him another Vimaan in which his mother Suneeti was going. He came to Vishnu Lok which is beyond the three Lok and Sapt Rishi Mandal (Great Bear). As bullocks revolve around the pillar at the time of extracting oil, in the same way this system is also revolving around that eternal Lok - Dhruv Lok. Devarshi Naarad sang three Shlok in its admiration.

I have told you the holy story of Dhruv Jee."



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