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There are eight legends about Shiv Jee in which Shiv Jee has destroyed evil - Andhakaasur, Daksh Yagya, Gajaasur, Jalandhar, Kaam Dev, Kiraat-Arjun, Maarkandeya Muni, Tripur.  Read also  Tripur Rahasya

The demon Taarak had three children - Taarkaaksh, Kamalaaksh, and Vidyunmaalee. All did a severe Tap for Brahmaa Jee and got the Var of immense power. According to the Var they were invincible and were to live in three moving cities and they could die only by a Divine arrow which will be shot when the three cities will be merged into one. Maya Daanav built three big Vimaan (airplanes) which were like cities and which used to go very fast wherever their owner wanted them to go. One was of gold, another was of silver and another was of iron.

Now as they got very powerful, they started troubling the world with their power. At the end of their period, when all the three cities came into one line, Shiv Jee created a bow, an arrow, and a chariot with the help of various Devtaa and Devee.

Vishnu became the fire in the arrow.
Earth was the base of the chariot
Sky was the ceiling of the chariot
The four Ved were the horses of the chariot
Brahmaa Jee himself drove that chariot.

and shot that arrow which pierced through the three cities and they were killed.

Since then Shiv Jee's one of the many names was
Tripuraaree (tri+pur+ari=who is the enemy of the three cities) and the other name is
Tripuraantak (tri+pur+antak=who has finished the three cities).



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