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6-Kaam Dev

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6-Burning of Kaam Dev
Taken from    Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u25

There are eight legends about Shiv Jee in which Shiv Jee has destroyed evil - Andhakaasur, Daksh Yagya, Gajaasur, Jalandhar, Kaam Dev, Kiraat-Arjun, Maarkandeya Muni, Tripur.

Shiv is called Tri-lochan also. Tri means three, and Lochan means eyes since he has three eyes he is called Trilochan - his third eye, symbolically the inner eye of the wisdom being in his forehead.

When Satee had immolated herself in Daksh Jee's Yagya, Shiv Jee became very sad. He took Satee's body in his arms and wandered like an insane person. When Vishnu saw this, He pitied him and He cut Satee's body with His Chakra in 51 pieces and scattered them all over the Prithvi. Shiv became more sad. He withdrew himself from the Universe and engaged himself in Yog. In the meantime a demon emerged named as Taarakaasur. He ravaged the world and tormented the beings.

Now Devtaa came to know that this demon could be killed only by Shiv's 6-day old son. Since Shiv Jee was in meditation and Satee Jee was no more there, how Shiv Jee could have a son? So they plotted with Kaam Dev (the Devtaa of Kaam - desires) and sent him to shoot an arrow of flowers at Shiv Jee so that he can fall in love with Paarvatee Jee (Satee was born as Paarvatee in Himaalaya's house) who was doing Tap to get Shiv Jee as her husband.

Now it so happened that as Kaam Dev aimed his arrow at Shiv Jee, Shiv Jee opened his third eye and burned Kaam Dev instantly. Rati, Kaam Dev's wife, got very. On her praying Shiv Jee brought him back to life in flesh and blood but he remained in a formless state for others. [According to Bhaagvat Puraan, Shiv Jee told her to wait till Vishnu would incarnate as Krishn, then her husband would be born as His son. So Krishn had this son from Rukminee as Pradyumn. He was the reincarnation of her husband Kaam Dev.]

Then Devtaa came to him and prayed and told their purpose of doing all this to him. Shiv Jee didn't agree for it until Vishnu Himself ordered him to do so. So he married Paarvatee Jee (Himvaan and Mainaa's daughter and Satee's incarnation).

However, the fiery seed of Shiv Jee was so unbearable for Paaravatee Jee that she gave it to Agni Dev (Fire god). Even Agni Dev could not bear it, so he gave it to River Gangaa. Now Gangaa also could not bear it so she left it in Shar Van (the reed forest). Kaarttikeya was born there only. He was taken care by six damsels whose breasts he suckled on with his six mouths, that is why he is called Shadaanan or Shanmukh, (of six mouths). His other names are Kaarttikeya, Skand and Kumaar. Then he prepared the army of Devtaa and killed the demon Taarakaasur.

After Kaam Dev Was Burnt
I read this story on Internet -  When Kaam Dev, the god of love, was reduced to ashes by Shiv’s opening of his third eye, the ashes were collected by Chitrakarmaa, one of Shiv’s attendants, who used it for drawing the figure of a man. When Shiv glanced at the figure, it leaped into life at once. The artist advised the person so created to pray to Shiv, by reciting the Shat-Rudreeya. Pleased at his devotion, Shiv blessed him with the lordship of the world for 60,000 years. On hearing this, Brahmaa Jee cried in dismay, "Bhand, Bhand " and so the person came to have the name Bhanda.



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