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Kaurav Get Ready for Fight

Drone was very happy to hear Gaandeev's and Devadatt's sound. He said - "Now Arjun has come, we will have to return cows and go back to Hastinaapur, because he wouldn't take long to destroy our army. It is no use of fighting." Duryodhan also recognized Arjun's conch Devadatt's sound and got very happy that he has broken their Agyaatvaas. He said to Drone - "Please don't talk like this to discourage our army. Our aim was not to take cows, our aim was to reveal the identity of Paandav, so we are successful in that. Now it is up to Pitaamaha to tell us that their Agyaatvaas year has ended or not. Otherwise also we will fight. It is very strange that Bheeshm, Drone, and Kripaa like warriors are afraid of Arjun."

Karn said - "Our entire army is nervous, but I am not worried. Let him be Arjun or Krishn, or Bhaargav, Indra, or Yam. I will fight single-handedly. But if it is Arjun, then I am so happy that my old dream is coming true. If you are afraid of Arjun, you all may go back."

Kripaa said - "Karn, You always think about war and killing, One should fight only when it is absolutely necessary. You don't like to hear other's praise, you don't know that Arjun can fight with anyone single-handedly but you cannot. He fought with Indra at the time of burning of Khaandav Van single-handedly. Recently he rescued Duryodhan from Gandharv with the help of his one brother. You have heard about the killing of the Kaalkeya and Nivatkavach when he was in Swarg Lok, it was all done single-handedly. I do not want to make a fool of yourself, but nothing can equal his fury. So do not try him single-handedly. We should meet him in a single unit of six people - you, Drone, Duryodhan, Bheeshm, Ashwatthaamaa and myself. You do not know what you are saying. You think too much of yourself and too little of Arjun."

Ashwatthaamaa was also listening to this, he said - "Duryodhan, You have not done anything to defend your cows. The cows have not yet left the border of Matsya Desh and they have not yet reached Hastinaapur. Braahman are all righteous, they do not brag, wise men also do not brag, you only show off more, you cannot do anything. You are worse than a Vaishya, at least he is good at selling and cheating. You have fallen from your Varn, because you have only cheated Paandav, you have not fought with them.

Remember once Vidur said - "The creatures of the Earth inherit, to a certain extent, the patience and forgiving nature of mother Earth." But you have crossed this rule also. You went too far when you insulted their wife Draupadee. Now Arjun has come to take revenge of all those things. Do not insult my father (Drone) and Maamaa (Kripaa) calling them coward. They are not coward, at the same time they recognize the greatness where they see it. They are admiring Arjun because he deserves it. If Viraat comes to fight with you, I will assist you, but I will not assist this Karn in his fight with Arjun." He threw his bow and sat down in his chariot."

Bheeshm said - "Ashwatthaamaa is right, he spoke only the truth. And Braahman should not be insulted as Karn did." Then he said to Ashwatthaamaa - "Don't be offended by Karn, he just said all this to encourage the army. Wise people have short memories, so let us forget everything for sometime and attack Arjun all together." Drone said - "My anger is also gone. Let us make arrangement like this that Arjun does not meet Duryodhan before the expiration of the 13th year. But I have no doubt that their exile period is over. Bheeshm may tell more about it."

Bheeshm said - "Putra Duryodhan, Drone is right. Their term of exile is over. According to astrologers, every five years there is an increase of two months in the length of time. During these 13 years, there has been an increase of five months and 12 days. The Paandav have spent 12 years in the forest and one year in hiding. Thus they have spent five months and 12 days unnecessary in exile. I am sure Yudhishthir knows it. He did not want to lessen the final year by these five months and 12 days, so he suffered that also with his brothers in silence. He does not want any kind of argument about this exile period. They are not fools to expose themselves before the end of the term and then go for another 13 years of exile. Besides Paandav will never tell lie. If Yudhishthir says "The term of exile is over", that's it.

Look at this Arjun, he cannot be conquered. If he and his brothers decide to fight with us we cannot win them. I do not want you to discourge like this. This is your only chance to be alive. Why do you think them as your enemies, I don't understand this. Return their kingdom and make peace with them."

Duryodhan was totally disappointed hearing this. All of his dreams were shattering still he said - "I am not going to return their kingdom at any cost, we will fight." Drone said - "Then let us divide the army in four parts. Duryodhan you proceed to Hastinaapur with one-fourth army, because the king must be guarded at all costs. We must not allow encounter between Duryodhan and Arjun. Let another one-fourth army take the cattle to Hastinaapur. The other half army will remain here and fight with Arjun. Bheeshm, Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa, Karn and myself will fight with Arjun. I can hear the sound of Arjun's chariot, so let us hurry and send Duryodhan to the capital."

The then Arjun's chariot came fast in their direction. He looked at the organization of the army arranged in a crescent manner. It was called Vajra Vyooh. It meant that it was as hard as diamond to penetrate it. Arjun immediately recognized it, smiled, thought and said to himself "so this must be the arrangement of my grandfather".


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