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Arjun Gets Ready for Fight

When Arjun was taking him to Shamee tree, Uttar asked the reason to come there, Arjun said - "Your bow is only a toy. I will have to get better weapons to fight with Kaurav army." When they had come to the tree, Arjun asked him to get a bundle from that tree." Uttar said - "I see nothing but a corpse hanging from the topmost branch. And being a Kshatriya, how can I touch a corpse?" Arjun said - "Don't be afraid, I will not ask you to do anything which will disgrace you. It is not a corpse. In fact that is the bundle in which Paandav's weapons are there, only they look like corpse."

Uttar brought that bundle down and unwrapped the bundle. He saw Paandav's weapons for the first time. He was afraid even to look at them. Finally he asked - "Brihannalaa, Is this a bow or a live serpent? And these arrows shine like Sun and fire. I have never seen weapons like these before. Whose weapons are these?" Arjun said - "This bow is of Arjun. It first belonged to Brahmaa for a 1,000 years, then it was with Indra Dev for 5,000 years, Chandramaa (the Moon) had it for a long time, after that Varun owned it. Then Varun gave it to Agni Dev (the Fire god) and when Arjun burned Khaandav Van he gave it to Arjun. Since then it has been with Arjun. The other bow studded with gold and blue stones belongs to Bheem. This red bow set with rubies belongs to Nakul, and this bow set with emerald in gold is of Sahadev. This bow with tiny tinkling bells is of Yudhishthir. These arrows bear monograms and belong to Paandav. This bow is of Arjun and this quiver and the other quiver are never empty of arrows. Paandav left them here when they went on their Agyaatvaas (incognito)."

Uttar asked with surprise - "Then how can you use them?" Arjun said - "Because I am Arjun, that is how I can use them." Uttar couldn't believe him, so he said - "If you are Arjun, then tell me his ten names and how he got those names." Arjun said - "My ten names are - Arjun, Phaalgun, Jishnu, Kireet, Shwetvaahan, Vibhatsu, Vijaya, Paarth, Savyasaachee and Dhananjaya. [these names appear in MBH, 4-Viraat Parv, Sec 44] I was called Dhanajaya when I conquered all the kings at the time of Raajsooya Yagya and collected wealth from all of them. I always fight till then end and I always win, that is why I am called Vijaya. My horses which were given to me by Agni Dev are white, that is why I am called Shwetvaahan.

My father Indra gave me a beautiful crown when I was with him, that is why I am called Kireet. I have never fought by unfair means in any battle that is why I am called Vibhatsu. I never frighten my enemies by meanness, I can use my both hands when I shoot my arrows, that is why I am called Savyashachee. My complexion is unique like Arjun tree, and my name is stainless, that is why I am named Arjun. I was born on the slopes of Himvaan in a place called Satsring on a day when the star Uttaraa Phaalgunee was in ascent, that is why my name is Phalgun. I am called Jishnu because I am terrible when I am angry. My mother's name is Prithaa, so I am also called Paarth. I have taken an oath that I will destroy that person and his kinsmen who hurts my brother Yudhishthir and spills his blood on Earth. I cannot be defeated by anyone."

Then only Uttar could believe him. Uttar first looked at him and then at the weapons for some time and said - "We heard that after their 12 years of exile they left Dwait and Kaamyak Van. Where did they go then?" Arjun smiled and said - "Listen to me Uttar, all Paandav are living in Viraat Nagar. I am Arjun; Kank is Yudhishthir; your cook Vallabh is Bheem; Damagranthi, the in-charge of horses is Nakul; and Tantripaal, the cowherd is Sahadev. and Sairandhree is Draupadee because of whom Keechak was killed." Uttar took some time to digest this news. Then he said - "Hey Arjun, it is the matter of great pride even being your slave." But Arjun warned him not to tell this to anyone. He would tell this when the time comes.

Arjun further said - "Now I am here to fight for you and to rescue your cows. You don't need to fear from Kaurav's army at all, since I have taken up this issue. Come and see my fight." Uttar was sorry and ashamed of his father's behavior with Paandav during the past year. He fell on Arjun's feet and said - "I am so fortunate that I am the first person to see Paandav after their Agyaatvaas term ended, but I am sorry that you had to do such menial services in our kingdom. I ask your forgiveness for all the insults on behalf of my father and all the people of the court."

Arjun raised him up, wiped his tears, consoled him - "Don't feel bad. Let us go, we are getting late. We were very happy in Viraat Nagar. We are very grateful that our Agyaatvaas has ended successfully here." Arjun called his chariot also, kept his all weapons in that and started for the fight. Arjun asked him to be on the chariot, but as his Saarathee. So he did. He said bravely - "From today I will never ever be frightened any more." Arjun blew his Devadatt conch and made a sound of his Gaandeev's string drawing it hard while going.


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