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Arjun Comes Back on Earth

All Paandav were impatient to see Arjun. It was now five years since they saw him last. One day they saw a light on the peak of the mountain and in a few moments they found that it was a chariot and Arjun was sitting in it. Arjun immediately jumped out of the chariot and greeted all accordingly. No one talked and everyone talked. It was a wonderful meeting. Arjun gave Draupadee the gifts Indra gave for her - jewels set with gems. Indra also came to see Yudhishthir and told him that his troubles will be over soon. Now Arjun has all the Divine Astra, so you should go back to Kaamyak forest. I am very pleased with Arjun."

After Indra had left, they came back to their Aashram and talked about Arjun's adventures. When Arjun told them about the boar incident, Yudhishthir got very proud of his brother and Bheem stroked his back again and again with affection. He had been missing Arjun so much. Then Arjun told them about the killing Indra's enemies Raakshas. He said - "Indra placed a jeweled crown on my head and said, "From now on you will be known as Kireet because of this crown" (see Arjun's Ten Names), When I went there to fight with them they thought that Indra had come again to fight with them, but when they heard the sound of my conch, they accepted the challenge. They seemed to be specialists in fighting. Their Maayaa was too much to combat for me, but later I could handle it by Mohinee Astra. Then I used Vajra, Indra's personal weapon, to control them. Vajra shattered their Kavach and they looked like fallen mountains. Maatali liked my fight so much that he praised me immensely and told that he had never seen such a fighting before.

After the fight I entered their city, Amaraavatee, and found it very rich and beautiful. I asked Maatali as how did it become so rich and beautiful. Maatali told me that it was the city of Indra Himself before, but then Nivatkavach took it, they did severe Tap of Brahmaa Jee. They became invincible for Devtaa. That is why Indra had to send me to kill them, because I was a mortal not Devtaa.

On our way back, we saw a floating city. Maatali told me that it was Hiranyapuree. It was then owned by a woman named Pulomaa. She had several sons named Kaalkeya. By the Vardaan of Brahmaa Jee they also became invincible for Devtaa. So Maatali asked me to fight with them also. I did that and killed all of them with my Paashupat Astra. Indra was very happy with that. He gave me His blessings and said that I didn't need to fear anybody in fighting. Then my time had come to return to Prithvi so I came back here."

They all stayed there for many more days. Only two years were remaining out of 12 years. They had spent 10 years in exile.


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