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Bheem Meets Raajaa Nahush

All Paandav started for Kaamyak Van. Rishi Lomash had gone back to Amaraavatee. The Paandav crossed Prashravan Parvat and came to Kailaash Parvat. Now they had reached the Aashram of Rishi Vrishparvaa. They spent some time there.

One day Bheem went for hunting that he saw a huge python. He had never seen any python like this before. He grabbed him before he could realize the danger from him. Bheem's all strength was gone. He asked him with a great difficulty - "Who are you? I am Bheem, one of the Paandav, the younger brother of Yudhishthir. I have been able to tackle many powerful tigers and elephants but your strength amazes me. What is this kind of strength you have." The python said - "I am very hungry. You came at the right moment. And who I am, it is a long story. I am a great king but because of a Shaap I am on this Earth in this form. I am waiting for my release."

Then he told his story. "I am Raajaa Nahush. I was mad with power. In my arrogance I insulted Muni Agastya. He gave me Shaap to stay on Earth in the form of a python. He threw me down from Heavens and I have been here for a long time I know not. He said "In course of time Yudhishthir of Lunar family will be your savior. I have lost my old memory. I remember only this that he said, "This king will be able to answer your all questions on ethics, and he will come when I will have caught the strongest man on the Earth. You are perhaps the strongest man on the earth. So I guess that my time to be released from this Shaap is near now." (Story of Nahush)

Bheem was touched by his words, he said - "I am not angry with you, only I am sorry because I wanted to die like a Kshatriya not like a beast. I am not sorry to die, but I am sorry for my family who depend on me, to my wife to whom I have promised to bring Dushaasan's heart's blood and to break Duryodhan's thigh." Bheem was not able to move, Nahush also did not want to kill him but he had to.

In the meantime, Yudhishthir saw several ill omens, so he asked "Where is Bheem?" Draupoadee said "He has gone for hunting, it is long time now." Yudhishthir got worried so he followed him through his footsteps. He came to the place where the python had caught Bheem in his coils. Yudhishthir's heart almost stopped beating. Gathering courage he asked Bheem as how did it happen like this? Bheem told him everything. Then Yudhishthir asked the python - "I don't know who you are, I can see only your strength. I am the elder brother of my brother, Yudhishthir. Please tell me what food you want, I will bring you anything you like, but release my brother, he is very dear to me."

Nahush said - "I am Raajaa Nahush." Hearing this Yudhishthir prostrated before him. He was familiar with his ancestor's name. He was inmate of the abode of Indra. And now he was seeing him in the form of a python. He could not believe his eyes. Then Nahush told his whole story, about Agastya Muni's Shaap and his promise that Yudhishthir will release him with that Shaap." So Nahush said - "Now my life is in your hands. If you will answer my all questions on ethics, I will release your brother, and I will be free from this Shaap."

Yudhishthir said - "I will try to answer all your questions as best as I can." He prayed his father to stable his mind and said "I am ready." Nahush's first question was - "What is the definition of Braahman?" Yudhishthir said - "A Braahaman is the one who has these qualities: truthfulness, generosity, sympathy, dislike for cruelty and a capacity to do Tap. Only he is a Braahman and no one else."

Nahush asked - "What is supreme knowledge?" Yudhishthir replied - "When there is no misery or happiness, that is when both look alike to the one who knows. When one has attained supreme knowledge he will never be unhappy." Nahush asked some other similar questions also, Yudhishthir answered all questions sharply and correctly. He replied all questions with a great humility, he never said, "This is the answer to your question." He said, "In my opinion this seems to be the most satisfactory answer..." Nahush got very pleased with him, he said - "You are the wisest man I have met so far. I release your brother." Then Nahush wanted to ask more questions, so he asked and Yudhishthir answered them with great interest. Time passed soon for both of them.

There appeared a chariot in the sky. Nahush cast of his python skin and assumed his original form. He ascended the chariot after bidding farewell to both brothers and went away to his Lok. Both returned to their Aashram with a strange experience. Paandav spent almost a year in Rishi Vrishparvaa's Aashram. They returned to Dwait Van crossing Saraswatee River. It was their old place where Vyaas Jee came and asked Yudhishthir to send Arjun for Tap and gather Divine Astra. There were still two years more before they will be free. They were happy.


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