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Duryodhan's Ghosh Yaatraa

So only two years were left. Bheem was looking happier than before. Rainy season came. After the rainy season Paandav left for Kaamyak Van. Krishn came to see them along with His wife Satyabhaamaa. Paandav welcomed Krishn heartily, Draupadee welcomed Satyabhaamaa heartily. He said to Draupadee - "Subhadraa and her son Abhimanyu are all right. Abhimanyu is the master of Archery. Your sons are also with me as Dhrishtdyumn brought them to me for their education. They are perfect images of their fathers." Then He said to Yudhishthir - "Brother, Why do you wait now for two years more, our army is already ready?" Yudhishthir smiled and said - "Krishn, You know my feelings, I do not want to leave the path of Dharm. Please forgive me." Then they talked on other topics.

Then came Rishi Maarkandeya there. He was a favorite of all of them, because he was good story-teller. They all sat around him. Krishn requested him to tell them lots of stories - how the world was created, stories of great men and women. We like to hear you...." Just then Naarad Jee also came there. Naarad also sat down there. Maarkandeya told them many stories of greatness of knowledge, of the power of Tap, of the incarnation of fish at the time of Great Deluge (Great Pralaya), of the characteristics of different Yug (ages). He told them the story of Dhundhumaar, of Kuvalaashwa, of Rishi Angiraa, of Agni Dev and his love for Swaahaa, of war in high Heavens and how Kumaar (the son of Shankar) won the war for Devtaa. The story-teller had the style and the listeners had the eagerness and humility to hear. Krishn stayed there for several days and then went back to Dwaarakaa.

Duryodhan was getting restless as the period of exile of Paandav was coming to an end. Only two years more, and then they were done, then what....? Once a Braahman came to the court of Dhritraashtra. As usual he asked him the welfare of Paandav. He told them how miserable they were in forest, of Arjun and Bheem's strength, of Arjun's killing of Kaalkeya and Nivatkavach Daitya. They had to hear all which they did not want to hear. After that Braahaman went away. The king repented for injustice done to his own younger brother's sons.

Hearing all this, the four of them, Duryodhan, Shakuni, Dushaasan and Karn thought out of a way to hurt Paandav. Karn suggested them - "Your enemies are now wandering about the forest. You can hurt them, if you agree with me. There is nothing more than insulting for a man to see riches and glory of his enemies. So let us all go to Kaamyak Van and stay there for a few days. Let us make it a pleasure trip. We will go there with our women and attendants. Seeing your glory Paandav will envy you, and seeing our women Draupadee will envy our women." Duryodhan got very happy to hear Karn's advice, he said - "You always say what I like most. I want that woman's pride gone by showing our women there. I want her to weep. Think of a genuine reason to go there."

Karn said - "We have a cattle station in the neighborhood of Dwait Van let us go there to inspect that station. The king cannot refuse it and if he permitted us then we can tell the real reason later." Shakuni approved this idea so they all went to the royal court and asked the permission for their Ghosh Yaatraa which they got. Later they told him the real reason which Dhritraashtra didn't like at all because of the risk involved in it. He thought that their action was foolish. Shakuni laughed at his idea and said - "Don't worry brother-in-law, Paandav are righteous, they will not harm us."

Yudhishthir Gets Duryodhan Released

So Kaurav went to Dwait Van. All four were very happy with their plan. They inspected their cows and then distributed gifts and riches to cowherds. They were enjoying in that Van like anything. Once Duryodhan wanted to swim in the lake in Dwait Van, but a Gandharv had already entered that lake with his people. Duryodhan's servants asked him to vacate that place because the Kaurav king wanted to be there with his people. The Gandharv laughed and said - "Tell your king that I am not bound to obey him. And you too go away from here if you love your life."

Duryodhan got very angry hearing this. He ordered his army to attack him. When Gandharv heard this, they fought with them. Both armies fought but Kaurav army was finding difficult to fight back with Gandharv army. Seeing their army weak Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Karn and Shakuni also joined their army. but all of them found that they were not able to defeat the Gandharv, Karn could not fight any more and had to run away. Duryodhan was standing on the ground, so the Gandharv caught him by hair and carried him in his chariot. Dushaasan and his brothers were also tied up and carried away along with Duryodhan. The women were also taken by the Gandharv. Duryodhan's army got panicky, and in panic some of them came to Yudhishthir's Aashram and told him that Duryodhan etc were taken away by a Gandharv.

Bheem got very happy to hear this. He said - "This is the punishment for him for what he did with us. They harassed us, we could not do anything, but at least there is someone who could do it what we should have done with them long ago. He wanted to laugh at us. People who wish evil to others have to suffer like this. I am happy." Yudhishthir did not like the way Bheem was expressing himself. He said - "I do not approve your ideas, Bheem. These servants of our brother have come to us to ask our help. We are cousins and among ourselves we may have many misunderstandings, but still we remain cousins, and against a third person we should be united. We are five against hundred, but we are hundred and five against a third person. The reputation of our family is at stake. You all go and help them."

Bheem was very furious, he said - "What are you saying? You can forget all that what they did to us, but I cannot. This is the thing we should have done to them long ago." Yudhishthir said - "Are you not ashamed of yourself? You are allowing somebody else to do what you have vowed to do yourself? Go immediately and get Duryodhan released from the Gandharv. Have you forgotten a Kshatriya's duty. Whether they deserve this or not, is not our concern. We should do only our duty. You must not take revenge through the third man. When the time comes you must do what you have intended to do with him. If you will not go, then I will have to go myself."

Bheem got ashamed of his words and immediately all went to Kaurav to release them. They asked the Gandharv soldiers politely to release them, but they told that they were obeying their master. Arjun started fighting with them. The fight was fierce and the Gandharv soldiers were getting weak. So their chief came himself and fought with them from sky, but Arjun tackled his fight very well, so he came down and revealed himself. Arjun was surprised to see him that it was nobody else but his old friend Chitrasen. Arjun threw his bow and arrow and embraced him.

The five of them sat down to talk to each other for some time. Arjun asked him as why did he capture his brother Duryodhan like this?" Chitrasen said - "It is a long story, listen to it carefully. He came to Dwait Van not to inspect cows but to see you all suffer. They came to see your suffering and enjoy. Your father knew their intentions, so he sent me to pick up a quarrel against him and capture him. He knew that Yudhishthir follows Dharm so he will send you to save them. Arjun is your friend and disciple, you may tell him all this. This rescue by Paandav may teach Duryodhan a lesson, he should feel humiliated and obliged to them. I will not surrender them to you but to Yudhishthir, let him do whatever he needs to be done with him."

All went to Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir got all of theme released, and thanked Chitrasen for his obligation. Yudhishthir looked at Duryodhan. There was only gentleness and pity in that look, no hatred at all. He said to him - "Never do such a stupid thing again. Go back now to your kingdom." With extreme humiliation and face down Duryodhan left the place.


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