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Arjun Kaurav Fight

As Arjun arrived in the battlefield, he shot two arrows at the feet of Drone to touch his feet. Bheeshm and Kripaa were also greeted in the same way. Then two more arrows came and brushed past Drone's years. Bheeshm and Kripaa also heard arrows past their ears. Those arrows were to ask their permission to fight. So the fight began.

Arjun said to Uttar - "I can see all people here, but I don't see Duryodhan." The then he saw a small army heading towards Hastinaapur. He understood their plan that they didn't want him to meet Duryodhan so they sent him to Hastinaapur with cows. He said to Uttar - "Duryodhan is going away with cows, come, let us release our cows first." And they followed him. Whoever came in the way, Arjun fought with him, and nobody could stop him. Arjun further said - "I am not interested in fighting with anyone else, I just want to rescue our cows and I want to meet the man who has caused this unwanted harm to us. I want to kill all those who had laughed at us."

The chariot was running away. Bheeshm guessing Arjun's intentions said to his army - "Arjun is after Duryodhan. He can kill him in no time. Let us not worry about the cows, we should meet Arjun first." So Bheeshm followed Arjun. But Arjun, according to his plan, released Viraat's cows first, and then headed towards Duryodhan. This was all so sudden that Bheeshm's strategy of Vajra Vyooh failed and his army got scattered. Now Karn, Bheeshm all were heading towards Arjun.

Fighting with others on the way, Arjun came to a point where Karn was coming towards him, so he said to Uttar - "This man is Karn. He is the best archer, he is a disciple of Bhaargav, he is unparallel in valor and skills, and he is my rival, so you take me to him." Ashwatthaamaa smiled at Karn as if he was saying "let us see what do you do now?" Arjun was surrounded by many warriors. It was a terrible fight

Arjun singled out Karn and fought with him for a long time. The arrows of Karn were so swift that their path could not be followed by eye. They were sharp too. They wounded Arjun. But in the end Karn had to accept his defeat. He ran away from the battlefield. Drone and Ashwatthaamaa also came to fight with him but Arjun defeated everyone. At last he came to Duryodhan but he also couldn't fight for long with Arjun, so he also ran away. Arjun abused him badly, so Duryodhan came back to fight, Karn also came to his help, but it was not possible to defeat Arjun in any way. Drone etc came again to fight with him but this time Arjun shot the Sammohan Astra (weapon) and made all of them sleep.

Arjun remembered Uttaraa's request to bring some clothes of Kaurav, so he asked Uttar to take off the clothes from Kripaa's, Karn's, Duryodhan's and Ashwatthaamaa's bodies. He asked him to bring white silk from Kripaa's body, yellow silk from Karn's body, Ashwatthaamaa's cloth too, and blue silk from Duryodhan's body. And warned him "Do not go very near to my grandfather, he knows the counter of this Astra, so he may not have fainted at all." Uttar brought all clothes and some jewels too and came back to his chariot.

They were ready to go back, that Bheeshm tried to stop them but Arjun killed his horses.. Arjun saluted Bheeshm from a distance and said to Uttar - "Now we should go back," When all in Kaurav army gained consciousness, they wanted to fight again, but Bheeshm laughed and said - "He has already gone. We are defeated. Let us go back to Hastinaapur. He has taken your dresses and jewels too, it means that he has stripped your honor too. He could have killed you all while you were asleep, but he was very righteous, he did not do so." Duryodhan's all plans failed. He saw Arjun's chariot in the distant horizon. At the same time Arjun sent arrows which fell near the feet of elders. This he did to take leave of them. He sent one arrow to Duryodhan also to take leave, it fell his crown.

Arjun asked Uttar to take his chariot first to Shamee tree. He kept his weapons on the tree, sent back his own chariot, took Uttar's chariot and said to him - "Now you take your own seat and I take my own." and then headed to Viraat Nagar. After reaching at the palace Brihannalaa descended from the chariot and said to Uttar - "Thank God, All the cows are saved and the enemies are defeated. But you never say to your father that Paandav are living here in Viraat Nagar. Tell him that you did all this, saving the cows, and fighting with Kaurav army etc etc." Uttar said - "But that is impossible. I cannot take the credit for what I have not done." Arjun said - "For now you will have to say that. When the time will come we ourselves will tell this to him."


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