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Paandav After 13 Days of Exile - Maitreya Muni's Shaap To Dhritraashtra

Duryodhan was watching Vidur's activities. He doubted that "Vidur must have made his father agreed for calling Paandav back and returning them their kingdom, that was why he was sent to Van. Dhritraashtra could very easily be swayed away by Vidur than me. What should I do?" Shakuni said - "Don't worry, my son. Paandav will never forget their Dharm, they are very righteous, they will never break their promise." Karn suggested to attack on Paandav, but then Vyaas came there to stop this action. He said to Dhritraashtra - "You have already done enough damage to yourself. When Paandav will come back after 13 years after nurturing hatred towards you, you all will be destroyed, so try to make peace with them, if you cannot, then at lease let them live in peace." So Duryodhan abandoned his plan and Vyaas went away.

After that Rishi Maitreya came to Dhritraashtra. Hearing that he had come from forest, Dhritraashtra asked him about the welfare of Paandav. Maitreya said - "Yes, I saw them and I was surprised to see them there. It is unbelievable that you treated your brother's children like this? How could you and Bheeshm allow to happen all that whatever happened here?" Then Maitreya called Duryodhan and spoke to him in soft words - "You should be affectionate to your cousins. They are strong. Are you aware of the deaths of Hidimb, Bakaasur and Jaraasandh? Bheem has killed now Kirmeeraa Raakshas too, so why do you hesitate to make peace with them?"

Duryodhan did not pay any attention to Rishi Maitreya  and kept drawing patterns on the floor with his toe. Maitreya considered this as his insult so he said - "I give you this Shaap that Bheem's vow will be true. You will be dead after he has broken your thigh." Dhritraashtra tried to pacify him, but Maitreya said - "When I have given Shaap, I have given it, but yes, if he makes peace with Paandav, this may be considered withdrawn." Dhritraashtra wanted to know about the killing of Kirmeeraa but he refused to tell saying that "Vidur is there, he knows about it. Ask him." and he went away.

Then Dhritraashtra asked Vidur to tell him about Kirmeeraa Raakshas. Vidur told him that after three nights of their departure from Hastinaapur, when they were going to Kaamyak Van, they met a terrible Raakshas named Kirmeeraa. He wanted to eat them. Yudhishthir asked him, "Who are you?" Kirmeeraa said - "I am the brother of Bakaasur." Then Kirmeeraa asked him "Who are you?". Yudhishthir said - "We are Paandav and are in exile for 13 years." Hearing that, since Bheem was also there, he said - "Bakaasur was my brother and Hidimb was a good fried of mine. Bheem has killed both of them, I will kill him." He called Bheem to fight with him. Arjun wanted to help Bheem but Bheem stopped him and killed Kirmeeraa in fight. Hearing all this Dhritraashtra got afraid of power of Bheem.

Krishn's Vow

After 13 days of exile, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev suggested Yudhishthir with the same plea of Shaastra that Bheeshm gave to Vidur, that they should now attack Kaurav as they had already finished their period of exile. Yudhishthir told that Shaastra are, in fact to fix the limits, but may be manipulated in special conditions, still they should not leave their Dharm, and they would be back only after finishing their exile term.

Krishn also came to see Paandav in Kaamyak Van. Raajaa Drupad sent his son Dhrishtdyumn along with Krishn. Chedi's king Dhrishtketu and Kaikaya brothers also came to see them with Krishn. All were shocked to see their condition. Krishn said - "All of us are shocked to know what has happened with you in Dhritraashtra's court. They had no right to behave in that way. We are all here, we can defeat the whole Kaurav family easily." Yudhishthir said - "Krishn, We do not want fight. If we wanted fighting then we five brothers were enough for them." Dhrishtdyumn said - "Perhaps you have forgotten that my sister was insulted there." Yudhishthir said - "Her insult was our insult also. If Draupadee considers that insult only her own insult and separates it from our insult then you can certainly fight." Draupadee said - "Bhaiyaa, This is my battlefield and my fate is connected to their fate, so leave me alone." Dhrishtdyumn was silent hearing this.

Then Yudhishthir politely said to Krishn - "No Krishn, In fact I have done a wrong thing and this exile is the result of it. I have to go through it and my brothers and queen also will have to suffer with me. Vyaas Jee had already told me about this when I was in Indraprasth. I have to suffer so I cannot agree with you."

Krishn was as angry with Kaurav as Rudra got angry at the time of destruction of Asur. Arjun tried to pacify Him. Krishn said to Yudhishthir - "Your life and mine are bound to each other. Your enemies are my enemies. They will surely be destroyed, if not now then later. I will flow their blood on this Earth and make you the king, I swear that." Krishn's anger was such a contrast to the patience of Yudhishthir.

When Draupadee saw Krishn she broke into tears. All the sorrow became fresh in her mind. She repeated all the events to Krishn one by one. Then she started telling about her five husbands that what if she had these five brave invincible husbands. They were all silently watching all those events. They are not men. They all call themselves Kshatriya but they don't know the meaning of Kshatriya. Was it not their Dharm to protect a woman from those cruel people?" Draupadee couldn't speak any more. Krishn pacified her - "Don't cry like this Krishnaa, just wait for your good time, Kuru women will also weep like this as you are weeping now. Listen to my words that you will see all Kaurav dead, my words cannot go untrue."

Krishn said to Yudhishthir - "If I had been in Dwaarakaa at the time of all this, I would have surely rushed to Hastinaapur to stop all this, but I was away to Shaalv. I was fighting with Shaalv and Saubh. After killing them I rushed back to Dwaarakaa. There I heard about all the injustice done to you. I thought that I would be able to make you ready to fight for your kingdom. You have already spent 13 days in forest. In special conditions 13 days means 13 years, so you will not break your promise even if you fight now. But as you wish. I will place the crown on your head soon with my own hands, you should be sure of that." Krishn left after saying this, then left Dhrishtdyumn along with Draupadee's five sons.

My Note
This statement of Krishn shows that He did not help Draupadee at the time of her "Draupadee Vastra Haran". But at the same time this is also not digestible that being Bhagavaan how did it matter to Him whether He was in Dwaarakaa or in Shaalv; He could have heard her prayers anywhere, because when H was away from Hastinaapur, He was away whether He was in Dwaarakaa or in Shaalv.


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