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Paandav in Forest

Paandav came out of the city very fast and came to the banks of Gangaa River. They found a small place under the shade of trees called Pramanvat to take rest for the day and night. They had no food on that day, so they drank only Gangaa water. This was their first night of their exile. Several Braahman accompanied them from the city so they also stayed there with them. Next day Yudhishthir politely asked them to go back, because he would not be able to feed them, because now he was not a king, and he could not feed them. But they wouldn't go back, because they also didn't have any other shelter for them. Yudhishthir was very unhappy with this, so he consulted Rishi Dhaumya. He suggested him to pray Soorya Dev to help him as he was the Devtaa of food. Yudhishthir did that. Soorya Dev was pleased with him, he said - "I am very pleased with you. I will give you food for all your 12 years. I give you this vessel of copper, it will always be full. As soon as Draupadee will begin to serve out the food she will get everything from it. It will be infinite." Yudhishthir was very happy to take that vessel as he would now be able to feed those who depend on him. Now they left for Kaamyak Van.

Twelve days passed since Paandav had left for forest. Bheeshm could not tolerate any more and asked Vidur to save Hastinaapur. He said - "Tomorrow is the 13th day of exile, and it is written in Shaastra that 13 days could be considered equal to 13 years in special conditions. Therefore go and tell Dhritraashtra that he should call Paandav back from forest." Vidur> went to Dhritraashtra.

Dhritraashtra was already unhappy with Kuntee's living with Vidur, but Gaandhaaree was in full support of Kuntee. She said - "How Kuntee could live in this house where her daughter-in-law's clothes were pulled off. In fact I don't know how I am living here, because her clothes are a part of my clothes too, they are a part of Bharat's family." Dhritraashtra couldn't say a word and went to his court.

In the meantime Dhriraashtra was feeling very miserable for he was unable to face anybody for his ill actions he did to Paandav. So he called Vidur and said - "I am very unhappy because nobody likes me and people look at me with a look of hatred. Please console me." Vidur said - "I can only suggest you one thing which I am sure you will not like, but still I will say it to you, that if you really repent for your actions, then call Paandav back from forest and return their kingdom to them. Never think that "what they will think", once they will know that you are not hating them they will also not hate you. But for this you will have to give up the love of your son." Dhritraashtra said angrily - "But how can I do that? how can I give up the love of my first-born son for my brother's sons?  Do you wish that I call Paandav back, and let my son Duryodhan commit suicide? When I have postponed the war for 13 years, why do you want to make it happen now? Leave me alone, I don't need you, you can please yourself." Dhritraashtra left the place leaving Vidur alone there. Vidur decided to leave Hastinaapur and join Paandav in the forest.

Paandav were heading towards west. After crossing Gangaa, they crossed Yamunaa and came to Saraswatee River. On its banks was Kaamyak Van. They decided to stay there for some time.

Vidur came there to see Paandav. Vidur's heart moved to see them in that condition. Yudhishthir had to comfort Vidur, instead that Vidur had comforted Paandav. He told them that Dhritraashtra had also asked him to leave the court, and there is nobody there to tell him the right path. Vidur further told them that he is a greater fool who waits for walls to fall, one should build new walls before the old walls fall.

But Dhritraashtra couldn't live without Vidur whom he used to scold most of the time but at the same time he loved him most after his son. He knew about his goodness. When Bheeshm heard that Vidur had left the court, he abused Dhritraashtra and said - "If you have little wisdom left then call Vidur back." Then he sent Sanjaya to Kaamyak Van to bring Vidur back saying that he should forget everything. Sanjay told Vidur that Dhritraashtra had ordered him to bring him back only after talking to Bheeshm and has said to me - "If Vidur doesn't agree to come back like this, you should bring him by my royal order." So Vidur had to come back to Hastinaapur.

Once Vyaas Jee came to see Dhritraashtra and said to him - "You are responsible for whatever has happened with your brother's children. You will have to bear the result of all this. You should fulfill your duties as king, convince Duryodhan that he has no concern with kingdom and politics while you and Bheeshm are alive. If you cannot convince him, punish him. If you did not do your duties you will be destroyed."

Bheeshm sent a message to Duryodhan that he was waiting for the day after 13 years, because on that day Bheem would surely come to break Duryodhan's thigh, and to drink the blood of Dushaasan's heart. Till Vidur was away, Duryodhan was very happy, but as he saw that Vidur has come back, he got worried. He was also very sad hearing Vyaas Muni. Karn tried to pacify him. He said - "You are a brave warrior. It doesn't look good to you to be scared of those five vagabonds wandering in forest. They cannot do any harm to us."

Shakuni was not yet satisfied that Paandav were living in forest in peace. So he said to Duryodhan - " Arjun has bow as his weapon, Bheem has Gadaa as his weapon, and Yudhishthir has Dharm as his weapon, so don't worry they will not come back before 13 years. So now you have 13 years to do anything. You should not sit quiet, as they will also not sit quiet. My suggestion is that you should go on gaming spree to the same forest where Paandav are, along with Karn and Dushaasan and try to embarrass or insult them there."

Kripaachaarya told Bheeshm that Shakuni was not satisfied even after sending Paandav to Van. He had sent Duryodhan for gaming spree and he has camped only near Yudhishthir's camp. I am not afraid of Yudhishthir, but I am scared of Bheem, because Bheem is like Pavan (wind), if he moved around nobody can stop him.

Bheeshm was sad hearing this but he could not do anything.


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