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War Day 14: Drone as Commander-in-Chief-Day 4 (4)
14th day of War - The 4th day continues under the leadership of Drone,
After Jayadrath Vadh
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(7-146) Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "Tell me, what did my warriors do after Jayadrath was killed?" Sanjaya said - "After Jayadrath was killed, Kripaa and Ashwatthaamaa rushed towards Arjun and covered him with arrows. Arjun didn't want to kill both of them so he dealt with them mildly still they were hurt and fled away from the battle field. Arjun lamented remembering Vidur that he, of great wisdom, foresaw about Duryodhan at his birth and said to Dhritraashtra - "Better you kill him otherwise he will destroy your whole race." And his words have come true now. It is because of him only that I am seeing my preceptor lying on the bed of arrows. Kripaa is also lying on the terrace of his chariot. When I was learning from him he said to me - "Do not ever strike your preceptor." But I have not obeyed his command.";

While Arjun was lamenting thus, Karn, after hearing the death of Jayadrath, rushed towards Arjun. Seeing Karn coming towards Arjun, Saatyaki and two sons of Drupad also rushed to rescue Arjun. Arjun asked Krishn to take his chariot towards Karn. Krishn replied - "Saatyaki is singly a match for Karn, and he becomes superior when he is united with the two sons of Drupad. It is not proper for you to fight with Karn. He is coming to you with the Power Indra gave it to him. he has kept it for you only worshipping it with great reverence. So let him face Saatyaki."

Dhritraashtra asked - "Then, tell me O Sanjaya, how was the encounter between Karn and Saatyaki, because Saatyaki was without chariot?" Sanjaya said - "Listen. Before even the encounter, Krishn knew that Saatyaki would be defeated by Bhoorishravaa, so He called his charioteer Daaruk and asked him to get His chariot ready. Nobody in the world is able to conquer the two Krishn. So when Krishn saw Satyaki without his chariot and Karn ready for fight, He blew His conch in Rishabh (the second note in music) note. The brother of Daaruk immediately brought another chariot for and Saatyaki fought with Karn riding on that celestial chariot in which the best four horses were yoked - Sugreev, Meghpushp, Valaahak, and Shaivya. Yudhaamanyu and Uttamaujaa also rushed towards Karn leaving Arjun's chariot. Both were fighting that Shalya, Vrishsen and Ashwatthaamaa also arrived there.

Then suddenly nothing could be seen. Saatyaki broke Karn's chariot, so he rode on Duryodhan's chariot. Saatyaki did not kill your sons because of honoring Bheem's vow, he just weakened them. (Bheem vowed to kill your all sons, and Arjun vowed to kill Karn.) There were only three archers in the world, no other fourth one - Krishn, Arjun and Saatyaki." Dhritraashtra asked - O Sanjaya, Tell me if Saatyaki rode any other chariot after this fight with Karn was over?" Sanjaya said - "Then the younger brother of Daaruk brought another chariot for Saatyaki and he rode on that chariot. Karn also got a new chariot. Know what is happening because of your evil policy - your 31 sons have already been slain by Bheem till today. Saatyaki and Arjun have also killed many heroes of your army too including Bhagadatt."

Dhritraashtra asked - "What Bheem did when he was without chariot?" Sanjaya told him - "Bheem was very angry at the words spoken by Karn (eunuch, fool, unskilled in weapons etc), so he said to Arjun - "Did you hear what Karn said to me? Who would tell me like this he would be killed by me. Do you remember the vow which I made jointly with you. Do something like this that both vows are not broken." Arjun proceeded near to Karn and said to him - "Listen to me what I say. In a battle only two things happen - victory or defeat and both are uncertain. But when Indra is in the battle they are not uncertain. I have made vow to kill you. You killed my son at the back of my sight, but I will kill your son before your eyes."

Then Krishn said - "It is good O Arjun, that your vow has been fulfilled, and this is good too that his father has also been killed. Your might is equal to Rudra" Arjun said - "It was all because of you that I could fulfill my vow. This is your victory." Krishn smiling at this proceeded through the battlefield showing him the destruction of that day. Krishn blew His conch and they came to Yudhishthir to inform about Jayadrath's killing. Yudhishthir embraced both of them and worshipped and prayed Vaasudev.

After the death of Jayadrath, Duryodhan wept bitterly for him. He was greatly afflicted. Besides, Arjun, Bheem and Saatyaki had also killed his many people. His eyes filled with tears and he was compelled to think that, indeed there was no warrior like Arjun in the world - neither Drone, nor Kripaa, nor Bheeshm,  not Ashwatthaamaa, nor even Karn.  No one could save Jayadrath in spite of so many people on his guard. Upon whose power I was engaged in this battle that Karn was also defeated and Jayadrath was killed," Thinking about thus he went to Drone and told everything about the calamity on Kaurav army.

He said to him - "See, I came to battle relying on Bheeshm, he was also killed by Shikhandee - your disciple. Then your another disciple Arjun has killed my seven Akshauhinee army and Jayadrath today. All this slaughter has been caused because of me only. I don't think I can be cleansed from this sin even doing after 100 horse sacrifices. See, Saatyaki has killed Jalaasandh too. He came to battle only because of me. Today I will try my best to purify me by offering water oblations to all dead. I have no meaning of life now, With your permission I also wish to go there where all others have gone for my sake."

Drone was sorry for Duryodhan, he could not tolerate tears in Duryodhan's eyes, he said - "I have already told you that Arjun is invincible in the battle. This is true that Bheeshm was killed by Shikhandee, but he was protected by Arjun. Although Bheeshm was also invincible in the battle even by Devtaa or Daanav etc but still he was slain. When he had fallen, then on whom we could rely? Vidur told you several times to make peace with Paandav, but you did not hear. This is the result of your disobedience. You sent such virtuous Paandav to forest, who is the other Braahman except me, who would fight with such pious souls? You all tried to save Jayadrath then why you all - you, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa, Kripaa, Shaly are alive and Jayadrath is dead? I was not sure of even my safety, how could I save Jayadrath? Until I kill Paanchaal with Shikhandee, I feel insecure in the hands of Dhrishtdyumn. Don't say such words to me, I myself am sad for this. You don't see the proper rules of war after Bheeshm, then how do you hope for success? When Jayadrath and Bhoorishravaa like warriors were killed in the midst of so many warriors then what will be our end? For your good, I will not take off my armor without killing all Paanchaal. Tell my son also that he should kill Somak at the risk of his life, but he should fight righteously. Both armies are angry so it seems that fight will continue even in the night." After saying this Drone proceeded against Paandav. Duryodhan and Karn also followed him.

Fight in the Night

On the way to battlefield, Duryodhan said to Karn - "See, How Arjun alone, only with Krishn, broke our Vyooh today, and how he killed Jayadrath in spite of our so continuous vigilance. They have destroyed our more than half of the army. I think Guru allowed Arjun to enter the Vyooh, because he is his favorite disciple. Otherwise tell me, how could he past through Drone? If I have known this before, I myself would have sent Jayadrath to his kingdom. He was so frightened and this man gave him assurance to save him, and he allowed Arjun to kill him. I am very unhappy with Drone. Even my several brothers have also been killed."

But Karn was not happy with Duryodhan's words, he said - "You should not talk like this about Aachaarya. He has been trying his best at his age. I don't think that you should blame him for this, because we all fought at our best but still we could not save him. If Arjun penetrated our Vyooh, it is not the fault of Drone. He is very skilful in weapons. He is a distinguished archer. He is equipped with celestial weapons, his banner is adorned with ape, his charioteer is Krishn Himself, he has celestial bow Gaandeev, he wears impenetrable armor, he can do wonders in the battle field. That is why I do not see any fault with Guru. I think what is ascertained by fate never occurs otherwise. Success depends on fate. You gave them poison, you burned them in inflammable palace, you defeated them in dice game, but because of their good fate you could not do anything to them. Neither they have employed any special intelligence, nor you are a fool, but it is all work of fate." Talking like this they had come to the field. Paandav's army was also ready to fight. A fierce fight started again between your and Paandav armies.

Both armies were experiencing difficulty in fighting dark. While they were fighting, Duryodhan also came and started fighting. He slaughtered Paandav army such that the Paandav army has never been slain like that before. Once Yudhishthir shot an arrow at Duryodhan and he fell from his chariot. All cried "the king is slain". then Drone appeared in the battle field and Duryodhan also gained his senses. All warriors of Paandav's side rushed towards Drone. But Drone alone killed thousands of elephants, tens of thousands of chariots, and millions and millions of horses and foot-soldiers. Bheem crushed your two sons, Durmad and Dushkarn, to death. Seeing this many warriors of your side rushed towards Bheem.

(7-155) Somdatt was very angry with Saatyaki because he killed his son Bhoorishravaa. He said to Saatyaki - "Why did you kill him in such a cruel and sinful way?" Saatyaki said - "You cannot say this to me. I am always observant of Kshatriya rules, it is you or somebody else. Nor I fear of anybody. I have killed Bhoorishravaa, defeated Shal and Karn, I will kill you also today. You will also be killed along with Karn and Shakuni. If you run away from the field, then only you can be saved." And he started fighting with him. Both started fighting but Somdatt was hurt by Saatyaki and he had to be carried away from the field.

Ghatotkach also joined the army in his 30 Nalavaa long and high chariot (see Ghatotkach's Chariot's Measurements). He had brought his one Akshauhinee army of Raakshas with him. Night has fallen so their strength was increased. Ghatotkach's son Anjanparv also came to fight with Ashwatthaamaa, but Ashwatthaamaa soon killed him. Seeing his son Ghatotkach came to Ashwatthaamaa to fight with him. He said to Ashwatthamaa - "Wait, I will kill you like Agni's son killed Kraunch." Ashwatthaamaa said - "Go and fight somewhere else, it is not good to fight with son (because Ghatotkach was the son of the disciple of his own Guru - Drone)." But he didn't pay any attention to it and your army found iron wheels and other kinds of weapons falling from sky. So your sons and Karn felt pain and they fled away. It was only Ashwatthaamaa who did not care for Ghatotkach's Asur style war. He dispelled all illusions of Ghatotkach with his celestial weapons - Vaayavya. Both used celestial weapons in their fight. Within a moment he killed the whole Raakshas army with its horses and charioteers.

Duryodhan praised him for this job and asked Shakuni to kill Yudhishthir, the twins and Bheem. Shakuni went towards Paandav side. Ghatotkach continued his fight with Ashwatthaamaa. Ashwatthaamaa killed Drupad's son Surath and his younger brother Shatrunjaya. Then he killed Balneek, Jayaneek, Jaya, Prishadhra and Chandrasen (Who were they?). He killed 10 sons of Kuntibhoj. Then he shot an arrow at Ghatotkach. He fell down from his chariot. Dhrishtdyumn, thinking he was dead, took him away from the field. Thus Ashwatthaama defeated all Paandav army on that day.

Seeing this killing by Ashwatthaamaa, Yudhishthir, Bheem, Dhrishtdyumn, and Saatyaki set their hearts on battle. Somdatt again came to fight with Saatyaki. Seeing fighting his son Baahleek also came to fight. Everybody was surprised to see such an old man coming to fight. In fact he was the oldest Kuru in that group. Bheem killed him only with one hit of his Gadaa. Bheem then killed 10 sons of Dhritraashra - Naagdatt, Dridhrath, Veerbaahu, Ayobhuj, Dridh, Suhast, Veergas, Pramath, and Ugrayaye (Sorry, only nine names are given here and Dridh is duplicated or there were two different sons Dridh and Dridhrath). Vrikrath, Karn's brother came to fight with him but soon he killed him also. After killing them he killed 5 sons of Subal - Shakuni's brothers - Gavaaksh, Sarabh, Vibhu, Subhag, and Bhaanudatt. Drone was trying to capture Yudhishthir. He tried all his Astra (of Yam, Varun, Agni, Twashtar etc) at Yudhishthir but he failed all of them. Even Indra's Astra got failed. Then he sent him Brahm Astra but Yudhishthir warded it off too by the same. Then Drone gave up. 

Paandav army was agitating Kaurav army at this killing so seeing it Duryodhan said to Karn - "Now is the time to show your friendship. Kill these Paandav." Karn said - "Sure, Even if Indra himself comes to save him today I will kill him. I will kill all Paandav, Paanchaal etc today. I will use that Power (given by Indra) on Arjun today because he is the strongest in Paandav. Then all others will surrender you. Till I am alive you should never be sad."

Hearing Karn, Kripaa said - "Excellent, Your speech seems sweet, but if the victory could be got only by words then Duryodhan had ample protection. You talk too much, but I am yet to see your action. Every time when we had encounter with Paandav you have been defeated by them. When Duryodhan was taken away by Gandharv, everybody fought except you. In Viraat's City (read the description of Arjun and Kaurav war also you and your younger brother were defeated by Paarth. You are not a match even for one son of Paandu. Then how can you defeat all the sons of Paandu headed by Krishn Himself? You just make noise, as you will see Paarth, you, your noise will disappear. You always speak ill about Arjun, Krishn and Yudhishthir, but he is certain of the victory who has these two heroes at his side. Otherwise also they have many heroes at their side. They cannot be defeated. As far as Yudhishthir is there, he can burn the whole world only with his angry eyes."

Karn replied - "Only heroes make noise. Today I have determined to defeat Arjun and Krishn together. You will see me today." Kripaa said - "They are invincible even for Devtaa, Raakshas and Gandharv etc. Besides many great warriors are fighting for them. Only Yudhishthir can burn the whole world even with a look through his angry eyes." Karn said - "What you said is right, but I have a Power, given by Indra, which cannot fail. You love Paanadav very much that is why you are talking to me like this. A word more like this, I will cut your tongue. You love Paandav and frighten the Kaurav troops? Here there is nobody who can face Paandav but still they are fighting. Victory depends on destiny even in the case of mightiest men. When many others who were mightier than Paandav, have been slain, including Bheeshm, by Paandav then what can you say except the result of their destiny. Still I will fight at my best for Duryodhan leaving victory on destiny."

Seeing insult of his uncle by Karn, Ashwatthaamaa ran towards Karn saying - "Uncle was describing their true characteristics. Where were your weapons when Jayadrath was slain before your eyes? Do you think to defeat him who has won even Mahaadev? I will just sever your head." And he proceeded towards Karn. Then both Duryodhan and Kripaa interfered and pacified him. Karn said - "This Braahman thinks himself to be very brave. Free him to fight with me."  Duryodhan said - "Do not be angry with Karn. There is great burden on all of you. See Paandav army is coming fast." Then Kripaa said - "We pardon you. Only Arjun will break your pride."

Karn and Arjun were fighting as if they will kill each other. Duryodhan sent Ashwatthaamaa to guard Karn so that Arjun does not kill Karn. Once Arjun killed his horses so Karn had to jump from his chariot and ride on Kripaa's. Seeing this Kaurav troops started running away. Then Duryodhan himself came and stopped them from running and he himself proceeded towards Arjun to kill him. Seeing Duryodhan going towards Arjun, Kripaa rushed to Ashwatthaamaa and said to him - "See this tiny insect going to burn himself in a big fire in anger. He can stay alive only till he doesn't face Paarth. So he should be stopped immediately. When we are here he should not go for fighting. It shows that he has none to fight for him. You go and guard him otherwise he may be killed within no time."

Ashwatthaamaa rushed to Duryodhan and said - "Why should you come to fight when we all are here. You just watch. I will go there to stop him" Duryodhan said - "Your father had been favoring Paandav for all these days, you were also indifferent. This is my bad luck that all my friends upon whom I depend are defeated by Paandav. O Ashwatthaamaa, be pleased with me and destroy my enemies. Whether now or later this should be accomplished by you only, because you are born to destroy Paanchaal."

Ashwatthaamaa said - "Although what you said is right that Paandav are always dear to both of us, but we are as fond of you too. If we had not been here in the battle, Paandav would have destroyed your army within no time. Nobody can defeat Paandav's army till they themselves are alive. Because you are of very suspicious nature, that is why you distrust us also. It is not right. I think you are a wicked and sinful soul." And he went to fight.

Dhrishtdyumn came to fight with him. Ashwatthaamaa thought that by killing him he could avert the death of his father by his hands. But Dhrishtdyumn said - "Perhaps you don't know about my origin. I will not kill you until I send your father to Yam's house. Tomorrow as soon as the dawn comes I will first kill Drone, then I will kill you. That Braahman who abandoning his own profession has adopted Kshatriya's profession can be killed by all Kshatriya." Everybody was looking and admiring that fight. Soon Ashwatthaamaa defeated Dhrishtdyumn by breaking his bow and chariot. Then came Somdatt. Saatyaki killed him soon along with his charioteer.

Seeing Somdatt killed you warriors rushed towards Saatyaki. Yudhishthir came to his help. Seeing Yudhishthir coming, Drone came to fight with him. Both started fighting then Krishn came to Yudhishthir and said - "Why do you always to come to fight with Drone when you know that he is bent upon capturing you? Kings should fight with kings, not with who are not kings. There is a man in your army who is born to kill him, leave Drone to him and if you want to fight, go and fight with Duryodhan." Yudhishthir went away from there. 

All people were fighting in dark so they were confused. Duryodhan cheered them up and told them to take oil lamps. Happily they all took oil lamps. Even celestial Rishi, Kinnar, Gandharv etc, Naarad and Parvat Rishi appeared with lamps for the sake of Duryodhan. Seeing Kaurav's army Paandav also illuminated their army. On each elephant, they put seven lamps; on each chariot ten; and on each horse two lamps. They placed many lamps on the back of their chariots and standards. Other people took lamps to illuminate the army. Thus both armies became visible.

Seeing Drone bent upon the battling, Duryodhan instructed his brothers - Vikarn, Chitrasen, Durdharsh, Supaarshwa, Deerghbaahu and all others that they should always protect Drone and not allow meeting him with Dhrishtdyumn because he didn't consider anybody else who could defeat Drone. Shal and Kritvarmaa will be on his either side to protect him. On the other side Yudhishthir instructed his troops to kill only Drone. When the fight resumed again Kritvarmaa made Yudhishthir without chariot, without horses, without charioteer, and when Yudhishthir took up his sword he cut the sword also and cut his armor, so he had to go back from the field.

Later Saatyaki killed Bhoori in a dual. Seeing Bhoori killed Ashwatthaamaa rushed towards Saatyaki. Then Ghatotkach came to rescue Saatyaki saying to Ashwatthaamaa - "Just wait, I will kill you like Kaarttik killed Mahishaasur." [Did Kaarttik kill Mahishaasur or Devee killed him?] Then a fierce battle took place between Ghatotkach and Ashwatthaamaa. At another place a fight was going on between Bheem and Duryodhan. Once Bheem almost killed Duryodhan, so with this idea he gave a loud cry. At another place a fight was going between Karn and Sahadev. Karn defeated Sahadev and touching him with his bow said - "Go and never try to fight with your superiors. Go and help Arjun or go back your home." Thus according to his promise to Kuntee, Karn did not kill Sahadev, although he could kill him easily.

According to Mahabharata Serial

Karn was creating havoc in Paandav army, seeing this Arjun said to Krishn, "Take my chariot towards Karn, he is destroying our army badly." Krishn was aware of the Power given by Indra to Karn, so He said - "There are only two people who can fight with Karn, one is of course you and the other one is Ghatotkach. Let Ghatotkach take care of him, you concentrate on Yudhishthir." Arjun unwillingly agreed to Krishn although he wanted to fight with Karn, but Yudhishthir's issue was more important than Karn, so he called Ghatotkach. Krishn said to him - "Ghatotkach, we all depend on you and your army. You go and take care of Karn." Ghatotkach said - "I will."


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