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Greater Than and Better Than

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Greater Than and Better Than

There is no other aim than Vishnu,
there is no greater Tap than living without food,
there is no valuable thing than health,
there is no river like Gangaa River, and
there is no greater friend than Vishnu.
[Agni Puraan, 34]

As Naaraayan is the highest among Devtaa,
Gaayatree Mantra is the greatest among Mantra,
Gangaa is the highest among rivers,
Paarvatee is the highest among women,
Sun is the highest among burning things,
health is the best among benefits,
Braahman is the highest among people,
to do good to others is the highest among Punya,
Ved are the highest among Vidyaa,
Truth and following one's own Dharm are the highest among Tapasyaa,
self-cleansing is the highest among cleansing,
to make someone fearless is the highest among Daan, and
abandoning greed is the highest among qualities, in the same way
Vaishaakh Maas is the best among all months.
[Padm Puraan, 4/19]

Once Maharshi Angiraa said to a Muni community that there is
no other greater means of satisfaction than food,
no other greater Guru than father,
no other better person for donation than Braahman,
no other greater Devtaa than Vishnu,
no other greater Teerth than Gangaa,
no other greater Daan than cow donation,
no other better Jap than of Gaayatree Mantra,
no greater fast than Ekaadashee,
no other better friend than ones own wife,
no other greater Dharm than kindness,
no other greater happiness than independence,
no other greater Aashram than Grihasth,
no other better conduct than Truth,
no other better comfort than contentment, and
no other greater month than Vaishaakh.
Whoever takes bath daily in the morning in Vaishaakh Maas, his all sins are destroyed.
[Padm Puraan, 4/20]

Donation of elephant is greater than a horse donation;
land donation is greater than the horse donation;
sesame seed donation is greater than the land donation;
gold donation is greater than the sesame seed donation;
Ann (food) Daan is greater than the gold donation, because Ann satisfy Pitar, Devtaa and human beings. Kanyaa (girl) donation like Ann Daan, and cow donation.
But the greatest of all donations is Vidyaa Daan.
[Padm Puraan, 5/5]

There is no Teerth like Gandakee,
no Vrat like Dwaadashee, and
no Devtaa like Vishnu.
[Padm Puraan, 5/10]

There is no month like Kaarttik,
there is no greater Devtaa than Vishnu,
There is no Shaastra like Ved,
there is no Teerth like Gangaa,
there is no good conduct like speaking truth,
there is no better Yug than Sat Yug,
there is no means of satisfaction than tongue,
there is no greater pleasure than donating something,
there is no friend like Dharm, and
there is no light like eyes.
[Padm Puraan, 5/14]

Sanat Kumaar said -
There is no eye like knowledge.
there is no Tapasyaa like Truth,
there is no sorrow like intense love,
there is no comfort like sacrifice.
To be away from Paap Karm, to do always Punya Karm, to follow saints' behavior and observing good conduct - are the best means of pleasure.
[Naarad Puraan, 1/25]

Rukmaangad said -
On this earth, Gangaa water is difficult;
Vishnu's worship, remembrance and thinking is difficult,
Storage of memories is difficult; and
Remembering Vishnu at death time is also difficult.
[Naarad Puraan, 2/7]

There is no Shaastra superior to the Ved.
There is no person more worthy of reverence than the mother.
There is no acquisition superior to that of Righteousness, and
No penance superior to fast.
There is nothing, more sacred in Heaven or Earth than Braahman. After the same manner
There is no penance that is superior to the observance of fasts.
[Bheeshm on Fasting in MBH]

Greed and anger must be suppressed by all means, because this act is considered the most sacred and precious virtue to cross this world.
Leniency is the best of virtues, and
Forbearance is the best of all powers,
Knowledge of our spiritual nature is the best of all knowledge, and
Truthfulness is the best of all religious obligations.
The telling of truth is good, and the knowledge of truth may also be good, but what conduces to the greatest good of all creatures, is known as the highest truth.
He whose actions are performed not with the object of securing any reward or blessing, who has sacrificed all to the requirements of his renunciation, is a real Sanyaasee and is really wise
[Fowler to Braahman Kaushik in MBH, G-4-Van/40]



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