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4-Uttar Parv

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23-Govats Dwaadashee

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23-Govats Dwaadashee Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-69, p 449-453

Govats Dwaadashee Vrat
(Chap 69) Yudhishthir said - "Mahaaraaj, Eighteen Akshauhinee army has been killed to get my kingdom back, I am very much sad and worried about this, please, tell me some Dharm to get rid of this." Krishn said - "Govats named Vrat is very auspicious. Once, millions of Muni were doing Tapasyaa to have Darshan of Shiv Jee on Naamvratdharaa Parvat in Jamboomaarg (Bhadaunch) in Sat Yug. It was Maharshi Bhrigu's Aashram. All kinds of wild animals also lived there along with Muni. To give them his Darshan Shiv assumed an old Braahman and came there. Maa Paarvate also assumed the form of a cow.

First you should know the form of a cow. In olden times five cows appeared from Ksheer Saagar at the time of Saagar Manthan - Nandaa, Subhadraa, Surabhi, Susheelaa, and Bahulaa. These are called Lok Maataa (mother of the world). They have appeared for the welfare of the Universe and to satisfy Devtaa. Devtaa gave them to Maharshi Jamadagni (Susheelaa), Bharadwaaj, Vashishth (Nandaa, or Nandinee), Asit, and Gautam Muni. 

There are six parts of a cow - Gomaya (cow dung), Rochanaa, Go Mootra (cow's urine), cow's milk, cow's yogurt, and cow's Ghee (clarified butter). These are considered holy and are the means of purification also. From Gomaya appeared Shankar's favorite Bilva tree (Bel tree). Shree Lakshmee lived in that tree that is why it is called Shree Vriksh (tree) also - read Shree Vriksh Navamee Vrat on page 20. Seeds of lotus have also appeared from Gomaya. Gorochan is auspicious and holy. From Go Mootra has appeared Guggul which is good in sight and is of good smell. Guggul is the food of all Devtaa, especially of Shiv Jee. Whatever seeds are there in the world, they all have appeared from cow's milk. To fulfill all wishes all auspicious materials have appeared from cow's yogurt. From Ghee comes out the Amrit which is the means of satisfaction of Devtaa. Braahman and cow are the two parts of one family. Ved Mantra dwell in Braahman's heart, Havi dwells in cow's heart. Yagya is inspired by cow only and all Devtaa reside in cow. All Ved and six parts live in cow only.

In the roots of its horns live Brahmaa and Vishnu. In the front part of its mouth live all beings and Teerth. In the middle lives the cause of all causes Shiv. In its forehead lives Gauree, in the nose lives Kaartikeya, in both nasals live two Naag - Kambal and Ashwatar, in its two ears live Ashwinee Kumaar, in its eyes live Soorya and Chandramaa, in its teeth live the eight Vasu, in its tongue lives Varun, in its lips live the two Sandhyaa (dusk and dawn), in its neck lives Indra, and in its thighs live Dharm with his four feet. In the middle its Khur (feet) live Gandharv, in the front live Sarp (snakes), in the hind part live Raakshas. In the back live 11 Rudra, in all joints live Varun, in the back live Pitar, in the cheeks live human beings, and in Apaan lives Shree. In its hair live Soorya's rays, in Go Mootra lives Gangaa, and in Gomaya lives Yamunaa. In its fur live 330 million Devtaa, in its stomach live Prithvi with mountains and forests.

So Hey Yudhishthir, remembering her this form Umaa also assumed that form. Shiv, in the form of a Braahman, was grazing Umaa, in the form of the cow who was high at six places, low at five places, and copper colored. Gradually he arrived in Bhrigu's Aashram and gave that cow to him to protect her and said - "Hey Muni, After taking bath here, I will go to Jamboo Kshetra (place) and will come back after two days, till then you take care of this cow." All Muni vowed to take care of that cow. Shiv immediately disappeared and then appeared as a hunter. He started frightening the cow and her calf. Rishi also started crying fearing that hunter, and tried to move that hunter away from there. That cow was also crying with the fear of the hunter. When she was running here and there her feet made the marks on stone. Devtaa and Gandharv started praying Shiv and Paarvatee. Those marks are visible even today. That is the Teerth on Narmadaa River. Whoever touches the Shiv Ling here, he gets freed from the sin of killing of cow.

Muni got angry and they started beating the Ghantaa (metal plate) obtained from Brahmaa. Hearing that sound the hunter ran away from there. Braahman named it Dhundhaa Giri. Hey Yudhishthir, Whoever does its Darshan they become like Rudra. In a few moments Shankar appeared there leaving his hunter form. He was sitting on his bull and Umaa was also there in his left side.

Hey Raajan, In Kaarttik Maas, on the 12th day of Shukla Paksh (some say it is Krishn Paksh) Rishi worshipped Umaa in the form of the cow with the name Nandinee. That is why Govats Dwaadashee Vrat is done on this day. As this Vrat was done by King Uttaanpaad, you listen to that now.

Story of Uttaanpaad

There was a king named Uttaanpaad who had two queens - Suruchi and Shughni (Suneeti). Suneeti had a son named Dhruv. She gave her son to Suruchi and said - "O sister, You take care of this boy and I will serve." Thus Suruchi used to take care of the household and Pativrataa Suneeti always served her husband. By the jealousy of co-wife once Suruchi killed Suneeti's son, but he immediately got alive and sat in his mother's lap. Thus Suruchi did this to him several time but every time he used to be alive. She got very surprised to see this, so she asked Suneeti - "Devee, Is it something strange happening or the fruit of a Vrat? Which Vrat you have done by which your son becomes alive repeatedly? Do you know Sanjeevanee Vidyaa? Or what gem or which knowledge do you have, tell me the truth?"

Suneeti said - "Sister, I have done Govats Vrat on Dwaadashee of Shukla Paksh of Kaartik Maas. Because of that only my son becomes alive repeatedly. Whenever I remember him, he comes to me, thus even if I am away from him, he comes to me. You also do the same you will also get everything." At this Suruchi also did this Vrat, so she also got son, wealth and pleasures and Brahmaa Jee sent her to live with her husband after her death. Dhruv is seen along with ten Nakshatra (stars). By seeing Dhruv (Polar) star all sins are destroyed.

In Kaarttik Maas, on the 12th day of Shukla Paksh, take bath in a pond or river and take food only one time on that day. In the mid-day time worship a cow with her calf with incense, flower, rice, Kumkum, lamp, Badaa of Urad Daal and flower garland with this Mantra. (see the Mantra on p 453 ) After the worship feed the cow and pray the cow and ask for her forgiveness touching her with this Mantra. ( see the Mantra on p 453 ) Pour some water on cow and do Pranaam to her. Do not take food cooked on Tavaa (metal plate) and sleep on the floor observing Brahmcharya. By doing this Vrat the Vratee lives in Go Lok for millions of years.



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